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Online Qurbani

The trend of online Qurbani (sacrifice) is gaining popularity day by day in all over the world. Many people prefer online booking of Qurbani rather than going to Cattle markets and buying animals and then taking care of them this is difficult work. 'Online Qurbani' service an appropriate method of buying Qurbani 'Islam Freedom' is the best religious organization that gives appropriate and perfect online Qurbani services.

Islam Freedom provides complete information such as prices, pictures, and videos of different animals. This is the best way according to the customer's demand to buy sacrificial animals or have a share in one. People don't have to bargain on rates and run around to find a beautiful and healthy animal. This is a suitable way that helps thousands of people. Islam freedom does great duty and helps many people to perform religious obligation an easy way.'

Islam Freedom' providing this service for many years. Qurbani Prices,

 These are the perfect prices of animals on Islam Freedom 'Qurbani' services £50 for 1/7 share of a Cow £60 for 1/7 share of a Cow *Most Needed £75 for Qurbani of Sheep/Goat £90 for Qurbani Sheep/Goat *Most Needed £110 for 1/7 share of a Camel (Holy Makkah) £115 for Qurbani Sheep (Holy Makkah) £130 for Qurbani Cooked Sheep/Goat *Most Needed £350 for Qurbani Whole Cow £420 for Qurbani Whole Cow *Most Needed £530 for Qurbani Cooked Whole Cow *Most Needed £595 for Qurbani Beautiful Big Whole Cow £675 for Qurbani Beautiful Big Whole Cow *Most Needed £750 for Qurbani Whole Camel (Holy Makkah) £195 for Qurbani Sheep (UK Home Delivery) Camel Qurbani, camel sacrifice is very popular among all the world, most people give camel Qurbani on the religious occasion of Qurbani.

Islam Freedom gives affordable prices of camel such as whole camel Qurbani; in Holy Makkah for £750. Every Muslim must perform Qurbani, The only exceptions are as follows, *Those who do not possess 52.5 tolas of silver or the wealth equivalent *Those not of sound mind *Those who have not yet reached and passed puberty *Those who are traveling and are more than the Shari distance from home (approximately 40-45 kilometers You are permitted to donate Qurbani on behalf of other people, including those who have passed away.

 However, you are not expected to provide Qurbani animals on behalf of your children. These are some beautiful rules of Islam because Islam is the religion of peace and love and ''Islam Freedom Qurbani'' depicts the true picture of Islam through their best services which show their devotion to Islam.

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

We get a lot of customers and people in general asking us, why we dont offer heat treatments? So, sometimes people hang up the phone, when we tell them we don’t offer heat treatments and most customers tell us, the internet says it’s the only way to kill bed bugs. We usually ” sigh ” and then explain to them why that’s not true.

 When referring to Bed Bug Heat Treatment we need to be clear. We don’t offer heat treatment when it comes to bringing large gas or electric powered heaters near or in your home. Bring the temperature up to between 122° to 140°. Now that’s out of the way, here’s the reasons why we don’t use or recommend bed bug heat treatment. First of all we found out that heat treatment doesn’t work in all situations. This application is great for if you have a home or downstairs apartment but in our line of work we have found that bed bugs can be found in all kinds of places like cars, RVs and even in the back of semi trucks.

 And heat treatments get kind of complicated when you have to lug equipment upstairs or can’t even get large weight equipment in a small or old building . Second, the liability of heat treatments, what if something goes wrong? Now, every pest control company will tell you how successful their heat treatments are but they will never tell you the failures or the damage that a heat treatment can possibly cause. When I say failure I don’t mean that it didn’t work I mean that you killed all the bedbugs, but yet your TV or laptop is now ruined or even in some cases where the house has caught on fire but they were able to put it out before anything got out of control. This is a problem we’d rather not have to deal with.

 And third of all, how dependable is a heat treatment. Every company that offers heat treatment also does a chemical treatment after the heat treatment is done. Most companies offer a chemical treatment after the heat treatment is done because a factor they like to call ” just in case ” (lol) . Don’t get me wrong heat definitely can kill bed bugs but heating your home to 122 degrees will kill all kinds of bugs. Also heat cannot penetrate through structures or inside wall void etc. Bed bugs don’t just hide in bed they can possibly hide in wall voids, behind baseboards inside dressers etc. Moving a mattress around a few times while in 122° Will definitely bed bugs and their eggs but what happens if a bed bugs laid eggs inside a wall void after the heat has been applied Well a couple days or weeks later you could possibly have another bed bug infestation.

This is why a chemical treatment is sometimes applied after heat treatment. So, if that chemical treatment is able to kill bed bugs and their eggs days or weeks later, why is it not strong enough to kill on the first application or the only application? Well it is strong enough! Furthermore Tulsa bed bugs Specialists have been studying the biology and chemistry and behavior of bed bugs for years to come up with a method that is 100% effective and safe on killing bed bugs in any type of situation. In addition to this article we added some myths and facts about bed bugs and treatment options..

 Myth: Pesticides are harmful and are considered poisonous for humans as well animals. Fact: Many insecticides and pesticides have been made safer over the years and decades and when applied by a licensed experienced applicator, products have minimal risk if any to kids the elderly and pets. Myth: Heat treatment is natural. Fact: Heat treatment uses natural gas. Natural gas comes with a lot of chemical additives. These chemicals are added during the process of extracting and developing the gas.This gas is definitely harmful to nature, and in the long run, potentially harmful for your home. But maybe electric heaters use electricity which is renewable energy? Myth: Heat treatments are safer than insecticides. Fact: If you remove the possibilities of your house catching on fire or melting your electronics (which we have seen with our own eyes) in addition to causing damage to your home or business structure then sure heat treatment or safer.

Over the last few decades manufacturers and Entomology have worked to make insecticide more safer and effective in killing bed bugs. Myth: Heat treatment takes only one visit when pesticide treatments take several. Fact: While pesticide applications can take more than one application, usually heat treatments require follow-ups. Most companies use a residual pesticide after they conduct the heat treatment so that they don’t have to go back or just in case the heat treatment is not effective. We ourselves have come behind a lot of heat treatment companies and provided service because of failure. Myth: Heat treatment is less expensive.

 Fact: Heat treatment requires very expensive equipment to be used over multiple days. Because of this it usually comes with a large price tag. Myth: Insecticide treatment doesn’t kill all stages of bed bugs. Fact: Of course our insecticide kills at all life stages of the bed bug. Over the past 25 years the bed bug epidemic has become worse. Manufacturers have done their best to make solutions and insecticides more effective on killing bed bugs of all life cycle stages. Myth: Heat treatment is more effective. Fact: So remember when your being sold on the bed bug heat treatment? Think of the cost and ask yourself why it is so much? A potential reason is that because the heat-treatment equipment used. Since the equipment can cost upwards of $30,000, the pest control firms may pass that cost on to their customers.

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Why should you use swinger sites to find swing couples

There are several reasons why someone would use a swinger dating site to find swingers, and it is always advisable to do so, whenever you are looking for unicorns, BDSM, swingers, and MW4M it is good to use their appropriate dating sites. Let us look at why you should use a swinger dating site. 

Easy to find swingers Since it is a dating site meant for swingers alone, finding them will be easy, unlike when you use other sites to find them, and you will need to struggle to find one. Swingers are available u this sayings site, it has a very large number, and therefore, you will always find a Swinge without much struggle. Safe and secure This site ensures that its members are safe. Your information never gets leaked, and people in this site are not jokers. You don’t want to join a site where people are just there for fun, wasting your time, and at the end of the day, you find nothing, when you join the swinger websites never worry about your privacy because it is very safe. No membership fee Joining the Swinger site is free, and no one has to pay a membership fee, and even though there is no fee, the kind of services provided are good.

 If you are really in need of swingers, don’t visit other sites except for swinger dating sites. Don’t struggle a lot when there is a good site for your needs. Easy to use To join this site, you are only required to create a profile and provide your information and some pictures; you can use real or fake photos; it is all up to you. After creating a profile, you will be able to connect with those people interested in you, be sure of receiving a lot of messages, but be careful who to choose. 

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How to find a third person for threesome

Deciding on a threesome sexual relationship can be a big step towards improving your sex life, whether you are a couple or single. You must also make sure that you get the best candidate to help you achieve the highest sexual satisfaction. Visiting a swing club may be a good idea for finding the most interested parties to welcome you to your partnership or start using top swinger dating sites to find a perfect match. So this article highlights the best swinger dating sites to help you find the best person you can invite. 

The following are tips on How to find a third person for a threesome: Visit threesome clubs There are many clubs where people get threesome experience. Tell your mates if you have these clubs in your area. Visit threesome clubs and choose your type to ensure that you have the most fun. 

 Dating website When you are looking for a threesome experience, dating websites are the perfect place to go. Best threesome site have lots of users searching for such an experience, so finding a partner is easy. Visit one and register, and you'll have to pick your option. Social media platform If you don't care about your privacy, you can also find a Facebook partner for three men. Only post on your social media account, tell your position, and your willingness to be amazed and how many people are ready to experience three things. You can also take a look at campus forums to find the right companion for your trip for three years if you are in college. 

 A threesome relation with a willing partner can be a perfect way for your marriage to achieve your intimacy fantasies. Nevertheless, you must follow the tips to make it a success. Enjoy your threesome experience by subscribing to threesome dating sites, the best spot for women looking for a threesome. 

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How to Capture The Perfect Sunset Shot?

How to Capture The Perfect Sunset Shot? Sunset Photography Camera Settings. Although the title describes cameras settings for sunset. One can use these settings also for a sunrise. Photographers around the world have always been fascinated by the beauty of sunsets/sunrises. 
 The golden light bathing the landscape inspires them to capture the moment and make it even more satisfying. In this post, we are going to help you take your sunset photography to another level and make your shots more immersive and realistic than ever. We have shared some of the most important camera settings that you should emulate for capturing beautiful sunset shots. So, let’s cut to the chase and get started!. 24x8 4 images combined together for one sunset pano General Camera 

Settings for The Perfect Sunset Shot. Here are the general camera settings that you should use while capturing shots during sunset. Let’s talk about them in detail. First like any good photographer. Plan ahead, choose your location. There are hundreds of free apps out there that will show you the sun’s path during the day. Use all the tools to your advantage. I will list a few here that have helped me to scout locations. 

Track the path of the sun, and know where and when I should be there. Always aim to be standing on your location 1 hour before that sun is due to set. Be there with plenty of time to set up. Look around, choose your foreground element. What the best advantage point is. Scout out the place for a few mins before you land on a spot that works best for you. Sunset at the castle tower Castle tower The best app I use and have found to have everything is PhotoPills, This app is amazing. And it allows you to do so much.

