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But Everyone Else is Doing It: Why There are So Many Illegal Social Media Contests

But Everyone Else is Doing It: Why There are So Many Illegal Social Media Contests | Communication design |

I have never really tried to organize a contest on social networks, but every time someone talks about it, I picture headaches and hours of research. 

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter... Each platform has specific rules -- and they are often hard to figure out.

That may be the reason why brands don't really read them and run illegal contests without thinking of the consequences of their decisions. 

This is the first time I find an article that highlights exactly the dangers of choosing to ignore the rules. Kerry Gorgone explains the subtle differences between types of contests and shares some tips. Namely:

- Beware of giveaways. 

- Be transparent and encourage disclosure

Use “Void Where Prohibited” and “No Purchase Necessary.” 

This is a much-needed post IMO. You can read it at 


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The Digital Marketing Trio Of 2013 [Infographic]

The Digital Marketing Trio Of 2013 [Infographic] | Communication design |

Digital marketing has become one of the most focused on streams of marketing in the last few years. Three of the biggest digital marketing issues include social network marketing, mobile, SMS marketing, and content marketing. Here’s a brief look at each:

Social Network Marketing

As a marketing, you can rely on social media to connect, engage, and build relationships with current and potential customers.

Mobile / SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing is a term that covers several different methods of marketing through mobile devices. Mobile marketing can take several different shapes but one of the most popular is SMS marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the development of interesting and helpful materials to engage customers and clients. Examples of content can be blogs, infographics, online tools, YouTube videos etc.


This infographic displays some eye-opening statistics about these 3 digital marketing streams and might get you thinking more about including these streams into your marketing mix.

Via Lauren Moss
Ennio Martignago's curator insight, August 29, 2013 3:01 AM

Sociale, Mobile e… Contenuti (!!!). Il terzetto di punta dell'anno in corso (e ml'olio solo di questo)

THOMAS Gwenaëlle's curator insight, August 29, 2013 3:12 AM

Le marketing digital on aime ça 

Ubleam's curator insight, August 29, 2013 3:47 AM

So do you use the smart logo :