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  Podcast: Better Solutions needed to combat institutional racism

Sentencing Disparites do not represent Justice. Will discuss an case brought to my attention where a a guy got a 4 yr prison sentence for drunk driving although it was his first offense and no one was hurt. How do we address this practice of racism in our courts?

A Republican party official facing corruption charges in Florida spills his guts on racism white supremacist based voter disenfranchisment plot.

Illinois shuts down police torture commission with victims still in prison. Pattern emerging and reveals new tactic racist politicians are using to delay and deny justice.

Portugese skateborder seriously injures self in accident, blames injuries on black men, should this be codified as a hate crime against the entire Black community?

Evidence of an accomplice of shooter in Aurora, Colorado attack is being reported as well as a report that the shooter James Eagan Holmes, not John Holmes, had a mind control mentor.
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