 From shooting sunsets to sunrises. No matter the type of photography you love: Landscape, Milky Way, Moon, Sunrise, Sunset, Architecture, Star Trails, Drone, Meteor Showers, Solar eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Time lapse, Wedding, Portrait or Travel. Click Here for their official website PhotoPills and click HERE for their app on google playstore. and on Apple Store click HERE It cost 10.99 and in my opinion the greatest app developed for photographers out there. 10.99 is a steal for what this app can do. TRIPOD. Do you need a tripod? Yes. Why? Because you need to eliminate any and all shake. You need to be steady. Rock steady. Look you can steady the camera on a wall, on your car, anything. And shoot. But get into the idea of using a tripod. When you bring that shutter speed down way down. Holding the camera without camera shake is near impossible, starting off. 

Let’s say you are near water. And that sun is coming down. When it comes down it comes down fast. You want to slow down the shutter. Turn the water to ice and have the perfect sunset in the background. You need to slow that shutter down so much. Holding the camera steady is impossible. You need a tripod. Getting into using a tripod will also help you out. How? It will slow you down to think. Choose a composition that works. Let you use the screen at the back of the camera. And in doing so, Make you think about your shot as you see it in real-time. You don’t need a 300 or 600 tripod for this. Starting off, all you need is something to hold the camera steady. You can pick one up for very little money. Lens. A kit lens will work perfectly for landscape photography and will also work for sunset/sunrise. Canons 18-55 f3.5 is a cheap lens but will work fine. So will the Nikon 18-55 f3.5. Any wide-angle lens will work. As long as it is wide enough to capture a huge part of the landscape. But even a cheap kit lens like the zoom Canon 18-200 f3.5 will work. Having a zoom lens will also allow you to zoom in. And compose shots that wider angle lens cannot get. Selecting parts of the landscape and composing for a different selection of what you are seeing. Mode. Truth is you can shoot sunset/sunrises in different modes. But let’s focus on the fact that you are starting off. So switch your camera over to Aperture Priority mode. But I want you to do is take a keen note while in this mode. As we go through the settings and you dial them in. Watch what happens to your shutter speed. The ISO. The aperture. WHY?. Because you are going to use these settings. Flip it over to manual mode also. Key in the settings and understand the settings while shooting in full manual mode also. The key here is that in AV mode, the camera will work out the shutter speed for you. But it is as simple as keying in your settings and looking at the triangle of settings after you keyed them in. 

And translating that to the manual mode. So if you see in Av mode, ISO is at 100, Shutter speed is 1/50, and aperture is at f14, then take them three values and key them into the manual mode. ISO as low as possible. In a previous blog, I have gone over how to get out of auto and into using the creative modes of your camera. So I have written about what each setting does and the photography triangle. I have explained in great detail what is ISO. And why it is important. So we won’t be going into that here. But I will link to it HERE. ISO as low as possible. ISO at 100. If you are fortunate enough to have a camera that goes down to ISO50, then ISO50 is your starting point. The lower the ISO the less noise in the image.

 You will be shooting at a few stages of the sunset. One with an amazing bright sky as that sun is travelling down. One as it goes below the horizon and now the light fades. And when the sun drops below the horizon and lights up the sky. You are now shooting in a very low light situation. Trying to keep your ISO as low as possible will require the tripod. 1. Aperture Start with putting your camera to Aperture mode. This can be done by turning your camera settings dial to ‘ A’ or ‘ Av’ mode. Once you do that, you will be able to manipulate the aperture settings of your camera. The aperture number should be kept high to get a large depth of field. Keep the aperture between f/11 and f/16. While the sun is still in the sky and hasn’t gone down below the horizon yet. Maybe you want to shoot an image with the sun streaking out across the landscape. 

The spikes of the sun stretching out touching the foreground. Between f14 and f20 works best for this. So above what have you learned so far? Tripod AV mode low ISO The aperture between f11 and f16 When you have them dialled in the camera while in AV mode will choose the shutter speed. White Balance. Your camera is most likely selecting the auto white balance for you.

 This is fine starting. Most cameras do a fine job of this. And if not it is simple to change in post. In Lightroom is one click and you can select whatever white balance you want. There are several white balances to choose from. But for starting, leave it in the auto white balance selection. As you progress, you can simply go into the menu section and choose whatever the white balance it is that you are shooting in. Maybe it is seriously cloudy, then select cloudy. White balance (WB) is the process of removing unrealistic colour casts so that objects which appear white in person are rendered white in your photo. white balance selections below. Auto white balance. It allows the camera to automatically select the white balance for you. Gives the camera control over the white balance. 

Truth is most cameras do a fine job of this. But a lot of cheaper cameras out there can and will tone this selection slightly off. But starting it is fine to use. Daylight/Sunny Adds a warmer tone to the image. If you find that when looking at your image at the back of the screen is slightly blue. Choose this white balance it will warm it up just a bit for you. Cloudy. Choosing this setting will warm the image up considerably more than the daylight/sunny setting. Cloudy white balance removes the blue and adds a warm yellow to your image. Shade. The key is really in the names here guys. Cloudy and Shade. In these conditions, the images appear blueish. 

By choosing these settings you are increasing more warmth into your image. The shade will add more than cloudy and a lot more than daylight/sunny. Flash. Because light from a flash tends to be on the cool or bluish side, the flash white balance setting warms up the light in your photos. Fluorescent When shooting under fluorescent lighting, this setting will warm up your images. Tungsten Tungsten light or incandescent light is quiet warm to start with. If you choose this setting it will cool down your images and try and balance the blue with the warmth. You also have Kelvin, Kelvin. This setting allows you to dial in your white balance. ranging from very cool to very warm. Depending on your camera. This setting can range from 1700K. Where the K stands for Kelvin up to 10000k. On the lower side, the images are very warm. On the higher side, the images are very cold or very blue. The kelvin settings allow you to choose what the conditions of lighting are within the situation you find yourself shooting in.

 Focus. Where to Focus? while turning your lens dial to focus. We are not trying to be world-class here. And find a spot within the landscape to focus on and start shooting. What we are doing in this blog. Is to set you up and come away with a great landscape image. In doing so we are going to presume we are capturing the whole landscape. As wide as the lens will allow us. So using any of the kit lenses mentioned above. 

Down by the 18 number on the lens you will find the symbol for infinity. B At Infinity Focus Line B At Infinity Focus Line I have attached two images to show you what the symbol looks like. Move the dial to this symbol. You will see everything in the landscape is in focus. Leave it there. Now the foreground may appear to be dark. Maybe too dark. Don’t worry so much. Remember you are in Av mode. And by turning the wheel just by the shutter button. This wheel will allow you to add and take away stops of light to your image. So by moving this wheel left to right you will increase the light in your image. Brightening up the foreground and the darker areas in your image. 

Moving it from right to left, will decrease the amount of light in your image. Infinity on the side of len Infinity symbol located the number 18 The Key Here The key here is simple to remember. We will never walk away with a finished image without some processing in whatever software you use. The key is to find a balance in the exposure that you can see some detail in the foreground while not completely blowing out the sky. Tricky part about shooting a sunset/sunrise You are never going to take a sunset images and look at the back of the screen and hey presto it is perfect. You have to remember that you are shooting against a sky that is at the start so bright. All the highlights are blown out and all the foreground is dark. And that could discourage you. dont let it. It is indeed what is going to happen for us all.

 The key is to find a medium within your exposure for sunset photography. One not to have a seriously blown out sky. And two not to have a foreground so dark, that when you process the image you cant recover the foreground. I will attach a sunset here I shot, What it looks like straight in-camera, and what it looks like once edited. Look at the images I have attached. You can just about see some foreground detail in the image I took while out. And in processing the image I was able to bring back that foreground by using the presets I have created. while taking the image I zoomed into the foreground. If I was able to see some detail I knew in processing the image I could bring back a lot more. I adjusted the wheel to allow me just about see the detail. While also not blowing out the sky. Look sometimes you will blow out that sky. So is the nature of sunset photography. Sometimes the foreground will remain dark when you process the image. We are human, we make mistakes and forget to adjust to compensate for what we are shooting. 

 I have created a set of presets that I have linked to my youtube channel that shows you how to use the presets. And how to adjust the sliders in lightroom to reduce the colours and get the balance in your image. I will link to that video HERE. Download the presets. Install them and with the click of a button. The preset will process your image quickly. All you need to do is watch the video and move the sliders I show you how to move in the video. To adjust your image you have taken. So we have chosen to shoot in Av mode. Selected or F-stop of between f11 and f16. We are resting on a tripod. And or ISO is at ISO100. The last setting I would have you change is the timing of the shot. Meaning the interval count down before the shot is taking. Cameras will allow you a 10-second count down and a 2-second count down. In the menu, you will find this in the shooting mode. This is a self-timer count down.

 That allows you to press the shutter button and walk away from the camera. Reducing any touching before the image is taken. Compose your shot. Look at the screen at the back. Zoom into the foreground and see if you can see some detail. If not move the wheel near the shutter button to the right. It will increase the light. You will start to see the foreground. You don’t want the foreground well lit. Doing so will blow the whole sky out. And you won’t be able to recover it. Aim for just about able to see foreground detail. Your sky will look blown out. Don’t worry. It always does. When you are trying to retain the foreground it is a balancing act with the exposure. Just able to see foreground detail aim for that. Take your shot. Remember in processing in lightroom you can move the shadow slider and bring the foreground back.

 And move the highlight slider to bring the sky down. Or use my presets and click them and it will edit the image for you. Watch my video on youtube and learn how to adjust the colours to show you how to get the image you have taken. Things to remember. You can play around in AV mode like I said above. And move the control wheel near the shutter button. Move it always down to the right and watch the sky darken down and the foreground go black. Doing so will give you that dark orange sunset look. And in some cases depending on how far down you move that wheel. Silhouette the mountains or the objects in the foreground. If using a zoom lens. Don’t be afraid to zoom in and select parts of the landscape. Doing so will compress the background and bring it forward. It will give you a different style of image. As you get used to the settings. 

A style will emerge. The beauty of photography is, we are all not alike. You will see something I won’t. You will process an image completely different to what I will. Photographers around the world are so different in how they perceive the landscape. No two landscapes will be the same, shot by two different photographers. Don’t try and be like everyone else. Find your angle and style and work on it. It would be a sad world if we all took images similar alike. Experiment, try new things, use the above settings to get you rolling. But most of all have fun. Half the beauty of taking a sunset pic isn’t the image at all. Half the beauty is been out and about and enjoying it. If you capture it and edit it and are happy with it then that is all matters. 

