Complexity Theory as a possible mechanism for the progression through the stages of social evolution as described by Spiral Dynamics | Homo Agilis (Collective Intelligence, Agility and Sustainability : The Future is already here) |

Spiral Dynamics ® is a model, which has been developed over the last thirty years to describe the underlying dynamics and stages through which human societies have evolved over the last 100,000 years or more.


Spiral Dynamics® proposes a series of eight nodal levels of social development, which extends to twenty-four when entering and exiting phases are included.



More levels will emerge as we continue to evolve.


Complexity Theory also gives many insights into social evolution.


It may explain the underlying mechanisms by which the Spiral Dynamics levels self organise into higher emergent levels.


An integration of the two systems would give a greater insight into our past as well as our possible futures.


This paper aims to open discussion on two relatively new areas of science and how an integration of their ideas might increase our understanding of societal development.


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Via Mhd.Shadi Khudr, Christophe Bredillet