Global views on healthcare in 2018

In the perspective on patients/consumers there is still alot to do in getting healthcare right! A conclusion from the recent (2018) global survey of health by Ipsos
"Views about the future of healthcare differ widely across countries as optimism prevails in emerging countries (especially China, India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and throughout Latin America) while pessimism dominates in many developed countries (especially in Western Europe)."

Interesting is to see how patients' responses do tell more about their beleifs, then about figures. Where is the global survey that really compare data like from GHO/WHO, EU, IFPMA, OECD, and Global Health 50/50?

More disturbing for scholars on healthcare is the disappointing percentage of people having experience with telemedicine!  

What Healthcare Can Learn From Finance About Data Sharing
Both financial data and health data require the highest levels of security and privacy. Heavy regulation ensures that this type of information is as secure as possible. In principle, that’s a good thing. No one wants their medical profile out there for all to see.
But the experience of that safe ...
A majority of the French people favors the use of Artificial Intelligence for their health

French people are quite conscious of what they need or should do to stay healthy.

Interesting is how they value their own awareness of health risks, like: tabacco: about 90% think they are well-informed

and effects of alcohol on health (88% wel informed).

They think that public messages about prevention of health are sufficient in number (74%) and do attract attention (70%)!

how would this survey come out in the other EU countries?


Americans' Views Health Insurance End of Turbulent Year - The Commonwealth Fund

Amazing how the US government cannot act upon the righteous wishes from the people for an affordable health care. Wouldn't they all stand up and do what is needed?
See this survey: Americans’ Views on Health Insurance at the End of a Turbulent Year, - The Commonwealth Fund

The Top 10 risks to the global economy -                     Cause for Concern? The Economist

It's now that we enjoy the highest level of risks around the globe. Health care will have to deal with that. But several factors will influence its success. Let's be aware that the current status on the globe is not a certainty. See Global Access to Healthcare Index website