Alexa for Doctors Claims 70 Percent Reduction in #EHR Time  | healthcare technology |

Suki, the artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant for healthcare professionals, launched in May to praise from health-tech innovators who hoped “Alexa for doctors” might slash electronic health record (EHR) documentation time.

If the company’s early numbers are any indication, that wish might come true.

Suki said recently that doctors who use the digital assistant have seen a 70 percent drop in time spent writing and filing medical notes.


That figure is 10 percentage points better than the preliminary results of Suki’s pilot. The finding could prove powerful, as research has suggested that physicians burn almost two hours in the EHR for every hour of patient interaction.


Suki has processed more than 12,000 patient encounters in the real world, handling 1,000 per week, according to the company. This steady stream of real-world data is poised to strengthen the technology’s machine-learning algorithm, which was trained on 250,000 patient encounters before it went live.

So far, Suki has integrated with three EHR systems. The company said that number is slated to rise.

Using voice commands, the technology pens a “clinically accurate” note that it then sends to a doctor’s EHR system.

Over the past several years, innovators across healthcare have advocated for a clinical voice assistant. But the challenges are many, from precise listening and documentation to satisfying cybersecurity concerns.

Although a clinical AI assistant might be far off for many providers and health systems, Suki and similar technologies could help solve a mounting problem in medicine: physician burnout.

Time spent in the EHR has been linked to physician burnout. On the conference circuit and in the opinion pages, doctor after doctor describes the stresses of medical note documentation — and how these demands eat up time and detract from care delivery.

Can Suki help improve workflows? It seems so. But can it go a step beyond and help physicians overcome burnout? Maybe. The answer to that question will depend on adoption rates and how Suki performs at scale.


Will Suki become a part of the clinic of tomorrow? Lets wait and see


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