Work on that image and how to do it better the next time. And when that sun goes down the real party starts in the sky. All the colours appear and the sky darkens but also lights up with several colours. Important to understand during a sunset or sunrise. The image you want may not be facing the sun. Always look around you, even behind you. Some of the best images I have taken during sunset or sunrise.Was indeed not facing the sun at all. That’s why you get there early. scout it out. Look around. Look behind you. Have options. Sunset Photography I have found that if there are clouds high in the sky during sunset. Then the sky will produce a show. Scattered clouds that is. 

Not a sky full of clouds. A sky full of clouds will lead to a disaster at sunset. but scatter clouds around and high up. As that sun is going down it is projecting the light to bounce off the clouds who by now are acting like prisms. And when the sun goes below the horizon. It shoots that light back up and across the scatter clouds and stretches for miles around you. That’s why sometimes looking behind you that colour has stretched so far it is now lighting up the sky right around you. And if lucky you can pull a few different images out of one location.
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How to Find a Threesome Chat

Are you for a way to find a threesome chart? With the advancement in technology, we have a lot of options for couples who are looking for a third for a threesome on Getting a threesome is no longer a hard task; you need to sign up with some of the leading threesome dating websites, set up a very good profile, chose the right photos, and start chatting with some of those people who visit your profile.

 Once you have found someone who, according to your judgment is attractive, it us the right time to start a conversation, the way you are going to start a conversion is very important; the stating statement should bring out the best in you, it should bring a god balance between subtle and strong. It is always advisable, to begin with, a nice comment on shared interests and sending back the question to provoke your partner. If you are looking for threesome chat where you can find couples and singles ready for threesome, then you have to visit It offers the best online chat room where you can meet threesome finders, people who are ready for bisexual, gay, singles, male females, lesbians as well as swingers for a real and fun threesome. It offers the best opportunity where you can meet a unicorn who is near your area through this dating site.

The site is user-friendly, meaning you can easily navigate through the website. It works for both the compute and phone, meaning you won’t have to worry when you want to shift from one device to another. offers the best chatting services to its clients and very qualified and friendly bisexuals and swingers. Once you’ve signed up, you will have a chance to choose the location and time you would like to date and chat. You can also send emails freely and even seen winks to those people you would like to meet.
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All you want to know about the used cars in the UAE

Are you Ready to sell your used car in the UAE? Then you are in luck! Today, you don’t have to look up individual buyers, rely on outdated estimation techniques and travel across cities to find a buyer for your used car. At wecashanycar we offer you a hassle free and convenient way to cash your car in UAE. How big is the UAE used car market? The used car market in UAE has been growing steadily in the last 5 years. The market size has seen a single-digit growth between 2015 and 2020 coupled with a boost in the value of pre-owned cars and a decrease in the average span of car ownership. As of the last quarter of 2019, the UAE used car market had grown to a whopping Dh11.2 billion making it superbly easy for a car owner like you to sell your car for cash in UAE. What factors contribute to the rise in the number of used car buyers in the UAE?

 After the sharp drop in oil prices affecting the global economy, there has been a decrease in the demand for new cars. It has resulted in the increase in the sales of second-hand cars in UAE. The previous 5 years have seen a steady growth of the pre-owned car market in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Multiple market analyses have revealed that buyers are searching for used cars for sale in Dubai between four and ten times more frequently than brand new ones.

 These factors have made selling pre-owned cars for cash in the UAE to buyers like wecashanycar easy and seamless for all car owners Which are the most sold used cars in the UAE? Currently, Toyota Corolla (2015) is the most-bought car model at wecashanycar for cash due to its low maintenance cost and high fuel efficiency. The second most commonly bought pre-owned car brand is Nissan. wecashanycar has served over 100,000 customers in 2019 and the total valuation of the cars inspected touched crossed AED 1 billion the same year.

 Finding authentic buyers for your used car in Dubai, especially if its a used car, and you are in need of cash urgently, is no longer a hassle. You can easily avoid fraudulent parties by opting for us, which guarantees convenience, hassle free process to cash your used car. Why are people holding onto their personal cars for longer periods in the UAE? Finding used car buyers for cash in UAE has become significantly effortless since 2015, as the depreciation rate for pre-owned cars has slowed down considerably.

People are not looking at the total ticket price of a new vehicle, but they are considering the affordability of the monthly rates, which they can pay more comfortably to an authorized dealer of used cars for sale in UAE. It is indeed great news for the consumers since they can now enjoy higher sales value for their used cars. Doing business with us has made it possible for consumers in the UAE to get expert-guided inspection and the right valuation of their pre-loved cars in the current market. wecashanycar is ready to give the best valuation from our experts, no matter what make or model of car you want to sell for instant cash!

 For more, Visit Us:
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The Signs of the Best Unicorn Dating Sites for a Great Experience

One of the reasons why couples are a little bit confused to choose the best unicorn dating site is because they lack information. What they do is searching it from a search engine and without knowing whether the site is a reputable dating site or not. Indeed, the couples have to enrich their knowledge about online unicorn dating sites first. 

The fastest solution is finding the news and information from a credible website that focuses on unicorn dating. There are several signs that an online dating site is called a unicorn dating portal. First, the site has been introduced by the most popular news portals. The real example is BiCupid in which it is the largest and the best unicorn dating site. This site has been introduced by Forbes, CNN, ABC, and WSJ. Second, the site also has a lot of members and a big community. 

Adult Friend Finder is one of the best examples. This site has over 50 million active users and it becomes the biggest swinger community. Third, a reputable online threesome dating site can also give a great result. Find a Unicorn is one of the best sites that can give a great result to the members. It is said that the site is the best place to find a long-term relationship with a unicorn. Fourth, for some cases, couples love to find a threesome partner who close to them and the best dating site can facilitate it. Find a Threesome becomes a recommended site because the members can meet local couples and thirds based on the living area of them. 

The members are everywhere around the world so it is easy for couples to find the best profile to hire. Fifth, the best unicorn site will also serve the best to its members. Threesome Chatting might be a good example because the service is amazing and the members are satisfied with it. is developed due to the need for sufficient and credible online threesome and unicorn dating service. The portal has up to date online dating news, especially for couples who want to search threesome or unicorn partners. 

The most important information available there is the best unicorn dating sites to visit along with its review and link to check the official websites. As a result, looking for a unicorn dating site is easier and faster because the couples have enough knowledge and information about it.
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Complete Guide On Where To Buy Cheap Homeowners Insurance In 2020

We are Matthew Glass Agency, your home for all things Homeowners Insurance Near You In this beautifully illustrated complete guide on where to buy homeowners insurance, we will discuss everything you need to know on where to buy the best cheap homeowners insurance. Homeowners Insurance Policy Basics The best homeowners insurance companies generally offer three levels of protection: Basic, Broad and Special. A basic home owners insurance policy covers ten perils. Fire or smoke Explosions Lightning Hail and windstorms Theft Vandalism Damage from vehicles Damage from aircraft Riots and civil commotion Volcanic eruption A broad homeowners policy covers several other perils. 

 Falling objects Weight of ice, snow, or sleet Freezing of household systems like AC or heating Sudden and accidental tearing apart, cracking, burning, or bulging of pipes and other household systems Accidental discharge or overflow of water or steam Sudden and accidental damage from artificially generated electrical current A special homeowners insurance policy provides special coverage for things like your garage, fence, deck or outbuildings. It provides protection from general liability claims filed against you for things like a tree falling on your neighbors property or an injury someone might incur while on your property. Every homeowners insurance policy is different so be sure to check your policy for any stated exclusions. If your policy doesn’t state the specific exclusion then you should be covered up to the limits of your policy. 

An example of an exclusion would be water and sewer back up. But don’t worry we will discuss insurance coverages that you can typically add on to your policy.How To Find The Best Homeowners Insurance PolicyNow that you know what types of homeowners insurance policies there are, let’s discuss how to find the best homeowners insurance policy. Go to the web. Start with a search engine like Google or Bing.

 Once you have selected your search engine type in several phrases in the search bar. Good terms or phrases to search would things like: homeowners insurance, best homeowners insurance, cheap homeowners insurance, cheapest homeowners insurance, home insurance policies, homeowners insurance policy, homeowners rates and discount homeowners insurance. Talk to a homeowners insurance agent. Ask your friends, family or coworkers about their homeowners insurance policy. Talk to your friends, family and coworkers about the homeowners insurance coverage they have. Hear what they like or dislike about their home insurance. Picking The Best Homeowners Insurance Company For Your House Now that you have performed your google searches, talked to a home insurance agent and talked to your friends, family and coworkers it’s time to select the best homeowners insurance company for you. When choosing the right insurance company for you make sure to find out their financial rating. You’ll want to select an insurance company is A rated or better by one of the major financial rating companies like Moody’s or Standard & Poor or Fitch Group. You can check them out here see which rating service you trust the most. Now that your comfortable with the financial rating of the homeowners insurance company you will want to see what others are saying about their experiences as a policy holder. Look for things like claims handling, customer service or homeowners insurance rate increases. Knowing the financial strength, customer service experience and rate increases will put your mind at ease when you experience as homeowners insurance claim.

Choosing An Agent Or Working With The Insurance Company DirectlyNow that you have selected the homeowners insurance company you want to use you’ll need to decide if you want to work with an agent or directly with the insurance company yourself. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of both.First let’s discuss the pros and cons of working with a homeowners insurance agent.Pros of Working With A Homeowners Insurance Agent You will have someone experienced to offer you advice on selecting the coverages you need. Extra layer of security by having an insurance agency working on your behalf when a claim arises. Ability to make changes to your policy or make premium payments locally. The ability to get an unbiased opinion on the right coverages for you. Cons of Working With A Homeowners Insurance Agent Cost. Insurance companies pay agents commissions on the policies they sell. This means an added cost to the policy. Sales Quotas.
 Many insurance companies and agencies have production requirements for their agents. This means that agents are required to sale a certain amount of policies per month or year. Unfortunately human nature causes many agents to maybe reccomend a policy or coverage that you might not need. It also means an agent might not recommend a policy or coverage that you really need in order to make the sale when price is concerned. Cross Sales. Some insurance agents will attempt to sell you other insurance products or services that have nothing to do with homeowners insurance. Pros Of Working Directly With An Insurance Company Cheaper Premiums. By choosing to work directly with the insurance company you are in a sense cutting out the middle man aka the agent. Generally no cross sales pitches. Most insurance companies will not try and pitch you services or products not related to homeowners insurance. Technology. Home insurance companies are usually billion dollar companies and more which allows them to spend money on things like apps and advanced websites that allow you to make changes to your policy online 24 hours a day. 

