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Rachel Dolezal Resigns as President of Local NAACP Chapter

Rachel Dolezal Resigns as President of Local NAACP Chapter | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
Watch the video Rachel Dolezal Resigns as President of Local NAACP Chapter on Yahoo News . Rachel Dolezal resigns as president of the Spokane, WA Chapter of the NAACP amid a controversy over her racial identity. ABC News' Scott Goldberg reports.
Brian Altonens insight:

If this is true, it is time for the dust to settle.  


I am glad this ended peacefully, in view of these past few months of unpredictable responses brought on by public outrage.


Other news pages on the web with this story: ;  

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The Tide is Turning . . . Why Health Care Providers Should Publish Physician Ratings | THCB

The Tide is Turning . . . Why Health Care Providers Should Publish Physician Ratings | THCB | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |

A new way to score doctors? 


Dr. Ashish Jha provides some very interesting insights into how we can more aggressively improve quality of care.

Brian Altonens insight:

Over the past decade, publications that have reviewed the patients'  perspectives on how much quality of care has improved, have eluded to changes in both direction.  This lack of consistency suggests that no central theme for this change has surfaced enough to produce an impact at other levels as well.  The implementation of a single change that alters everyone's role and activities in the healthcare system is what we need, and may be what this recommendation has in store for our future healthcare system.  


The two greatest barriers to change at the healthcare systems level are physicians and management.  These actions will first impact the physician or provider, but ultimately, will shed some light onto the progress, or lack thereof, at the management level as well.  


I was recently asked to develop a model for producing a quality of care method of scoring physician failure and success.  The scores reported to physicians are best kept anonymous.  It only helps to know where you stand in your line of business, area of specialty, and not be able to compare it with the scores for any other colleague, or how your class, brand or team of caregivers perform as a whole, relative to the rest.    


So before clinicians claim personal information will be jeopardized for this change of plans, they need to determine how their scores are to be provided to the many inquisitors they may have to face--their patients, business partners, colleagues, and boss, and maybe even their their relatives and immediate friends of the family.  


So the remaining question becomes: Is there a HIPAA equivalent method for justifying physician performance scores and rating methods and their availability to direct competitors as well as patient load, at this increasingly personal level?

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'Heart in the Gut': Stomach Bacteria Shape Cardiac Health

'Heart in the Gut': Stomach Bacteria Shape Cardiac Health | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
Bacteria living in a person's gastrointestinal tract can influence the health of their heart by affecting their weight, blood lipids and cholesterol levels, a new study reports. Researchers estimated that the composition of a person's gut bacteria community could explain 4 percent of the variations seen in people's HDL "good" cholesterol levels, nearly 5 percent of the differences seen in people's body weight and up to 6 percent of the variation in people's triglycerides (blood fats). "The study provides solid evidence for a role of gut microbes in body mass index (BMI) and blood lipids," said Jingyuan Fu, an associate professor of genetics at the University Medical Center Groningen in the Netherlands and lead author of the new study.
Brian Altonens insight:

For about three and a half years, I took a series of classes on Traditional Chinese Medicine and--to keep this generic--a non-Allopathic accredited and licensed 4 year doctoral program.  This was beside my years of attendance in a regular, allopathic MD program (we're talking about the 1980s here).


In my TCM class, there were these classes on the Chi or Qi philosophy, which spoke about the Gu Chi, which was a link to the shen and other Chis that circulated in the body, formed be a few other key organ or tissue settings.


At the time of my attendance, there was this theory on how the Lung and Kidney chi were correlated, and surprisingly, this mapped the histology and cell physiology teachings detailing the effects of certain suprarenal released hormone (then not fully understood) on pulmonary alveolar cells physiology. (much of this relates to zàng-fǔ and the related five elements/systems philosophy).

Now, the relation between gu chi of the stomach and the chi of the heart are in the news (and thus, to some, comes an understanding of the teachings of tai chi).  

This interdisciplinary, intercultural philosophy, where the metaphysics gets merged with physical science, I liken to "transformation of common belief" [TOCB].  

