Romeu Viana Receives Best Poster Award at MicroBiotec19 | iBB |

Romeu Viana, PhD student from the AEM program in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, won one of the best poster prizes at the Congress of Microbiology and Biotechnology – Microbiotec19, held on December 5-7, in Coimbra, Portugal, with a communication entitled “Genome-scale metabolic model of the human pathogen C. albicans: aiming the identification of promising new drug targets”. The work stems from a collaboration between researchers from BSRG/iBB (Romeu Viana, Mónica Galocha), under the supervision of Miguel Cacho Teixeira, and researchers from CEB-UMinho (Óscar Dias, José Bastos, Davide Lagoa) and ITQB-NOVA (Isabel Rocha).