Cons Of Working Directly With A Homeowners Insurance Company Not local Speak to a new person every time you call Outsourced customer service to foreign companies No one working on your behalf Longer response times to claims Unfamiliar to hazards that might affect where you live. Examples: Tornadoes, Wild Fires and Earthquakes. Always Choose An AgentAfter saying the pros and cons of both most people choose to buy their homeowners insurance from an agent. The expertise, local offices and one on one customer service generally outweigh the increased costs of dealing with an agent. Because most Americans choose to purchase their homeowners insurance directly from insurance agents, insurance companies still don’t charge you huge fees because they still rely on agents to sell the majority of their policies. Pick a good local agent to purchase your insurance from. Next we will discuss what type of agent to pick. Their are two types of agents: Captive and Independent. We will discuss what those mean and the pros and cons of both.Independent Insurance Agent vs Captive AgentThere are generally two types of insurance agents: Independent and Captive. An independent agent works independently of an insurance company. A captive agent works for one insurance company. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both.
Pros of Choosing An Independent Insurance Agent Not beholden to one insurance company Generally more knowledgeable about homeowners insurance Offers unbiased advise on selecting the right home owners insurance policy Has many different home owners insurance companies to select from which will allow you to compare multiple homeowners insurance quotes. Cons Of Working With An Independent Agent We honestly couldn’t come up with any Pros Of Working With A Captive Agent Offers homeowners insurance from only one company so the agent will generally know every bell and whistle, coverage and exclusion and all other policy information off the top of their head. Cons Of Working With A Captive Agent Generally only offers one homeowners insurance company to select from. Often unaware of new features and coverages that other insurance companies place on their home owners policy’s that might be a better fit for you than the only policy they offer. Often times a captive agent will be unable to insure your home because they already have to many houses insured in your area. Insurance companies have to protect themselves from getting over exposed in the case of a natural disaster. Our Choice: Independent Insurance Agent (BUT THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE DEPENDING ON YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES)Strictly based on the fact that captive agents are generally limited to offering home insurance policies from one company, we choose working with an independent insurance agent. With that said there are many great insurance companies that only offer their policies through captive agents and you should defiantly consider them when selecting an agent.
Selecting Your Coverages, Limits, Endorsements And DeductablesNow that you have selected your insurance company and your agent, let’s discuss your policies coverages, limits, endorsements and deductibles. First off what are they? What do they mean? Coverages are exactly what you think they are. Coverages are the protections your policy offers against perils or in other words when bad things happen. Limits are the amount of money the insurance company will pay out in the event of a total loss. Endorsements are coverages not offered on any of the three types of homeowners insurance policies. Lastly, deductibles are the amount of money you will have to pay towards your claim in the amount of a loss. Let’s take a look at them.Coverages And Endorsements Basic, Broad and Special. Remember basic provides the least amount of coverage and special requires the most. ENDORSEMENTS Earthquake Water & Sewer Backup Terrorism General Liability Medical Payments Mold Sinkholes Flood Limits Contents. Most special coverage homeowners insurance policies include half of the value of your home. Contents are the personal property in your home such as furniture, electronics, appliances and clothing. Important to note your jewelry and fine art may not be included in this coverage. You might have to add those coverages through what’s known as an endorsement. We recommend that before you purchase your policy you take an inventory of your contents and have in mind the value it would cost to replace everything in your home. General Liability. We recommend that your general liability limit be at least half of your net worth or at least $500,000, whichever is greater. 

If you own a swimming pool, trampoline, swing-set or playground we recommend that you carry at least $1,000,000 limit. Life can be unkind and accidents don’t care that you aren’t as financially stable as you’d like to be. In the unfortunate event that someone was seriously injured or even killed on your property, you’ll be glad you have the higher limit. As always by as much as you can afford if these limits are just not affordable to you. Deductibles. The most common amount for homeowners insurance policies is $1,000. However, $2,500 is becoming more common as more and more insurance companies are only offering this amount for wind & hail coverage. General liability coverage usually does not require a deductible. We recommend a deductible as low as $500 if you can afford it. What We Reccomend Replacement Cost of Your Home $500,000 and up General Liability Coverage Replacement cost on the contents of your home $1,000 deductible if you can’t get $500 deductible Endorsement: Fine Art & Jewelry, Water & Sewer Backup, Mold and Medical Payments Buying The Best Homeowners Insurance Policy At The Cheapest PriceThe last step before you sign on the dotted line is to take your quote that the independent insurance agent prepared specifically for you-and shop it. That’s right, we want you to select two other insurance companies at least, provide them with the coverages, limits, endorsements and deductibles you selected and see if you can get it cheaper. 

Remember, only call agents who offer homeowners insurance policies with A rated insurance companies or better who have a great reputation for customer service, claims handling and minimal to no rate increases.Your On Your Way To Buying The Best Cheap Homeowners InsuranceThat’s it. You are on your way to buying low priced, max protected cheap homeowners insurance. If you will follow this complete guide to buying the best cheap homeowners insurance you will no doubt save money on your homeowners insurance policy. For more, visit us:
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Trademark registration is the key for success everyone’s business. In this modern business world the trademark should remain in the thought of the consumer in order to carry out the business effectively, for doing so the companies were adapting very common names like animal, plant, fruit names etc. Even though trademark act expressly prohibiting the registration of the common words when it is related to the trade or business, it doesn’t prohibit the common words which doesn’t have any relation to the trade or business can be allowed to get registration, because of that everyone are adopting their mark which doesn’t have any connection with their trademark and get registered clear eg. 

Apple iphone, there is no connection between the apple and mobile, hence they have been allowed to get registered. The reason behind adapting such common words is to remain in the thought of the consumer because when we see or think about such common word automatically the image of the company comes in, which helps the trademark to stay in the mind of the public forever eg. Kiwi shoe polish. Even though the act clearly expresses about the refusal of marks from getting registration it doesn’t authorize or give rights for the registration of the mark which is not in relation to the trade or business which it will be used. 

The examination to whether mark is descriptive of the trade / business or whether the mark is the common word in such trade/business , the registrar will decide on these matters which clearly shows that a person can’t ask for a trademark which is a common word as a right. The registrar will scrutinize the trademark search done on application and decide based upon the facts of the matter. However if the applicant still can prove that the common word which is already adapted for the business by the proving the trademark has attained the secondary meaning by adducing the sales turn over, advertisement etc. so, whenever the trademark has attained the secondary meaning and whenever we see the common word we automatically think of that owner or proprietor such trademark can be registered eg. Food panda, Sugar free etc. For more, Visit Us:
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Fotonhash Cloud Mining & GPU servers rental

Fotonhash Cloud Mining & GPU servers rental is the procedure which implies using a remote datacenter with a shared computing system. Utilizing this system, the miner can access the processing power of the whole computer network. 

This type of mining makes it possible for the users to mine bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies without managing the hardware. Another name for this process is bitcoin mining. All the mining equipment is placed and maintained in a special facility. The user simply needs to register and conclude a contract with the mining company. In general, cloud mining is a service which entails some expenses and it can result in lower returns for the miner. How does Bitcoin Cloud Mining Work? Such type of mining means a host company owns the hardware and runs it at a facility. 

The customer pays the company and rents some of the equipment. The earnings depend on the amount of hash power rented. Actually, the customer gets a share of payments for any revenue generated by the hardware. Types of Hosting There are several variants. Users can lease either: a physical server; a virtual server with the consecutive installment of the mining software on the machine; hashing power hosted in a datacenter denominated in GH/s. In the third case customers can either select a necessary amount of hashing power and a contract period or in some situations can trade their power.

 Is This Type of Mining Profitable? It depends on the miner’s goals. If it’s necessary to get bitcoins, then it is easier just to buy them. If the user wants just to try mining, it’s better simply to buy an affordable USB miner and run it in-house. In case mining is treated as a long-term perspective and the miner is ready to make some investments, then cloud mining is the best solution. All in all, cloud mining is worth speaking about in terms of profit and convenience. Fotonhash provides fast and reliable GPU servers for variable services, including: Deep machine learning, Crypto currency mining, Video rendering, VR/AR design. Rent GPU servers with per-month payment from Fotonhash right now-
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Award Winning Filmmaker And Radio Personality Tim Green Introduces Next Kids Worldwide Streaming Radio And TV Network And Cooling Out With Tim Green On Air! Hollywood, California: Award winning filmmaker and radio personality Tim Greene (WWW.TIMGREENEFILMS.COM) has launched Next Kids Worldwide.Com (WWW.NEXTKIDSWORLDWIDE.COM ) which is a new one of a kind commercial free radio and TV streaming platform that will give millions of kids from all around the world in six languages a change to let their talent shine and view positive entertainment 24 hours a day from the stars of tomorrow. 

 “I was looking for an innovative way to positively motivate and engage the millions of kids, families and communities who are constantly streaming music and video content on their cell phones and laptop computers. With over 15 years of broadcasting experience in major markets like Los Angeles, Philly and Japan I’ve learned that kids love content made for them and by them, and now millions of kids all around the world ages 3 to 12 will have a streaming Radio and Television platform that they can call their own as well as submit original music and videos for consideration to be aired. Parents can send their kid’s original songs and music videos to NEXTKIDS123@GMAIL.COM for consideration. 

Next Kids Worldwide® will also be releasing a Holiday Mixtape featuring new soon to be classic Holiday Songs called “Jingle Beats Volume 1”. Kids can also submit original Holiday Themed Music and Videos for consideration. Not to be confused with Kidz Bop, the Next Kids Worldwide® Mixtape will feature original songs & videos made by kids for kids. Listen Live right now at: music is the soundtrack of family life and Next Kids Worldwide® hand selects the music and videos that air on our network so parents do not have to worry about a computer randomly choosing the next song that plays which may introduce your kid to content meant for adults. 

Parents also do not have to worry about paying monthly subscription fees because Next Kids Worldwide® is absolutely free to everyone with no commercials whatsoever. Our tagline is “Strive For Excellence” and we also give free Next Kids Entertainment & Edutainment Workshops for families with kids who want to break into the music/entertainment business in communities nationwide. To date we have given out over 400 Laptop Computers and other prizes to kids who have great grades, but their family may not have the finances to buy a computer during our 30 city tours in under served neighborhoods because we at Next Kids Worldwide always believe in giving back to communities nationwide for over 15 years. We are also currently negotiating multiple deals for NEXT KIDS WORLDWIDE® Global Merchandising including a Next Kids Clothing Line, Kids Sneakers, Next Kids Record Label, Toy Line, Next Kids Worldwide®Awards Show, Bluetooth Headphones, Breakfast Cereal, Snack Foods Line and Hip Hop Soda Pop” Say’s Greene. We urge parents & kids to help spread the word by sharing our link on TIK TOK, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & other social media sites. 

