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Troy Clamps Down On Hookah Bars « CBS Detroit

Troy Clamps Down On Hookah Bars « CBS Detroit | hookah steamstones | Scoop.it
The tony suburb of Troy is clamping down on hookah bars, prompting worries from business owners that they'll be shut down.
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Airline Shisha Services

Airline Shisha Services | hookah steamstones | Scoop.it

Next month, Dubai-based Emirates airline will be launching a unique new luxury for its first-class passengers: on-board shisha.


The airline, which is known for its luxurious offerings, will include this option alongside pre-existing pampers like its ‘Signature Spa and Onboard Lounges.'


 Passengers will be able to order a shisha from the on-board menu while at their seat and then smoke in the lounge after the main meal.

“This new service will provide our Middle Eastern passengers with the sort of home comforts they've come to expect on our award-winning airline while presenting those flying to the Middle East for the first time with the opportunity to sample one of the true tastes of Arabia before they've even landed,” the Emirates statement declares.

Via Jeannie Yoo
Jeannie Yoo's curator insight, May 15, 2013 11:46 PM

I haven't been visited yet, but I know some places in Korea where provides shisha with drinking and meal.


I'm so wondered the Fly Emriates thoughts of providing their service to passengers even they choose 'shisha'!


The 'shisha' is usually called as 'waterpipe', and it becomes generalizing in Islam countries and Middle-East asia.


It does contain low nicotine but this mixes with much more water with diverse fragrance such as strawberry, bannana, or kiwi..


however, I read that smoking shisha in an hour is similar to the smoking 200 cigarettes which the research comes from WTO....  I think shisha contains much more low nicotine than cigarette, but how it becomes similar rate with 200 cigarettes? They prove the reason that the smoking by shisha goes down directly to lung.


Even if shisha doesn't give any addiction to people, I think doing too much is not good for health.


Also, I heard that some complaints about service in Fly Emirates, so it is more important for them to consider those cases.