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L'Autre Chose is a brand that belongs to the Boccaccini Company based in Le Marche.
Founded in 1959, Boccaccini, has started as a family-run business, the products attracted appreciation and interest on an international level and as a consequence, throughout the sixties and seventies Boccaccini progressively conquered the markets of Europe, the US and the Far East.
In 1987 the Boccaccini company launched the brand ‘L’Autre Chose’ marking a unique approach to the world of footwear.
In 1998 Michela Casadei, a designer arrived in Boccaccini, introduced a feminine, French twist to L’Autre Chose, paying particular attention to the finish and unique detail of the brand.
In Autumn/Winter 2005 the first Ready-To-Wear collection was launched, designed and created by Michela and very much in tune with the image and style of the existing L’Autre Chose brand. 

Via Mariano Pallottini