We always keep our account secure with a password and it is always suggested to us that we should keep changing our passwords frequently to keep the account safe. But as we frequently change password, the chances of forgetting it increases. Once you have forgotton your password you can’t access your Gmail account. In case you have forgotten your Gmail password, then don’t worry you can recover it as Gmail still knows it. Recovering a forgotten password is quite easy, just follow these steps and get you access back.

  • To reset your forgotten password you must have a secondary email address mention in your Gmail account.
  • When you go to Gmail login page you will see “Forgotten Password”, click on it.
  • You might be asked to type your full email address on Account Support Page.
  • Now click Next.
  • Gmail will ask you certain question to ensure that you are the owner of the account. Answer these questions and click Next.

You might be asked to enter your old password, or verification code (if you have set up two step verification method and have a registered phone number or email ID associated with Gmail), Gmail might ask you a phone number set up for account recovery or a secondary email ID. Apart from these you have to answer some security questions as well for password recovery.

You can prove yourself as account owner by using any of the above method or using multiple methods. You can receive your password either through phone call, message or email. But in case you have used your Gmail account in past five days and don’t have any secondary email mentioned in Gmail account then you have to wait for five days to pass then only you will be able to recover or change your password.  http://gmailhelpnumber.co.uk/