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Group Contract for PUSH HOTEL

Group Members:

• Chong Jia Ying Eileen [CHO11228402]

• Siska Endi [END11222461]

• Meliany Widjaja [WID11225940]

• Leonard Lim Soon Teck [LIM11225009]


Organisation Goal: To push beyond our limits and make dreams come true


Roles & Responsibility: Eileen: Innovation, Architecture & Engineering

Siska: Geographical elements,Contact person and web designer

Meliany: Demographical Issues

Leonard: Financial & Stakeholders, presentation design


Group meetings and timeline: Every Thursday afternoon

Week 5- Finalising group contract

Week 6- Group contract due and collaboration of members’ industrial data.

Week 7- Preparation for elevator pitch

Week 8- Team delegation of work resources

Week 9- Preparation for presentation

Week 10- Orientation of each speakers roles and responsibilities

Week 11- Rehearsal of actual presentation

Week 12- Proofing of errors and specific adjustments

Week 13-Finalise presentation and practice as a group

Week 14- presentation week


Potential roadblocks:

• Inaccurate or irrelevant data collected as this concept is new to the industry.

• Insufficient supporting evidences to prove the success of PUSH hotel.

• Challenge to meet weekly timeline


Rules and regulations:

• All members are equal and have a say in any inputs for the presentation

• All members are to be present for ALL group meetings

• Members are to complete their individual task prior the meetings

• All data collected have to be cross-checked with other members before presentation

• If any member have any problem or difficulty with their individual task, questions must be raise immediately



• At any time during this project, if any member/s fail or jeopardize the integrity of the weekly timeline and project performance without a special reason, the committee will take action and result to the exclusion of that particular member.


-We thereby agree to ALL term and conditions of this contract.


Siska Endi, Milany Widjaja, Eileen Chong & Leonard Lim