The Italian secret diet in 10 easy rules. | Italian Summers. By Lisa | Good Things From Italy - Le Cose Buone d'Italia |
Sophia Loren
Feeling like on a secret-mission, Me, a non-Italian with a normal metabolism have been analysing the Italian diet for more than 4 years and finding out why obesity and over-weight are not major problems in this amazing country. If you take a quick look at the Italian population everybody seems very close to their perfect weight and very healthy (if you need numbers: just 9% of people in Italy are heavy enough to be considered obese, compared to 32% of Americans). A total metabolism-mystery for us foreigner food-lovers; how come “Pizzerie” are always fully booked and everyone has a Spritz in their hand by 7pm? I have resumed Italian diet secrets for you in 10 easy rules…

Via Italian Summers (Lisa van de Pol)