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The Caseificio il Faro, in Le Marche produces in artisan way, the “buffalo mozzarella”.
"Il Faro" produces also mozzarella from the more readily available cows milk, but this will be called “fior di latte” and not “Mozzarella”.
It is made in the same way, but the flavour is nowhere near as interesting and the texture is quite different. The digestive system of water buffaloes enables them to turn low-grade grass into super rich milk with a much higher percentage of protein and fat than cow’s milk.
Buffalo have been in Italy for a thousand years, it is not clear if coming from Egypt or India, brought by Arabs or by Goths but luckily for all of us, they got there.
To make mozzarella, fresh buffalo milk is soured then mixed with calf’s rennet. Ripened in warm whey for a few hours, the curd becomes stretchy, and at this point the cheesemaker steps in, stirring and folding continuously with a wooden paddle. When the moment is right the hot bendy cheese is cut into large balls, into bite sized dollops or woven into loaf like plaits.
All the production that includes cheeses, ricotta, fresh and aged cheeses, is no preservatives, no dyes.

Via Mariano Pallottini