Joey Atlas Scam - Pressure therapy for cellulite removal
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Joey Atlas Scam - Pressure therapy for cellulite removal
Pressure therapy for cellulite removal promotes excretion of excess fluid and toxins, restores moisture balance, blood circulation, and activates the metabolism of the skin cells and fat cells. Joey Atlas Truth About Cellulite - Pressure therapy used in cosmetology, can get rid of edema of different origin, greatly reduce the volume of the body to effectively fight cellulite and obesity, and address the sagging skin, making it supple and smooth. Depending on the area to which it is necessary to act, apply: Foot - Special long boots, abdomen and thighs - a wide belt for hands - long gloves. Through special cuffs supplied air pressure which in turn increases or decreases. Reducing the pressure in the cuff leads to the expansion of blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles. Ozone - the introduction into the fatty tissue of problem areas ozone-oxygen mixture. Injection conducted using a syringe with a short needle. By its efficiency ozone therapy is similar to the procedure of surgical liposuction, but unlike the latter, not traumatic, and virtually painless, performed on an outpatient basis,does not require a recovery period, and has a minimum of contraindications. In subcutaneous ozone perfectly improves microcirculation in the skin and subcutaneous tissue, stimulates the saturation of cells with oxygen and nutrients, and facilitates fat burning. Characteristically, the ozone is not only activates fat metabolism, but also triggers the processing of their own natural energy reserves, which are the body fat.
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