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HR Transformation
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Unleashing The Decentralised Workforce 

Unleashing The Decentralised Workforce  | HR Transformation |
An untapped workforce will utilise digital infrastructure to achieve its economic potential outside of traditional employment, changing the nature of work, the firm, careers, education and welfare.
Andrew Spences insight:
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There are many ways to earn in 2020 - from labourers to playbourers, preachers to teachers, carers to sharers. 

As jobs unbundle into tasks, new types of organisations, markets, platforms, and work ecosystems will evolve that are better suited for our needs in the Digital Covid Age. 

This long read has some ideas, examples and questions for our most important work yet - rebuilding resilient, fair, and prosperous societies.

Would love your thoughts....

Kerry A's curator insight, August 31, 5:14 PM
An interesting perspective that offers many challenges; not only to the world of work but to society in general.... one may even suggest it to ‘revolutionary’!
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The Role of HR in Reinventing Organisations: Embracing People Analyti…

Presentation given by me at Workforce Analytics Summit in Sydney, Australia on 5th May 2016. #WFAS2016 

Andrew Spences insight:

This presentation attempts to cover the following questions :-

1.What features will successful organisations have in the future?

2.What impact will this have on HR and People Management?

3.What are the main opportunities of the Quantified Workplace?

4.Why has HR struggled with transforming itself?

5.What are the main challenges with our current HR Operating models?

6.What are challenges of People Analytics and how do we overcome them?

7.How can People Analytics help transform HR?

Gary Johnsen's curator insight, June 2, 2016 11:22 AM
Workforce analytics
Scooped by Andrew Spence!

Blockchain Workforce Update #1 

Blockchain Workforce Update #1 - news and views from those using blockchain technology to build the next generation of work platforms.

Andrew Spences insight:

From decentralised career profiles replacing CVs to work platforms to enable better matching and blockchain machines to pay contractors immediately with reduced remittance fees.


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