McMyAdmin Mobile v0.1.1 CubeCoders Limited | October 13, 2013 | Tools | Android: 3.0+ | 290 KB McMyAdmin Mobile allows you to monitor and administer your McMyAdmin powered Minecraft server from your Android powered device. McMyAdmin is the leading Minecraft server admin panel, powering over 50000 servers worldwide. This is the official Android app developed by CubeCoders, the developers of McMyAdmin. Please be aware that this is an early version with only the bare minimum of functionality. More functionality will be added gradually over time as development continues, but we wanted everyone to be able to benefit from what s already working as soon as possible. Currently working features: * Monitor multiple servers from within the app. * Removing / Editing servers. * Track your servers CPU / RAM usage. * Start / Stop / Sleep / Restart your server. * Chat or use console commands * Change basic server and gameplay settings. Features coming soon: * Player list from the Console tab * Backup

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