Gov. Rick Perry 2010
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Gov. Rick Perry 2010
English Project 1
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Scooped by Kimberly Hancock!

Rick Perry dropping presidential bid, backing Newt Gingrich - Chicago Sun-Times

Rick Perry dropping presidential bid, backing Newt Gingrich - Chicago Sun-Times | Gov. Rick Perry 2010 |

CBC.caRick Perry dropping presidential bid, backing Newt GingrichChicago Sun-TimesBy BETH FOUHY and DAVID ESPO AP January 19, 2012 8:36AM NORTH CHARLESTON, SC — Texas Gov." 


1. Texas Gov. Rick Perry dropping his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.


2. -Rick Perry hopes that dropping out will make compelling conservative voters will follow Gingrich insted of Mitt Romney.

-Americans for Rick Perry, raised about $193,000 during the first half of 2011, federal election records show.

-Biggest mistake was forgetting the name of the 3rd cabinet department he was going to elimenate. 


3. The writer does not put his own opinion into the subject. The writer simply put facts into his paper. 


4. No.


6. The reason for Rick Perry dropping out, sucessful things Ricke Perry has done while he was governer, some mistakes he made. 


7. Readers who are interseted in polictics. 


8. Yes because he has stated facts about Gov. Rick Perry that are true and they can be proven to be true. 


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Scooped by Kimberly Hancock!

World Bank Leader Leaving in June - The Mark English #2

World Bank Leader Leaving in June - The Mark English #2 | Gov. Rick Perry 2010 |
World Bank Leader Leaving in JuneThe MarkRobert Zoellick has announced he will step down as President of the World Bank at the end of his term in June.


1. World bank leader Robert Zoellick stepping down from being president in June.


2. His term ends in June.

    Has been leading the organiztion since 2007.


3. The wirter does not show his own opinion in the paper, he list facts and details throught the article. 


4. The author does not state his/her opinion direcrtly. I don't know the authors opinions about Robert Zoellick stepping down. The author only list facts and not his opinion. 


6. Since 2007, while Robert Zoellick was president, the company oversaw the privson of $247 billion to devloping countries. Now eyes are on Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and Larry Summers, a former Treasury secretary Harvard professor. 


7. This was writen for people who are interseted in learning more about polictics and who will be incharge of the World bank at the end of June. 


8. No because they did not add their own opinion into the article. They only state facts so you don't need to agree or disagree with the author. 


9. "World bank leader leaving in June",, Febuary 15, 2012.

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