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INTERVIEW ISSUE: MADARS APSE - TransWorld SKATEboarding | hiring trends | Scoop.it
This is the full interview that ran in our April 2013 Interview Issue. By Luke Callahan After steadily putting out multiple video parts per year while.
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Why Do You Insist on Recruiting Average and Mediocre Candidates?

Why Do You Insist on Recruiting Average and Mediocre Candidates? | hiring trends | Scoop.it
Job candidates are often referred to as active or passive – either looking or not looking for a job. Seventy-nine percent of professionals around the world

Via Barry Deutsch
Barry Deutsch's curator insight, April 24, 2013 8:25 PM

Cara writes a good blog article on the difference between passive and active candidates. The primary methods companies use to attract people to their organization focuses on active candidates.

This group is perhaps 10-15% of the overall job market for your role.Approxoimately another 40% are passive - they are talking to friends about leaving their current company, they are going onto job boards, they are entertaining discussions with recruiters.

However, they are not aggressive about their job search. They don't need to leave their company. They don't need your job. They will only raise their hand for a compelling opportunity.

The problem is that posting job descriptions on job boards - allowing them to masquerade as effective compelling ads - and then waiting for great potential employees to fall into your lap - is a MAJOR FAIL.

If you want to hire average, mediocre, minimally qualified candidates who represent the "cream of the crap" - just keep posting your job descriptions.

The funny thing is that this approach has become so common - it's almost tribal. Most HR professionals and HR managers don't blink when cutting and pasting their boring, mundane, non-compelling job description into the little boxes on job boards.

Let's acknowledge that most top performers couldn't give a darn what you want as an employer. They want to know WIIFM - what will I learn, what impact will I have, what will I become for having been in this role for a period of time.

If you want to build a workforce of average and mediocre employees, keep doing the tribal hiring thing that extends back to the days of Henry Ford hiring production workers to bang out Model-Ts. If you want to start improving the quality of people in the top of your sourcing funnel - start applying a few simple best practices.

What's the risk to improving your hiring and recruiting process?

Barry Deutsch

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