Biomolecular Functionalization of Cellulose with Gold Nanoparticles | iBB |

Materials with new and improved functionalities can be obtained by modifying cellulose with gold nanoparticles (AuNPs). In a paper published in the Journal of Molecular Recognition, António Almeida, Ana Rosa, Ana Azevedo and Miguel Prazeres from BERG-iBB, describe a method to functionalize cellulose with AuNPs that relies on 2 recognition elements: a ZZ-CBM3 fusion that combines a carbohydrate-binding module with the ZZ fragment of protein A and an anti-biotin antibody. Paper and cellulose microparticles with AuNPs immobilized via the ZZ-CBM3:anti-biotin IgG supramolecular complex displayed an intense red color, whereas no color is detected when AuNPs are deposited over the unmodified materials. The method also opens up the way for the development of simple and straightforward paper/cellulose-based tests where detection of a target analyte can be made by direct use of color signaling. Click on title to learn more.