Generation Alpha (children born after 2011) does not sit in front of a TV set anymore, they stream all of their entertainment on mobile devices by millions of views and Next Kids Worldwide® will be the commercial free digital destination for kids and families worldwide. With a keen eye for spotting talent, setting up over 200 meetings in Hollywood for talent and being called the Walt Disney of Hip Hop by reporters, Tim Greene will seek out bona fide performers and Kid Influencers for the YouTube Generation. Next Kids Worldwide® talent will also star and act in short films to help keep their viewing audience engaged and entertained. “Getting major inspiration from Tyler Perry opening his massive “Tyler Perry Studios”, Oprah Winfrey launching the “Oprah Winfrey Network” and Ava DuVernay launching her own independent film distribution company “ARRAY”, I thought to myself why not use new technology integration to reach well over a billion underserved kids around the world with fun filled short themed entertainment where they can not only watch the stars, but really have a chance to be a star” Says Greene. Next Kids Worldwide® 

creator Tim Greene is a Sony Innovators Award finalist, a former top rated radio personality in Los Angeles at KKBT (FM 92 The Beat) and Stevie Wonder’s KJLH, in Philadelphia at WPHI 100.3 The Beat and was producer and host of the TV & Radio show “Dance City From Hollywood” that aired on Bay FM in Japan. As a mega award winning filmmaker Tim Greene has been a panelist at The Los Angeles Film Festival (Directors Guild Of America’s Main Auditorium-Low Budget Summit), The Philadelphia International Film Festival, The Pan African Film Festival, The Black Hollywood Film Festival , Peachtree Int’l Film Festival (Atlanta), Southwest Georgia Film Festival and Arlene's Grocery's Film Festival (New York). Tim has been featured in Backstage Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, The Business Of Film Magazine, Show Business Magazine (New York), Power Networking, Filmmakers Alliance Magazine, New York Beacon, The California Crusader, The Los Angeles Sentinel, Los Angeles Wave, Our Weekly and The LA Weekly. As a songwriter and record producer, Tim has produced 17 single releases. As a former talent manager Tim is known for discovering 73 year old “Rappin Granny” and took her from the streets of South Central Los Angeles to starring in the Fox TV kid’s series “Beetle Borgs”, which was created by Haim Saban of “The Power Rangers” fame as well as over 35 national TV commercials and 17 feature films including The Wayans Brother’s “Don’t Be A Menace”. 

Tim Greene also served as the Grand Marshal for the 17th “Kingdom Day Parade", which was seen on KNBC TV in Hollywood California. Tim has received a Certificate Of Commendation from The City Of Los Angeles for “Young People For Young People”, “Men Who Cook And Care”. As a celebrity tennis player in Hollywood Tim has won Tennis Tournaments with The Make A Wish Foundation (Beverly Hills Country Club) and John McEnroe's “Love Match” Celebrity Tennis Tournament (Riviera Country Club). Streaming content creator Tim Green is set to release his latest radio and TV project entitled “Cooling Out With Tim Green” which is an interactive show geared toward women ages 18 to 54 years of age worldwide.

 The shows will also feature celebrity interviews, makeup Monday and so much more. You can check out a sample of the show at this link: To interview Next Kids Worldwide® creator Tim Green for any Television, Radio, Newspaper and Blogger segments call: Amy Wiseman/Josh Bernstein At: (323) 736 – 7731 OR EMAIL: NEXTKIDSPR@GMAIL.COM WWW.NEXTKIDSWORLDWIDE.COM WWW.TIMGREENEFILMS.COM NEXTKIDSPR@GMAIL.COM Media Contact Company Name: Next Kids Worldwide Contact Person: Tim Greene Country: United States Website:
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Are Coffee Trucks Profitable? How I made over 11k in One Month on the Coffee Truck..

Wanna know how much a coffee truck can make? Over $11,000 in one month on this coffee truck. Our margins were exceptionally high this month, with the overhead sitting at less than $2,000. There was 3 large events that really propelled our income forward. The first was a hot chocolate contract that I had gained the year previous. However, this year they tripled their order.

We had ended up serving 6,988 cups of hot chocolate at 0.97 cents each. Cost per cup was 0.09 cents each. As you can see, this one turned a penny. The next large event was a holiday market where I sold hot coffee and hot chocolate at $3 each. Cost per cup was 0.24 cent each. We grossed just shy of $2400. However, I had labor cost on this one. So, I didn't quite make the same profit percentage, but gross sales were high, so I was happy! The third event was a movie set from Netflix.

I typically charge $299/hour for movie sets because we get bombarded with drink order (some 100 per hour). This one they needed me for 9 hours. I cut them a bit of a deal, but not much to be frank, as I was already over worked at this point. I charged $2250 for this one.

 There were a few other events we did, however come the end of the month I was smoked and needed some desperate time off. My second daugther was born on January 4th and I decided to take the next 5 weeks off. So can coffee trucks be profitable? I'd say so...but you also work your ass off. So there's always a trade off...

 If you want to see a video with a bit more info, visit my YouTube here:
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Neuropax: Chronic pain (sports injury pain)

Getting Injured While Playing Sports Is Easier Than Most People Think. All it takes is a stumble or fall, and you can end up with a lasting injury. That is why it is so essential that we learn to recognize our body’s limits when we participate in any sort of physical activity or play sports. Here at Neuropax Clinic, specialists in Peripheral Nerve Surgery, we are experts in sports injury and its most unfortunate consequence, chronic pain.

 Let us teach you how you can best avoid sports-related injuries and what to expect if you get one. The term Sports Injury is an umbrella term that describes any injury that occurs during physical activity or exercise, regardless of whether it is a competitive or recreational practice.

It is important to note that many sports injuries occur, not accidentally, but through bad habits and poor form during exercise. Sometimes people can get hurt simply by failing to stretch or doing a proper warm-up routine. The most common causes of sports-related injury include:
 ● Falling, tripping, or stumbling.
● Insufficient stretching or warming up prior to the activity.
● Failing to wear protective equipment.
● Poor form or improper technique.
● Muscle overload.
● Overexertion or excessive training.
● Lack of concentration or coordination As a result, the most common sports injuries are:
● Ligament strains
● Muscle and tendon tears
● Knee overextension injuries
● Muscle inflammation
● Achilles tendon injuries
● Wrist pain
● Elbow pain
● Groin hernia
● Fractures
● Dislocations These ailments can be classified into two different types of injury: acute and chronic. Acute Injuries: Occur suddenly while exercising as the result of a single traumatic event. They are the most frequent and include sprained ankle, fractured wrists, dislocated joints, and muscle strains. Chronic Injuries:

These occur after playing a sport or exercising for a long time as a result of the overuse of a muscle group. The most common chronic injuries are stress fractures, bone splints, tennis elbow. Symptomatology of Sports Injury The symptoms of sports injuries vary according to whether the injury is acute or chronic. Symptoms of an acute injury include:
 ● Sudden pain
● Inflammation
● Inability to rest on the affected limb
● Soreness
 ● Inability to flex the affected joint Symptoms of a chronic injury include:
 ● Constant Pain
● Inflammation Sports Injury Treatment Treatment of a sports injury depends entirely on its given type and the degree of severity. Therefore, it is imperative that, in the presence of a suspected sports injury, the patient visit a specialist who can correctly diagnose the injury and provide the most appropriate treatment for it. Common treatments include:
 ● Anti-Inflammatory medications.
● Immobilization of the affected limb with slings, splints, casts, and other types of immobilizing devices.
 ● Rehabilitative therapy.
 ● Rest. Sometimes, if the pain becomes persistent after a chronic sports injury, peripheral nerve surgery may be the only method of achieving relief from the pain. The vast majority of patients are able to return to normal activities after this type of headache surgery. The experts at Neuropax Clinics regularly treat athletes for a variety of chronic conditions that are related to peripheral nerve damage and provide lasting relief from the crippling pain associated with sports injuries. ­­ For more, Visit Us:
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How do Couples Seek Men

Spicing up your relationship is crucial to improve intimacy. As a result, couples seek various ways to achieve this. One of the best approaches is asking men to act as a third wheel. Some couples prefer having threesomes, especially if the woman prefers having several men when having sex. 
However, if you have never tried it, how can you get a man? It is not easy to approach any man and ask for a threesome. But there some avenues where you can get willing men to engage in sex. Here are some of the ways couples seek males: Dating sites Nowadays, dating sites have different categories ranging from men, women, transgender, and bisexuals. Also, you will find some dating sites with men looking for couples to have sex. If a man is not looking for a serious relationship but wants to engage in sex, they can find what they are looking for by expressing their desires. Escort sites Have you ever visited any escort sites? 
Escort sites offer a wide range of services, including the Girlfriend Experience and bisexuals. Ergo, if you are looking for a man to spice your relationship, you need to filter the results. When you search the right escort websites, you will get males. Craigslist Although this is not a reliable avenue looking for men, you can find legitimate men who are willing to have a threesome. However, you need to be very specific when requesting such services. Craigslist serves more than 570 cities in 70 countries. 
Ergo, if you are within one of the cities or countries, you will get men as a couple. Remember, before you start looking for men, as a couple, you should discuss the idea thoroughly to avoid hurting the other partner.
 Finally, ensure you agree on the roles the man will play, whether to use protection, and if you will all get tested for HIV and other venereal diseases. For more, Visit us:
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How to Find a Unicorn

A unicorn is someone who takes part in sexual acts with couples. The term also describes attractive female bisexuals who enjoy intimate relationships with heterosexual couples. There are no rules, however, since heterosexual couples will enter as bulls. When you have a unicorn dating, you have to search for the right partner to help you achieve your sexual objectives. Dating apps are the perfect way to get unicorn partners. 

A unicorn woman is stunning and works in her relationship professionally. You only have one wife and can not have sex with other people outside your marriage if you only need single threesome sex or a wife continuing. The following are ideas for a unicorn with couples: Set some rules Discussing the boundaries of your relationship is a perfect way to sustain a good relationship and prevent rejection as well. 

Speak to your friend and plan how you would like the threesome to be handled to ensure you both are happy. Visit unicorn clubs An ideal candidate wants a threesome experience. You will visit restaurants or clubs where unicorn gets the best partner for you. You will visit the club with your partner, who wanted to bring the best guy to your dormitory. Be open-minded You will respect the opinion of your partners because you are married.

 Come up with the rules to keep your relationship while you try a unicorn experience. Agree on the best way to spice up your marriage for a woman. Seek expert advice on the best ways to get a unicorn to ensure that you have the best experience. A unicorn companion can be difficult to find to help you fulfill your couple's dreams. When you want the best, register for a unicorn platform to find a dream partner to match your needs. Ensure sure you have good sex because you have a future still. 

