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For all those who have this kind of blog they often arise the question, how to thrive while meeting the comfort and the interest of all. This post, very interesting, will give you some information about it and encourage you, if necessary, to go outside the box... I like that! [note Martin Gysler]


Keeping fresh and creative is key to keeping on top of the game when writing different blogs across various sectors, and for various clients. Working with efficient workflows, time management and organization all help to keep that valuable information harnessed to be used when you need it, but how about making sure you can produce great content on time and on demand?

Keeping creative and informed means you are working efficiently to produce content that’s engaging, informative, and, of course, profitable for you. After all, time is money when you are managing a number of blogs and clients.
Here are my top ten tips for fueling that creativity, generating ideas, and managing your time and resources.


Make the info come to you—start mass reading Filing it cleverly: Other Inbox Dump it! Brain dumping for multiple sources Getting creative Find your zone and stay in it Map it! Reach out Step away from the machine! Illumination needs you Unblock yourself on time If you are really stuck, go outside the box and freestyle


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Via Martin Gysler