Topographic Light Painting Maps Rooms and People in 3-D | Communication design |

Posted by Jakob Schiller on August 24, 2012. Photo by Janne Parviainen

"For years Janne Parviainen worked as a painter, happy with two-dimensions, until he came across light painting photography. He realized the technique could bring out that third, illusive dimension of depth in a way paint and canvas could not.

“It was a whole new challenge,” says Parviainen, 32, who lives in Helsinki, Finland.

His topographic light paintings circumscribe surfaces and people throughout his house, creating captivating 3-D models in the process. Parviainen first started in 2007 by using small LED lights to trace human bodies, using his wife and himself for models. He quickly grew more ambitious, creating multi-person shots where he would trace himself multiple times, creating the appearance of an entire audience.

“When I started tracing rooms I was like ‘this is totally mad, it’s going to take forever,’” Parviainen says. “The first one took 33 minutes and I was soaking wet [from sweat] when it was done.”

Light painting, the act of tracing shapes or designs with a light-source during a long camera exposure, is nothing new, of course. Picasso dabbled in it and today people are using light painting in increasingly inventive ways."


Via Thierry Saint-Paul