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Matcha Tea - Preparation, Health Benefits, Usage, and Side Effects

If you have seen any Japanese anime or visited a cafe lately, you must have seen a frothy green drink being served, that drink is nothing but Matcha Tea. A variant of the traditional tea – Matcha Tea never fails to delight the taste buds with its exquisite taste. Matcha green tea powder is so popular that it is not limited to the boundaries of a teacup anymore. 
From ice cream to baked products, Matcha green tea has gained a strong foothold in everyone’s heart. So what's the secret behind this popularity? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Matcha Tea. What is Matcha Green Tea? Mostly popular in Japan, Matcha tea has broken all geographical barriers. Though Matcha Tea comes from the same plant Camellia Sinensis, it is different from the other variants. 
The reason behind this difference is the process of its production. Matcha tea is a type of Green Tea produced by following a specific set of procedures. It’s shaded before the harvest by shading the shrubs from sunlight. As a result, the growth rate becomes slower, and the level of chlorophyll in the leaves increase. This is the reason why Matcha has a darker green colour than regular green tea. For Matcha Tea, only the smaller and top buds are hand-plucked instead of the whole plant. 
The plucked leaves are left to dry and after that deveined and destemmed. Then, it’s slowly grounded with stone to ensure the leaves don’t lose its aroma due to the fiction produced from the grinding. The result is a talcum like powder of emerald green colour. This is why Matcha Green Tea is so exquisite. Going forward, the Matcha powder is packed in tight containers to avoid any kind of oxidation, resulting in the colour's browning. Not only is the exquisite Matcha Tea prepared differently, but the method of its consumption is also different.
 Unlike other teas, where the tea leaves are steeped while brewing, the Matcha green tea powder is directly mixed with the water or milk. Many also like to whisk the tea in a zig-zag motion with a bamboo whisk. The result is a frothy green drink. History of Matcha Green Tea The name of Matcha tea comes from two words: the Japanese word ‘Ma’ meaning ground or rubbed and ‘cha’ meaning tea. The Chinese Zen monks have been drinking Matcha tea for over 900 years. Gradually, it reached the Japanese mainlands in the 11th century and has been a significant part of their culture ever since. The traditional way of preparing Matcha green tea Powder requires various customary tools. 
It a slow step-by-step process and regarded as a meditative ritual. Due to the increasing trend of an organic lifestyle, Matcha Green Tea has regained its popularity in China and other parts of the world. Buy Tea online on Is drinking Matcha Green Tea Good for you? What are the Health Benefits of Matcha Tea Powder? Yes, drinking Matcha Tea regularly is a very healthy practice. As the leaves are harvested by shedding the leaves, the nutrients' content is higher than other types of tea. Also, unlike other tea, where the leaves are discarded after brewing, in Matcha tea, the whole leaves are consumed in the form of Matcha green tea Powder. 
Thus, we get the benefits in a fuller way. Also, it doesn't lose any nutrients during the preparation as it is grounded into Matcha green tea powder instead of being processed by machines. Here are some other health benefits of the Matcha powder: Matcha tea has a high amount of Epigallocatechin gallate. It is a kind of antioxidant that prevents diseases like cancer. It helps in weight loss. Matcha green tea Powder reduces the risk of Type-2 diabetes. Studies claim Matcha green tea Powder helps in reducing LDL cholesterol and blood pressure.  
Drinking Matcha Tea reduces anxiety and dementia. Matcha tea considerably controls liver damage. It helps improve concentration and memory Matcha tea has more caffeine than other teas, so it improves the body's energy level. Also, the presence of L-Theanine reduces the ill effects of caffeine. It prevents the body from cardiovascular diseases. In terms of nutritional value, a cup of Matcha Tea is equivalent to 10 cups of regular green tea. When Should I Drink Matcha Green Tea? Though it’s subjective, there are a few particular moments when You can drink Matcha tea to reap maximum benefits. They are - Before exercising. Before starting to work. During the afternoon break. Also, we would suggest you avoid Matcha Tea: Early in the morning. On an empty stomach. Before sleep. How Much Matcha Green Tea Should I Drink Every Day? Anything should be done in moderation no matter how good it is. Though, you can have up to 5 cups of Matcha Tea in a single day. It is recommended not to have more 1 to 2 cups in a single day. 1 – 2 cups are enough to enrich your body with all the nutrients. How to Prepare Matcha Green Tea? Matcha green tea can be prepared both in a teacup or a tea bowl using the Matcha Green Tea Powder. Let us look at the steps for each of the recipes. Matcha tea in a teacup – Step 1: Put the water to boil. Use filtered water for better taste. Step 2: Put some Matcha green tea Powder in the cup and pour a few drops of water. Step 3: Mix the Matcha powder until it becomes a paste. Step 4: Add more water to the paste and stir nicely. Step 5: The Matcha Tea is ready to serve. Matcha Tea in a Tea Bowl – Step 1: Using a sifter, sift some Matcha Green Tea Powder into the bowl. Step 2: Add the boiled water into it. Step 3: Use a whisker to whisk it vigorously. Traditionally, bamboo whiskers are used to prepare it. Step 4: After the drink becomes frothy, it is ready to serve. You can use Teacurry matcha green tea for both the recipes. Does Matcha Green Tea Help in Weight Loss? Matcha Tea has magical effects on weight loss programs. It’s because - The EGCG catechin present in the Matcha Tea is a fat blocker. 
As a result, it increases the metabolism rate and reduces the growth of fatty cells in the body. The caffeine content in the best Matcha tea is more than all other types. This helps in reducing the Body Mass Index or B.M.I. and body weight. Both these points have been proved by two studies published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. What are the Side Effects of Matcha Green Tea? Though the best Matcha tea is regarded to be a natural wonder for its health benefits, it is best to maintain moderation and avoid complicacy that may arise due to overconsumption. Here are some of the possible side effects of Matcha Green Tea - Matcha tea can cause stomach problems like indigestion and diarrhoea. It may lead to allergies in pregnant women. As it contains an increased amount of caffeine, it may cause sleep-related problems like insomnia. Having too much of Matcha Tea may cause heartburn and dehydration. These side effects may vary from person to person. Also, they can be avoided with moderate usage of Matcha tea. Judging by its popularity and surging popularity as a healthy organic drink, Matcha tea can be termed as a gem of a drink. It is a better choice than coffee because of the presence of theanine. And thus, it can be a good alternative for people who don’t prefer coffee. Matcha Tea is also more nutritious than coffee and other forms of tea.
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Affair Dating Sites

1. Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison has played a massive role in making affair dating sites a popular part of online cheating dating. The site was established in 2001 and has been offering excellent dating services for all those years. It gives its users a fun, safe and discreet dating platform to find husbands, hotwives on the site. Ashley Madison has more than twenty-four million users, and more than two million users are joining each month. The males are more than females; hence ladies have a higher probability of finding a potential partner. Men have to try harder and stand out from the rest.

Extramarital affairs are complicated matters, and Ashley Madison helps to simplify the process. You can sign up quickly and begin connecting with people with the same sexual fantasies. The sign-up process is free and easy and will only take you less than five minutes. Once you have signed up, you can edit your profile and start to mingle with potential partners. Though you need to include a photo on your profile, you can modify it to remove identifiable traits. Messaging is free to women, but men have to pay given their large number. You never know whether you will meet the special, secret someone you have always wished.

2. HeatedAffairs is a popular dating app for married people that caters primarily to married people or people who are currently in a relationship. It has a massive userbase of more than forty-five million members for you to converse with and hopefully match for something more discreet. When it comes to the age and gender demographics, the site has a relatively fair male to female ration that is predominantly 30 years and above. has lots of engaging and user-friendly features for you, although you need to subscribe to premium services to access these features. However, it has free registration and creating a profile.

3. VictoriaMilan is a great and discreet dating site that helps the users feel secure. You can begin exploring the world of Victoria Milan after you are through with the fast sign up process. The website has a unique feature of face blurring that allows you to show who you are without revealing who you are entire. This site also has a Panic Feature which you can press to redirect you to a furthermore innocuous site if you are worried about being caught by your spouse. You should have as much information about yourself on the profile to help others decide if you match their preference. You need to sign up for premium services to be able to send messages. Victoria. Milan is an excellent choice for you to find a secret affair without worrying about being caught.

If you are looking for a well-established and pristine website to have an affair, don't look further than It is a safe and discreet site for you to have your little secret relationship. However, unlike most websites, this site is not free to sign up and charges you about $30 each month. But on the other hand, this acts as a great way of enhancing security and caution as pay to access sites are not highly likely to attract scammers or people seeking to blackmail you. Although it emphasizes real-life encounters, sexting and other communication features are still available for the users.

5. Hornywife
Operating since the 2000s, HornyWife boosts of providing excellent online dating services that match people who are in an existing relationship. It is one of the main hookup websites to have an affair when it comes to cheating spouses. It has millions of members with similar sexual interests across North America. is free to join but will charge you some dollars to use its services depending on your type of subscription. The site has exciting features such as two-way webcam, messaging and DM services.

6. Nostringsattached is one of the cheating websites that cater to people in any relationship. The website is clean but intimate with a romantic and sexual layout. The site boasts of more than 14 years of experience, which means that they already have a stable foot in the dating business and know-how on keeping the customers flowing in. The site hence has more women joining and more chance of you getting a sexy lady to date. Together with a simplified messaging, perfect navigation system and a general intimate vibe make a reliable site for your hook up needs.

7. Passion is a go-to the website for cheating or married people seeking for a secret affair. The site has a more detailed registration process than most of the which site acts as an effective way of rooting out scammers and people looking to access your privacy. The site has various features that are viable and great to help you find your discreet partner. Users can quickly establish the first contact through the chatrooms, which will help them to stalk their potential match easily. The best thing about this website is that its free to use and users can view profiles, and send messages for free.

Why Should You Choose Cheating Sites For Having An Affair

If you are going to cheat on your partner, you want to do it right. These cheating sites are made with the philosophy that the affair seekers need to have maximum privacy. If you have made up your mind about joining these extramarital affair sites, you should take the necessary precautions. Ensure not to give any information that can jeopardize your confidentiality. The above dating websites assure you of total privacy, and with lots of members looking for similar sexual experiences, you are sure to find what you are looking for
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Where do Couples Looking for Women

Are you couples seeking girls? Don’t know the best place to find a threesome? We have a lot of websites for open-minded singles and couples who are ready for bisexual and threesome dating. We have listed the best sites for those people looking for girls, thirds for an enjoyable threesome dating experience.

