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The Good Soldiers

The Good Soldiers | Good Soldiers - Independant Reading |
It was the last-chance moment of the war. In January 2007, President George W. Bush announced a new strategy for Iraq. He called it the s...
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Summary: The Good Soldiers is a story about the life of a few soldiers both at war and at home, showing their expressions physically and mentally/emotionally. This story goes through their lives of being at home and having to leave everything they know behind such as their family and friends to go to an unknown area to fight a war they are unsure of as to why they are there in the first place. It goes through the mental and physical damage at home before the war, in Iraq during the war and at home after the war when they returned to their family. It goes through their family’s lives as well, showing the mental and physical tolls on them as well. Jim a General said before leaving his family behind, “I will always love you and I will see you when I get back”. This shows how heart felt he is leaving his family behind and putting his life on the line for his family and soldiers.

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Theme: The main theme of this books it the trouble and life of a soldier and their family both at war and at home. It goes through the life of the soldiers and how the war affects them and how they and their families feel leaving to go to war and how they and their families have changed once they make it back home, if they make it back home. The war changes them all, both the soldiers and their families, having to leave everything behind and going off to an unknown place to fight a war they don’t want to be apart of, and their families living with the uncertainty of not knowing if their family members out at war will make it home dead or alive.

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Review: I strongly suggest reading this book because it gives first accounts of how the soldiers feel at home before the war, going off to war and coming back from this horrific war, but it doesn’t stop there, it allows you to see what the soldiers families go through when they have to leave for war and not know if their loved ones will make it back from the war alive, and it also goes through their lives when their loves ones do make it back from the war and how they have changed and how their lives will change. This book gives first hand accounts at life during war, for both the soldier and the soldier’s families.
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The Secret Iraq Files

The Secret Iraq Files | Good Soldiers - Independant Reading |
In the biggest leak of military secrets in history, WikiLeaks, the whistleblower website, has released 400,000 secret US files detailing every aspect of t
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Summary: There is a lot of Iraqi on Iraqi torture through out the war. The torture mainly takes place in police stations and in military bases. There are many reports that are written in English but there is a special way of reading it, they have their own codes and messages. Now American soldiers are supposed to try and put a stop to it and inform their superior officers, but recently that’s all they could do, then turned around and decided that if they are present during the torture, they are to put a stop to it by any means.

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Connection: This relates to my book because it explains everything about the war, just like my book did, it goes on about telling how we won the war and stuff like that, but it doesn't stop there, it goes on to express the feelings and emotions about how the soldiers feel and how their families cope with their son/daughters being in war.
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PTSD on the rise among British servicemen and woman after decade of war; Mental trauma is taking an escalating toll on British servicemen and women after a decade of war, official figures show

Student Resources In Context
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Theme: Explains how and what PTSD is and how it affects the soldiers.
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Review: This is a great article explaining what PTSD is for soldiers and their families and shows real life accounts on what it is and how it affects them.
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Connection: This news posting relates to my book because it also goes deeper into the mind of a soldier, before, during and after war, going deeper into PTSD and other war related illnesses.
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The Soldier's Heart | FRONTLINE | PBS

As the War in Iraq continues, the first measures of its psychological toll are coming in.
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Summary: The Military teaches soldiers how to fight and how to kill and how to live in hard conditions, but no one can teach them how to live with themselves through out the war and after the war at home. The physiological tolls are tremendous for both the soldiers and the soldiers families.

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Connection: This is all real life stuff, even citizens learn similar things like this, not on how to kill people but on how to live their lives better and what is wrong and what is right. Both citizens and soldiers learn similar attributes about life.
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War | Good Soldiers - Independant Reading |
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Description: This picture shows what war was like for soldiers. The damage and destruction physically to them and the world around them could somehow relate to the damage and destruction they are feeling inside after fighting in war and seeing what they have seen.

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Connection: This picture connects to my book because they both express the feelings and emotions physically and mentally about war. This picture along with the book describes and shows the destruction war leaves in its path and that the outcome is not great for either side, whether they win or lose.
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The Forever War

The Forever War | Good Soldiers - Independant Reading |
From the front lines of the battle against Islamic fundamentalism, a searing, unforgettable book that captures the human essence of the g...
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Summary: The Forever War is a book that goes through the day to day lives of soldiers and what they go through in their lives both outside of war at home and during war. This goes through their family life and their own lives. The soldiers explain the reason they are fighting for and what they are fighting for, not that they agree with it or not, but its their job and they have to do what they have to do.
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Theme: The theme of this book is the feelings and lives of soldiers and their families going through the day-to-day uncertainties of war and life during war.

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Review: This is a great book if you want a first hand insight on what life is like during war for both families and the soldiers at war, both their mental and physical states. This book goes through their day-to-day lives as soldiers and soldier’s family members.

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Connection: This book is directly related to my book because they share the same emotions and feelings. Going deeper into the lives of soldiers around the world.