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The Macedonians -1- Discovery Channel -Ancient Warriors 1 of 4

Macedonia Conquers Greece, and the rest of the known world. Part 1 of 4
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Student Questions:
What particular experience motivated Philip to reorganise the Macedonian army?

How did the Macedonian military forces enable the rise of Macedon as a leading state?

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Possible Answer Q1:
Philip had been a captive of Thebes and a student of its army for three years. This not only made him aware of the Greeks strengths and weaknesses, but it also showed him the importance of military organisation. He was motivated to use and improve upon the tactics he had observed and to transform the Macedonian army into a unbreakable force.
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Possible Answer Q2:
The Macedonian military forces were made of mercenaries which trained/travelled all year round. The pure hunger and determination of this army enabled Macedonia to make huge progress. Under the direction of Philips specific formation strategies and fear tactics, the army conquered the majority of the Greek land, including Thessaly and Athens. This huge military forces produced fear among the surrounding Greek states and allowed for Philip to launch confederacy (with the aim to take this to Persia).
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Famous ancient Greeks – Philip II of Macedonia « History Of Macedonia

Famous ancient Greeks – Philip II of Macedonia « History Of Macedonia | History | Scoop.it
King Philip II of Macedon. Philip II of Macedon was a Greek king of Macedon, an ancient Greek kingdom (now Macedonia in Greece). Video from the Youtube channel of eformisis ...

Via Panayiotis
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This website will be useful for you to gain an understanding of the role which Philip II played in developing Macedonia into a leading state. It also highlights the importance of influence through marriage during his rule. 

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Philip the II second of Macedon was a King who married Olympius. Together they birthed perhaps the most famous and influential Greek of all, Alexander the Great.