Post-doctoral Researcher Nuno Lourenço Joins Hovione | iBB |

After six years as a post-doctoral researcher at BERG-iBB, Nuno Miguel Torres Lourenço is facing a new challenge starting this November. Nuno will be joining Hovione, a Portuguese Pharmaceutical Company dedicated to bringing new and off-patent drugs to market as a Process Chemist. At iBB, his research was centered at the interface of organic chemistry and biotechnology. During the past years Nuno explored topics such as the enzymatic resolution of racemic mixtures, biocatalyzed asymmetric synthesis of fine chemicals, preparation of new biocompatible templates (Ion Jelly®) and the use of alternative reaction medium such as ionic liquids and emulsions. We wish Nuno the best of luck for his professional career and look forward to collaborating with him in the near future.