Lazzaro Morelli, the worker at the threshold of God | Good Things From Italy - Le Cose Buone d'Italia |

Sculptor Lazzaro Morelli was born on this day in 1608 in Ascoli Piceno. After training with his father in Florence, Lazzaro moved to Rome to join the studio of sculptor Francois Duquesnoy. He later became assistant to Gianlorenzo Bernini, working for him until Bernini’s death in 1680. Bernini entrusted a number of important projects to Morelli, including the Chair of St. Peter, the majority of the travertine statues carved for Piazza San Pietro,  the statue of Truth and the shroud on the tomb of Alexander VII, and the angel holding a scourge on the Ponte Sant’Angelo.  [...]

Via Mariano Pallottini