Continue reading this article to find out more, pick one that you think is best for you. Threesome finder This is one of the best websites for couples seeking women like It provides an open community where you can quickly meet your third of couples. This website has helped many people to find a threesome, swinger dating and cuckold. If you are like-minded couples looking for threesome this sit will offer you an incredible choice became it has a huge number of unique features, vast database, video live, webcam and group chatting.

Threesome finder gives each member with an opportunity where they can realize their threesome sex fantasies. The only thing you have to do is to sign up and start finding for a potential threesome partner. WomenLookingForCouples This is another great to find a threesome. This website has been around for more than ten years. This is the best place for women seeking couples. It is good for couples who are interested in finding FFM threesome. 3some dating online This is the largest site for couples looking women; it was launched in 2003; it has over one million. It is going to be easy for you to find a threesome partner.

 Find a unicorn Find a unicorn is a best-rated site for unicorns. It has more than 1.2 million members. It has a lot of young girls and couples who are ready to exploit their sex life. Adult finder friender It is the largest hookup and dating site. It was established 22 years ago; it has mid than 85 million members.
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Rent, buy or forget it all?

If you are looking for a new car that’s cost-effective, convenient and makes your life easier while sticking to the budget, you are in the right place as we have a few options for you! Option 1: Renting: Renting seems to be an obvious choice if you are looking for short-term use. 

This option takes away worrying about long term commitments, you can rent daily, weekly, monthly or every year. For those that are on a holiday, just moved into the country, or need a temporary solution prior to buying your own car.

 The good news is you can choose whatever brand you like to fit your needs. On average a rental car in the UAE costs AED3,400 per month (AED113.8 per day) for a salon car. One of the most frequently booked rental car type is the Hyundai Accent or similar. Is renting convenient? You bet it is, in particular for a short-term basis and sometimes for long term, and has become even more convenient with the introduction of pay-per-minute renting apps such as ekar. 

 Option 2: Buying: 

 If there’s anywhere in the world where it’s so easy becoming a car owner, it must be the UAE! While you obviously have the largest selection of cars available from around the world, but also car dealers and re-selling websites that run promotions year long. From offering free service packages, free car insurance, registration and extended warranty there’s also free down payment options. As a matter of fact, the used car market is booming in the UAE. In recent articles, Gulf News shared that 9 out of 10 UAE residents looking to buy a car this year will choose a second-hand car over new. 

The used-car market has gained popularity in the Emirates due to the transient nature of the residents and high depreciation rates. There are only 2 ways of buying a car either from the dealership with 100% upfront payment or with a car loan from your bank, where you pay the whole amount in installments as per the number of years you decide. In most cases, you will need to pay up to 20% of the car value upfront as an advance payment. Buying a car is a long term commitment! Ideally, you will buy a car and use it for 3-5 years easily before changing your car. A service like ours, wecashanycar, can make the process easier, helping you sell your used car for instant cash. Option 3: Forget it all? Well, what other options do you have besides renting or buying? If you are looking at options to commute for work, exploration or daily use, it’s easy to use the local public transport provided by RTA.

 While this may not be the most convenient out there for long distances, it is definitely a sustainable living option one should adopt. While every situation is different and you have several options to choose from; your age, income, location of residence and work play a huge role in decision making. If we can help in the decision making process or provide any tips on the car market please feel free to ask! Our experts are here to help!
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Restaurant Discounts, Water Sports, Morocan Bath for Men in Dubai

Living Kool is a Daily Deal provider in Dubai, we started operations in 2013 and have been successful in catering to over 100,000 customers! We provide the latest and best deals in Dubai for Desert Safari, Dhow Cruise, City Tours in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and much more! Things to do in Dubai Desert Safari:

 If you feel hyped by the pure beauty of the desert from above and want to explore the desert more, you can take a complete safari tour in the desert. After all of the action, the tour ends in the night with a magnificent belly dance performance and a sumptuous dinner in the quaint surroundings. Dhow Cruise Dinner: Go on a 2 hours cruise along Dubai creek or Dubai Marina.

 Enjoy an amazing view and relax with some great buffet and welcome drinks. This dhow is a traditional Bedouin-style boat used for both transport and journeys in Dubai in the former times. Go Shopping: without the joy of shopping, visiting Dubai would not be complete. 

The DSF is a huge event with a massive retail draw, called Dubai Shopping Festival. The Burj Khalifa Tour starts at the entrance hall, where you can look at Dubai history and the building past. You can also access the building's largest viewing area (124th floor) on the fastest lift (10 meters per second), which is the fastest one in the world. You will enjoy a beautiful, panoramic view over the whole town on the roof. Musandam Full-Day Tour: 

Untouched splendor of Oman's Musandam Peninsula from the water. 5.5-hour journey on board a wooded' dhow' sailboat at Dibba to Mountainous Musandam, a chunk of the pocket of Oman northeast of Dubai. Water Sports – Dubai is know for its waters sports and there are more than 25 different type of water activities that take place on the beaches of Dubai. Best places for waters sports include, Jumeira Beach Residence, Marina, Jumeriah beach and Mamzar beaches. Activities include Kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, jet ski, jet blade, high speed boat riding and lots more. Dubai City Tour:

 Tour all the important locations in Dubai, with choices of time of tours and explore Dubai. Yacht Party: Last but not the least, Yacht parties in Dubai are the most well-known with breathtaking views of the Palm, Atlantis, Burj Al Arab and the Sky line of Dubai.
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Where to find a casual hookup online?

You may be wondering about where to find a casual HookupScout online. There is no need to stress you; it is straightforward. You need to visit the right casual hookup sites, and it will be easy for you to interact with other people and start dating. The best way to interact with as many people as possible is to meet them where they are ready to hookup. 

The online hookup sites make it easy for you to interact with likeminded people whom you can start dating and take your adventure to another level. Here are simple ways to find casual hookups online: Visit the best hookup sites You need to visit the best hookup site such as AdultFriendFinder, and it will be easy for you to hook up with as many people as you wish. 

The platform allows you to sign up and start interacting with other people. You need to check out their user terms from where you can know what you are expected to do so that you can enjoy your hookup process. Fill your profile and interact with other members To attract other people who would like to hookup, you need to fill your profile and state the type of hookup you would like to attract. People will read your profile and start interacting with you. You can as well provide profile photos and other photos which can describe you well. If you can have a clear description, it will be easy to attract as many people as possible. 

It is necessary to explain clearly what you are looking for so that you can attract likeminded people. It is also necessary to take a few minutes online to respond to messages which other people interested in your profile will ask. If you can respond to the questions fast, it will be easy to attract many people and hookup. For more, Visit us:
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Best 5 Ways to Find a Unicorn Woman for Couples

Sex is an essential part of every relationship, and a lot of couples are now coming up with various ways to spice up their sex life. One of the most adventurous ways that the majority of the couples opt for is a threesome with a unicorn. A unicorn is a woman hired to engage in sex adventures with a couple.

 The majority of unicorn women are bisexual, thus can have sex with any couple setting. Well, if you are looking forward to having a threesome with a unicorn, the following are few tips to guide you in finding the perfect unicorn woman. 1. Search on the internet With so many online unicorn dating site, you can easily find a suitable candidate to involve in your sexual fantasies with your partner. Just go to the search engines and look for unicorn dating sites available. From the websites, you will be provided with different categories of women and the kind of services they offer. Read through their profiles so you can be able to choose the woman who matches your needs as a couple. 

You can also find a unicorn(URL: on various threesome websites like Ok cupid, or even Fetlife. 2. Outline what you want Unicorns offer different services depending on what the couple is looking for. So, you have to be precise about the kind of sexual escapes you expect from the unicorn even before contacting or signing up on a website. All this discussion should be done among you as the couple before relaying them to the unicorn. Things to outline include; if you need one-off kind of relationship or regular meetups, what services would the unicorn bring to the table and the state of your relationship as a couple. Make sure to communicate the same details to the unicorn when you contact her. 

 3. Please get to know them first Apart from focusing on getting the right unicorn to meet your sexual needs as a couple, you also need to make sure that you are having sex with someone safe. So, your safety counts a lot. Keeping in mind that these unicorns sleep with different people, getting to know first about their health status is crucial. So, invite her for a drink and have an in-depth conversation about their health. If you want to have unprotected sex, then consider getting tested first. Also, discuss the measures to be taken to prevent her from getting pregnant. Ensure she is on birth control. 

Note that if the unicorn you are communicating with does not cooperate on some of these discussions, you should consider getting another one. 4. Attend unicorn parties Various clubs host unicorn oasis parties, and you can easily snag a unicorn in such a place. It is more convenient than other methods of searching for a unicorn since you get the opportunity to socialize with them one on one during the first meeting. 

You also have a chance to interact with plenty of women in such a place, making it easy to find a unicorn fast. 5. Employ excellent communication skills The way you communicate with the unicorn on the first interaction determines if she will be interested in having a threesome with you or not. Keep in mind that unicorns are also humans and have feelings. So, if you talk with respect and treat them well, they will immediately agree to your needs as a couple. The key is to treat them well and not as objects of sex. Conclusion If you are planning to spice up your bedroom matters by involving a unicorn, use the above guide to help you find a unicorn. 

