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... The lovely Piceno hills are indeed the ideal for growing Montepulciano...
In the past ten years a host of small winemakers have started up production in the area of Piceno. Before winegrowers there used to sell their grapes to cooperatives but when these began having trouble some growers decided to convert their vineyards to different uses, while others set up their own wineries and pumped new blood and ideas into the sector. As I did in my piece on Piceno whites, here again I will focus on small producers, the craftsmen. This is by no means a complete panorama of the territory but I hope it will serve as an introduction, something to spark your curiosity to know more about this blessed area of the Marche region.
Montepulciano grapes are also used to make Rosso Conero and are, in any case, widely used throughout the Marche. It is a high-yield, robust and bold grape that gives a wine backbone, personality, structure and very long life. It is also very versatile but in order to obtain the best results it needs to be ‘tamed’ and this is not always easy. The following wines are made using diverse approaches and I hope I have been able to capture the different nuances. [...]

K’un 2010 Marche Igt Clara Marcelli [86] 16€Cosecose 2012 Marche Igt  Valter Mattoni [81] 13€Arshura 2011 Marche Igt Valter Mattoni  [92] 25€Grifola 2005 Marche Igt Poderi San Lazzaro [90] 20€Erasmo Castelli 2008 Marche Igt  Maria Pia Castelli  [89] 25€
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