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Website design is about to change about as much as something can change and email marketing is already half way there. Email marketers such as @Bronto move massive amounts of information in real time.

Welcome to the future.

The future of web design will happen in real time, be logic based and require a mountain of creative controlled by predictive analytics in real time. If that sounds like email marketers are sitting pretty you win a cookie.

Bronto became Cure Cancer Starter's (http://www.curecancerstarter.org) email marketing and marketing automation partner today (http://sco.lt/55jx1F ;).  Bronto joins Atlantic BT and the Story of Cancer Foundation (501c3) in the Tech Cures Cancer Movement. 

This deck is about where web design is headed (at light speed) and why thinking like an email-marketer is a good idea. 

#TechCuresCancer @CureCancerStart


Via Martin (Marty) Smith