We want to make sense of things, and when they seem to work, whereas before we didn't believe they worked, we find a reason for how and why they work and assign our own nomenclature to this new "paradigm."   We use this same method of believing to understand and accept acupuncture, chiropractics, and a host of many other non-allopathic health care disciplines.  

Western medicine accepted and explained acupuncture using popular belief theories based on the four humours (1660, from the French touring China), autonomic nerve influences ("sympathetic" (17-18C), common day sympathetic-parasympathetic philosophy (ca. 1870- ), endocrine (1870-1890), hormonal and prostaglandins-based  (mid 1900s to 1970s), endorphin/enkephalin theory (1980s), neuroendocrine theory (1990s), and psychoneuroimmunological (2000s), to name a few.

 The methods for treating fibromyalgia include some of the most acupuncture-like philosophies found in allopathic medical writings.

My suspicion is that the professor who is related to this study understands better than us (western medical preachers) how and why this gut bacteria finding relate to the Gu Chi effect upon the Heart chi and longevity.  For the TCM practitioner, this is a very interesting finding, to say the least, but not at all a new concept--just another attempt by western medicine to confirm what TCM has "known and taught" for millenia.



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UNESCO chief: IS systematically destroying heritage sites

UNESCO chief: IS systematically destroying heritage sites | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — Islamic State extremists in Syria and Iraq are engaged in the "most brutal, systematic" destruction of ancient sites since World War II, the head of the U.N. cultural agency said Friday — a stark warning that came hours after militants demolished a monastery with ancient foundations in central Syria.
Brian Altonens insight:

Management is a real problem with these international groups.  UNESCO appears "paralyzed" by its pacifism.  Ultimate destruction is the risk you take by demonstrating peaceful, "culturally correct" behavior.  Of course, IS will not be "culturally correct" as they fight back, surpass any authority UNESCO thought it once had.  Likewise, WHO fell victim to this same degree of international mismanagement, as demonstrated by its indecisiveness and inactivity during the Ebola outbreak.  I see a pattern here.  

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‘Cosby Show’ Actor Declares, ‘Of Course Bill Cosby Is Guilty!’

‘Cosby Show’ Actor Declares, ‘Of Course Bill Cosby Is Guilty!’ | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
The rising chorus of voices rising up against scandal-plagued comedian Bill Cosby has increased by one. In the lengthy blog post, Phillips recalls that, during his “Cosby Show” tenure, “my attitude was that if Bill was cheating on Camille, I am fairly certain Camille knew.
Brian Altonens insight:

And this article continues . . . . 


" The rising chorus of voices rising up against scandal-plagued comedian Bill Cosby has increased by one.


"Former “The Cosby Show” actor Joseph C. Phillips, who played Denise Huxtable’s husband Lt. Martin Kendall on the NBC sitcom, has pointed a finger at his former TV father-in-law in a column on his website titled, “Of Course Bill Cosby Is Guilty!”


"In the lengthy blog post, Phillips recalls that, during his “Cosby Show” tenure, “my attitude was that if Bill was cheating on [his wife] Camille, I am fairly certain Camille knew. Hey, if everyone who claimed to know actually knew, then certainly Camille knew, and had long ago made her peace with it.”


"He added, “I never saw Bill engage in any inappropriate behavior. I certainly never saw him drug anyone. So, all I have is the same gossip as everyone else.”


"Phillips noted that his attitude took a turn as the accusations began to dominate headlines and he ran into an “old friend” that Cosby had served as a “mentor” to:


[Phillips then wrote on his blog site:]


The question popped into my head.

“Hey, do you mind if I ask you something?”
She looked at me and then asked, “Is it going to make me cry?”
I was a bit taken aback. “Well,” I stammered. “I hope it doesn’t make you cry.”
She smiled. “Go ahead and ask your question.”
“Back in the day,” I started. “I remember that you knew Bill – that he was like your mentor or something. Did he ever…”
Before I finished the sentence, she began to cry.
We spent the next two hours sitting on a bench talking. Through tears, she told me her story. She cursed him for violating both her trust and her body. She cursed herself for not being smarter, and for degrading herself in pursuit of success. I listened patiently. As she began to run out of steam, she turned to me. “Do you believe me?”
“Yes.” I said. “I believe you.”
“Why?” she asked.
“Because I don’t believe that you are crazy and only a crazy person would sit with me all this time and share a fantasy.”
I am not sure if our conversation was cathartic for her. I know it was heart-breaking for me.



