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5 Mesmerizing Examples of Leadership Qualities That Amplify Your Influence

5 Mesmerizing Examples of Leadership Qualities That Amplify Your Influence | Grappendorf, H |
Do you have the leadership qualities to make you the next top influencer? Everyone wants to know how to increase their popularity while becoming one of the hottest new influencers on the scene.
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Sexism in Sports Writing

Sexism in Sports Writing | Grappendorf, H |

This is a subject where I am like many others. I’m strongly opinionated and don’t say a lot because it’s a very political issue. Yes, you may feel free to be mad at me for taking the “Republicans buy shoes” stance. I’ll try and fix that.

Tammeh Treymayne aka @Mrs__NBA, who writes at The NBA Mistress and I got into a discussion on this subject. I was spurred by this recent piece by Kate Fagan over at ESPN – Recent events expose sexism in sports culture. Kate discusses the issues being a female beat writer — how the respect and access that comes to male sports reporters is lacking and more frighteningly, how we let that continue.

There’s a key that Kate and Tammeh have both hit on that we need to accept. Sports are sexist. Not just a little, not it’s getting better but there are still residual sexist trends from old eras. Sports are sexist. Listen to sports radio. Listen to how common it is to insult someone by calling them feminine. Watch the commercials that come up during your favorite sports game. Dr. Pepper bet hard on ‘it’s not for women’ campaign of Dr. Pepper 10 and promoted it heavily in sports media. Go to live sporting events and notice that the only way sports have found to include women is have them dance half naked when the game is stalled. A “watch the game” moment that startled me —  one cameraman’s job is apparently to just always aim for up the skirt angle shot of cheerleaders. So, let’s just start with this fact. The realm of sports is sexist. Its views towards women is that they are weak, or sexual objects and that the sports being played are not for them, at least not in an active role.

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Burberry Chief Joins Male-dominated Company - Digits - WSJ

Burberry Chief Joins Male-dominated Company - Digits - WSJ | Grappendorf, H |
As she moves to Apple, Angela Ahrendts is set to become one of few women in the company’s upper echelons.Ahrendts joins Apple next year from Burberry, where she has been CEO.
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E&Y Studies the Connection Between Female Executives and Sports

E&Y Studies the Connection Between Female Executives and Sports | Grappendorf, H |


Research shows that women and girls who participate in sports are less likely to take drugs, engage in abusive relationships, or have unwanted pregnancies. And they are more likely to graduate from high school, receive post-graduate degrees, and earn more money.


A new study, coinciding with the 41st Anniversary of Title IX,  released by accounting firm Ernst & Young has added an additional benefit of Title IX and the impact of participating in sports – becoming a C-suite business executive.

Via The Learning Factor
The Learning Factor's curator insight, June 24, 2013 8:32 PM

EY conducted a global survey to gather women leaders’ perspectives on sport and high-performance teams.

Jesse Gottesdiener's curator insight, October 14, 2014 11:19 PM

I learned that women who have played sport at some level have more attributes that make them better workers than those who didn't play sports. The information that i found the most interesting was the statistic about the difference in the jobs between women who played sports as a working adult. Around 65% of females that played sports as a working female had board level jobs. I selected this article because I wanted to learn about the connection between people who played sports and jobs. This information will help me in the sports management industry when I am looking for people to hire in my business, because ill be likely to hire people that played sports at some point