7 Web Design Disasters Drive People Crazy | Communication design | Scoop.it

A poorly designed website has real impacts, whether page views or sales. We won't hesitate to bounce away to another with a better user experience.

1. Requiring users to signup before browsing your site
2. Forgetting about multiple screens
3. Having ridiculous forms to fill out
4. Using hard to read or cutesy fonts
5. Implementing a Search bar that sucks
6. Bombarding the reader with a wall of text
7. Displaying your products with low-res images

MS - 8 Non stop animated gifs (you will discover what I'm talking about)

Marty Note
Agree with all 7 of these annoying disasters and would add an 8th - too many animated gifs all running at the same time with NO STOP.



Via Martin (Marty) Smith