Meeting with i4HB Researchers - Science Policy Dialogues | iBB |

More than 80 researchers from the Associate Laboratory (LA) Institute for Health and Bioeconomy (i4HB) participated in the Meeting with Researchers “ Science Policy Dialogues”, which took place last Wednesday, June 2nd, on the IST-Taguspark campus. The event was attended by the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Professor Manuel Heitor, promoter of these meetings with the scientific community, the President of the Foundation for Science and Technology, Professor Helena Pereira and the President of IST, Professor Rogério Colaço. The motto of this type of meeting is the debate on public science policies for Portugal and Europe, most focused on careers development. This meeting was also the launching of this new Associate Laboratory.

In addition to being a unique moment to share concerns, clarify doubts and think about the future of Science, the event served as the first contact between researchers of the consortium that is at the origin of i4HB. The newly formed LA brings together the Institute of Bioengineering and Biosciences (iBB) at IST (Coordinator of i4HB and iBB Professor Joaquim Cabral), the Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering “ Microsystems and Nanotechnologies (INESC-MN) (Coordinator Professor Paulo Freitas) and the Applied Biomolecular Sciences Unit (UCIBIO) at FCT-NOVA (Coordinator Professor Maria João Romão) and aims to develop scientific and technological competences in the Health and Bioeconomy sectors.