Six iBB Researchers are Among the Most Cited Top Scientists in the World | iBB |

Six iBB researchers are among the most cited top scientists at the top 2% of their areas. Portugal is represented in this list compiled by Stanford University with 385 scientists affiliated to national institutions. The rankings are based upon a researcher’s citations for both a single year (2019) and cumulative across their careers. Titled “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators,” the list uses algorithms that quantify and systematically rank individuals into consistent scientific fields. The scores are provided  with and without self-citations to lessen the impact of self-citations or the use of citation farms (small clusters of researchers massively citing each other’s work). Ranked within the careerlong citation impact list are these iBB researchers: Joaquim Cabral, Isabel Sá-Correia, Mário Berberan Santos, Miguel Prazeres, Carla Carvalho, also along with Carina Crucho in the
2017 single-year citations list.