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HR Transformation
Articles and news related to people management, organisational change and the world of work
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Unleashing The Decentralised Workforce 

Unleashing The Decentralised Workforce  | HR Transformation |
An untapped workforce will utilise digital infrastructure to achieve its economic potential outside of traditional employment, changing the nature of work, the firm, careers, education and welfare.
Andrew Spences insight:
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There are many ways to earn in 2020 - from labourers to playbourers, preachers to teachers, carers to sharers. 

As jobs unbundle into tasks, new types of organisations, markets, platforms, and work ecosystems will evolve that are better suited for our needs in the Digital Covid Age. 

This long read has some ideas, examples and questions for our most important work yet - rebuilding resilient, fair, and prosperous societies.

Would love your thoughts....

Kerry A's curator insight, August 31, 5:14 PM
An interesting perspective that offers many challenges; not only to the world of work but to society in general.... one may even suggest it to ‘revolutionary’!
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Everything Is Digital: Ten HR and Talent Predictions for 2020

The world has become digital - what does this mean for organizations, HR, and leadership? Here's a view of the top 10 trends for the next few years.
Andrew Spences insight:

The first prediction is music to my ears,

#1 Organisation design will be challenged everywhere


For too long we have been 'tweaking round the edges' with our employee engagement programmes, herbal teas and low pay environments.  We have to totally rethink the nature of work and how it will be delivered in the future.

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Why are so many Digital HR Transformations doomed to fail?

Why are so many Digital HR Transformations doomed to fail? | HR Transformation |
Why do so many Digital HR Transformation projects simply focus on the HR technology, and then often just the Core HR platform or only the Talent
Andrew Spences insight:

Rob Hill from SAP asks a gloomy, but pertinent question,

Why are so many Digital HR Transformations doomed to fail?

His reasons, with my comments below :-

The separation of Advisor + Consultant
Choosing a partner to implement your chosen software is really important and a big consideration in which software you choose.  If you ask your System Integrator questions about your HR operating model, analytics, HR strategy they will have very good knowledge.  But is it in their interests to potentially slow down a sale and/or the project....
Consider the full HR technology landscape
You need to look at the big picture.  Look at some of the business problems you have now and which data sets are going to help you solve them.
Promised Integrations do not deliver
Will leave this one to the techies...
The best selection process has the Client, software vendor, Systems Integrator and the Change Management agent all working together
Absolutely agree.
Don’t buy the hype
Talk to existing customers, really focus on what your HR operating model will look like in 3 or 4 years time.
Align the success of your project to the vendors success

Steady on Rob!


And my comments on LinkedIn,

I think you answered the question Why do HR Transformation projects fail, in the first sentence. Organisations jump too quickly to the technology solution, without answering broader questions on HR's role.

Which people management practices will support the business in the future?

What is the role of HR, Business Partners and managers in the HR model?

What data might we need to improve employee productivity in the future?

It's worth spending enough time on these questions before moving too hastily to a new HR system that might not be the answer.

Andrew Marritt's curator insight, February 15, 2017 4:07 AM
An interesting subject but not just applicable to HR Tech
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What Makes Work Meaningful?

What Makes Work Meaningful? | HR Transformation |

Article from the HR Transformer Blog, that highlights some research into what makes work meaningful.

Andrew Spences insight:

How can organisations provide work that is meaningful?

One of the first steps is to look at what makes work meaningful for individuals.  This is important for all those managing teams or designing or changing organisations.

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Future of Work and Organisations - Flipboard Magazine

Future of Work and Organisations - Flipboard Magazine | HR Transformation |

This is another magazine I curate to keep on top of trends. Including >260 articles on people management, technology, demographics, workplace and rethinking organisations.

Andrew Spences insight:

Another magazine on "Future of Work" you ask?


Why is this important to HR Transformers?


Everything we thought we knew about WORK is changing.  Business strategies and goals are changing at the moment. If we are supporting our business goals as a data analyst, psychologist, HR Director or Rewards Manager – this IS relevant.


Of course, Futurology is a futile and somewhat daft activity. We can’t really predict the future. A Buddhist monk once told me, that every thought we have about the future is really just interpreting our current world view.   


That said, when we are making decisions on what our organisations and workforce will look like in the future, a set of recurring themes emerge.


So bookmark this magazine, share and please  suggest good articles/resources I can add from your own research.

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Four Steps of HR Transformation

Four Steps of HR Transformation | HR Transformation |

Successful projects address these steps by answering four basic questions: Why - What - How - Who.

5 Minute Video on YouTube by Dave Ulrich

Andrew Spences insight:

Great 5 minute overview by Dave Ulrich on YouTube about HR Transformation.

"HR Transformation is not measured by activities, but by the outcomes of those activities"

Why - What - How - Who

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