Unicorn dating site(URL: offer categories of different unicorns for couples to choose from. So, know the kind of pleasure you are looking for as a couple before choosing a unicorn to contact.
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The Thing about Direct Traffic...Yoli's Tip for Marketers - Yoli Chisholm - Sr. Marketing Executive with 20 years Experience

Hey everyone! it’s Yoli Chisholm and welcome to the Yoli Chisholm show where I talk about marketing past and present and tools tactics and technology that I’m excited about and today I want to talk about direct traffic let’s talk about it [Music] hey so before we get to the show I do want to mention that if you’d rather listen to me on a podcast as you navigate your way through your day please do you can reach me at podcasts Yoli Chisholm comm and I’m available on iTunes and Spotify look for Yoli Chisholm so let’s talk about direct traffic before we can go there what we need to talk about are the three different types of social the first is OpenSocial that is the environment that we typically share our content in publicly when we share on platforms like Facebook LinkedIn Twitter etc when you share a link in that environment and somebody clicks on that link and lands on your website typically in your web analytics it will show as a social referral the second type of social is closed social now clues social typically refers to the environment like Facebook Messenger or whatsapp or an email if you click a share button and share in any of those environments hey New York the metadata is preserved and in your Google Analytics you will be able to see that that traffic that was clicked through that link even though we’re sharing an email or shared in a closed social environment is attributed to social the third area is called dark social now the reason why dark social is so important for you seasoned marketers you’re not in your head you know exactly where I’m going with this but for those of you who might be novice is or who might not be aware of this with dark social which is actually where mo of the sharing happens over 80% of all the social media sharing of our content happens in the dark social environment this is when you copy and paste a link and paste it in your in a text and a text message or you paste it in an email this is typically when somebody clicks on that link and lands on your website your web analytics tool is not able to achieve it it to social so how do you track your dark social traffic well here’s a tip I’m gonna give you so for those of you who look at your website analytics on a regular basis you will see that typically the way it’s categorized whether it’s in Google Analytics or any other analytics platform is that you see your direct traffic you see your traffic that came through search you see your traffic that came through social and other referring links direct has typically been defined as the the traffic that came through people just literally typing in your website URL and typically that has kind of been a a measurement of how well your brand is in terms of how you’re growing sort of your brand awareness and your brand equity etc if people are able to sort of just know your brand and type directly your website directly sometimes people use that direct traffic metric as a measurement of how well they’re brand awareness is growing the challenge with that is that actually this is where your dark social traffic shows up you’ll notice if you click into the direct traffic link in your analytics tool you will see that indeed there’s some traffic attributed to your initial domain so your homepage but you will also see if you have been doing inbound marketing and if you have been improving sort of your social and gaming engagement with your content you will see other URLs that people landed on directly and this is typically what you would have been able to attribute to dark social because what it means that is somebody had essentially shared the link shared the content but the metadata that should have attributed it to social did not get preserved and so the web analytics tool is achieving it to direct and so I don’t want you thinking that your direct traffic is is has that narrow definition now you should really and why this is important is you know as we do more social and as we have to justify doing inbound marketing this is yet another way you can sort of make the business case and have some semblance of ROI of your social and inbound marketing investments because you are actually getting traffic from social more than what your typical analytics – is actually showing you if you do not know this particular nuance about open social close social and dark social and it’s connection to your direct traffic so I just wanted to make sure that you are savvy marketers and you are able to be a little bit more precise about your your analytics and your website analytics and the ROI on the social and content activity that you’re doing so I hope that was helpful I’d love to hear from some of you give me a comment and if there’s any other nuance that you want to share with the rest of the folks please do so I do want to give you a little bit of anecdote the folks the that kind of helped me to this notion of dark social were probably first probably around 2012 and I was working with an ad platform that had this unique technology where they were able to target the share graph I won’t mention the ad platform because they’ve since rebranded and there were some shenanigans but their technology was quite innovative and they had some they actually have a patent on this technology that allows you to retarget the people who you shared your content with who actually clicked through that content because the click and the sharing implies intent and interest right and so they are so not only do you are you able to target the people who saw your car your addition dish initially targeted the content too but they actually those who they then shared that content with and ultimately clicked on that content essentially what they defined is your share graph which is the broader your friends friends and that’s and and so it was very interesting so though that organization hipped me to this notion of dark social and I always have to kind of remind myself of the connection between a dark social and direct traffic and make sure that I’m not a over sort of attributing direct traffic to the work that we’re doing on the brand side of things which has oh you know there’s all kinds of factors that affect your direct traffic growth but I want you be aware of this one which really should be parsed when you do your analytics and attributed to social I hope that was helpful and if you want to keep listening to content like this please make sure you connect with me you can listen to my podcast I’ll put the link here or you can listen to me on youtube youtube / yoli’s Chisholm or yoli Chisholm comm or at Yoli Chisholm on all of your favorite social media networks let’s talk to you soon [Music] Work with Yoli As the Marketer and Speaker - Yoli is available for Keynotes, panel discussions, podcasts, interviews, guest appearances and more on Modern Marketing, Digital Transformation and the impact of technology in marketing performance management. As the Author - Yoli talks to women, young people and professionals about navigating the corporate world with intention. As the Advisor - Yoli is interested in Advisory roles for Technology businesses BtoC and BtoB where she can provide guidance on growth and go to market strategies. For more, Visit Us:
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America is the True Old World – Paperback

Hello, my name is Amunhotep Chavis El-Bey, and I am proud to introduce to you my new book entitled, “America is the True Old World,” but first let me tell you more about myself. I am a honorary 33 degree mason, Metaphysician, Historian, Philosopher, Paralegal, Researcher, Poet, Published Author, Crown Knight of Kush, and Ghostwriter.

 I am 40 years old and loving life in beautiful South Florida. I spend most of my time with my family and friends, so I do consider myself to be a family man and a team player. Now, let’s discuss my new book. The book, “America is the True Old World” (Vol., I), is destined to rewrite the history books, due to the topic of the book, if proven correct, because the old world is suppose to be the East and not the West. 

This book reveals the discovery of the Lost Continent of Mu, the discovery of Atlantis, the discovery of the Garden of Eden, and so much more. This book has 40 color illustrations to highlight the Beauty of Old World America. This book is volume I of a IV volume eBook series that covers 12 chapters, so there is more to come. Volume I, eBook Chapters include: Chapter 1: America is the True Old World (Vol., I); Chapter 2: India Superior was in North America (Vol., I); and Chapter 3: Ancient Sumer was in the Americas (Vol., I). This book is actually an open challenge to any and all scholars, whether they be professional or amateur scholars. I don’t rely on any degrees from western Colleges to qualify me to write this eBook, because I will let the evidence that I present qualify this book as factual. I am of the firm belief that it is the current established western academia model of history, which is the Out of Africa Theory, is the main reason why none of the discoveries listed in this books are not known and are not talked about if known, because no one wants to go against established western academia. 

To go against Western Academia is to be label a fraud and an incompetent person, so I understand why the information in this book is not known or either not talked about. We are in the age of Aquarius, which is the Information Age/the Age of Knowing, so everything that was hidden will come to light. Over the last hundreds of years, people have infatuated with ancient civilizations like Sumer, Egypt, and India. However, those civilizations could never be in the NEW World (the Americas), because this landmass was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, which is what they teach us in school. As a result of most people believing that the Americas is the New World, most people are completely wrong about how old the Americas are and that the said ancient civilizations were also in the Americas too. 

This book is designed to set the record straight. In this post is an image of a Olmec head. The Olmec’s (old Mexicans) were your first Americas and, probably, your first humans too. The Olmecs were some of the survivors of the Atlantis disaster. I say this because no Olmec head has been found in Africa, so therefore the Olmec’s did not come from Africa, which is contrary to what western academia believes. 

The Olmec head image in this post is undoubtedly that of a Mu’ur/ Moor (Negro) from Mu. Mu means Mother, according to James Churchward in his the Lost continent of Mu, book. The Olmecs were Mu’urs, because they come from MU/Meru/Meri/Mary. MU is code for Mu’urs. 

The headdress of the Olmec resembles a Fez. You can even see the tassel on the front of the fez and you can see tassels on the back of the Fez too with the other Olmec image I have shared in this post of the back view of the Olmec head. Please, support me and the research that I have done to write this truly revolutionary History book by purchasing it for $16.50 on Amazon at:, or you can get it by clicking on the Purchase Tab above. You can also donate to my cause by clicking on the PayPal button below. Any Amount will be appreciated, because all donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless you and yours. Peace and enjoy. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Start a Mobile Coffee Food Truck?

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Mobile Coffee Food Truck? In this blog post, I attempt to cover the main expenses of the cost of starting a profitable mobile coffee truck. I cannot tell you enough, that I have seen countless business owners go out of business because of failure to make their loan payments. I believe the coffee truckers hold true to this a bit more the others, so please, please, please tread lightly.

Do your research. Understand what you need vs what you want. Ask yourself, is this purchase going to help sell coffee. I know you want those leopard print seat covers and pink fuzzy dice blinging in the shine of your disco lights, but Is It Going to Help You Sell Coffee?

 Step 1: Truck vs Trailers

 Trailer can be found as cheap as $500, but look for rust. Last thing you need is your frame to break en route to an event. Your little cute coffee truck will split so bad, Humpty Dumpty will be jealous. Horse trailers are cute and affordable. So mull that over. I have a whole section on how to pick trailers and trucks in the ebook...expect to pay at least 2k for a decent trailer. Trucks are much more pricey. I price them around 10k, for a decent one. You may be able to shop around and find something cheaper. Right now I have my eye on a Ford Transit. I'm seeing them in my local 500 mile radius sell for about 15k for 50-75k on the engine. I would try to keep this below 20k if you can... Espresso machines have a wide variety of prices. The problem with buying one online is you cannot test it. So that cuts down your options real quick. Used espresso machines go for about $1k-1500. Refurbished $3k and up. New $7k and up.

Personally, I get refurbished. You can always buy new and refurbish yourself if your handy... Grinder is $500. Electric, plan on $1k. Conduit, sockets, installation, lights, yada...unless you're an electrician, get this done professionally. Risk vs. Reward. You don't want your truck to burn down. Plumbing $1k material and $1k labor. You can shave some cash off here by getting an apprentice from your local community college to install or you can give it a shot yourself. Flooring, insulation, walls add up to $1k-$1.5k.

Check out your local lumbar store to see if they have sales on vinyl floors or laminate. You can get some good deals there. Service windows depending on the code can range from $200 to $1000. Paint jobs can get pricey. A DIY job cost around $500-800. A professional is $1500 to 2k. And a wrap is 3k+. Side note, I'm not a big fan of wraps. At my altitude and humidity I see them fall apart and I'm yet to justify the cost. If you have a design that you cannot part with, consider getting a partial wrap instead. Coffee makers...can range. Pourover and French Press are a cheap way to get started but cannot brew much at a time.

 Cold brew can serve large audiences when done right (see ebook for recipes). Commercial coffee makers run around $400. Airpots are $40 each and you need 5. So somewhere around $500. Fridge can be bought used. $800+ Check craigslist and such. Make sure the compressor is commercial though...a lot of slick talkers will swap a commercial compressor with a residential compressor and sell it at commercial cost... Supplies will cost you about $400 for your first month. Cups, straws, sugars, syrups. I have a full list of supplies in the ebook.

Now, if you are setting up a route or a drive thru, consider adding an extra $500 of free coffee here. In my humble opinion, if you give away your first month coffee, you have a great chance of starting a following. If you can't afford this, consider steeply discounting your first month. Everytime I started a new route, it significantly jump started my business. My 2 cents. Permits, commissary kitchen, licenses are around $400. Give or take... All in all, in my humble opinion, a smart trucker can get a trailer started for less than $10k. If you get a good deal on a trailer and espresso machine, you can probably get started with close to $5k-6k. A truck is a bit more. I think setting aside $20k is about right. My last truck cost me just over $15k to start, but I refurbished my own espresso machine. Hope this helps! If you're starting to get serious, check out the ebook and business plan! They're a big help!

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