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Bill change rankles descendants of Hamilton . . . it should rankle Homeland Security specialists!

Bill change rankles descendants of Hamilton . . . it should rankle Homeland Security specialists! | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Doug Hamilton is just fine with plans to put a woman's portrait on U.S. paper money, but he'd prefer that the Treasury Department leave the $10 bill alone — particularly the prominent visage of his great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Alexander Hamilton.
Brian Altonens insight:

How naive people are about history. 


If we're going to make a change, I say "REPLACE JACKSON, NOT HAMILTON".


According to many, Jackson did much to deserve heavy criticisms in retrospect.   He was not always the best example for being a president.  And when it came to medicine, Jackson felt the MD wasn't worth his few bits for a simple bloodletting, which he routinely did on his own to himself at night.


Alexander Hamilton, on the other hand, was of utmost important to national security.  In medicine, Hamilton was the first to take control of the tropical fever problem developing in troops.  Due to yellow fever, he established protocols for packing and unpacking or exchanging goods from ships, military wagons and carts.  All goods were sealed in fabric, placed in a vehicle under a secured cover that was sealed and had to be recorded each time it was opened.  In just one year, this proved beyond doubt that yellow fever could not be carried by the military wagons, and therefore was not transmitted by air that got caught in sealed containers and wrapping materials.


As for his greatest accomplishment outside medicine and his work as a Military leader, Hamilton worked alongside Thomas Jefferson when the nation's first National Homeland security act was passed and signed. [see ]  


This can be reviewed at the Pinterest site or on pp. 63-65 in 'A defence of the measures of the administration of Thomas Jefferson', Volume 40, Issue 3, by John Taylor, Thomas Jefferson Library Collection (Library of Congress), Miscellaneous Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress). in

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Thought (not dollar) for the day

Thought (not dollar) for the day | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |

A poor business decision is being made. Outsourcing, at its worst.


Brian Altonens insight:

APRIL 2015:


Combined, the Poughkeepsie and East Fishkill sites had an average of 6,105 people in 2014.
The information comes from the Alliance@IBM's national coordinator, Lee Conrad, who said members of the group who work inside IBM sites observed postings required by the federal government. They include the average number of employees during the past year.
IBM's employment counts heavily in Dutchess County's economy, not only because it's the largest private employer — still — but because Big Blue's pay scale runs considerably higher than the average. The most recent decline is the latest in a long run for a company that once employed more than 30,000 in Dutchess and Ulstercounties. The drops, however, are small compared with the early 1990s when thousands were cut from IBM.
The reports showed Poughkeepsie with 3,004 people and East Fishkill with 3,101, Conrad said.
Previous such postings showed bigger headcounts, he said. The 2013 level in Poughkeepsie was 3,750, indicating a shrink of 20 percent.
At East Fishkill, a previous posting showed an average of 3,675 for 2013, which means a drop of 15 percent in a year. 


JUNE 2015:


In that deal, the East Fishkill site and the chip plant in Burlington, Vermont, are to be acquired by GlobalFoundries and operated by that company, supplying chips to IBM and other customers. About 5,000 IBMers, most of them at these two sites, will transfer to become Global employees, according to the announcement made in October.  IBM is exiting the manufacturing side of the semiconductor business, though it will remain active in design and research and development, IBM has said.


July 2015:


A spokesman for GlobalFoundries, Jason Gorss, confirmed that the headcount of employees based in Wiccopee is 2,000. Another 3,000 are in Burlington. All came over from IBM.

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Dangerous infections that are resistant to antibiotics are spreading and growing stronger, with dire consequences

Dangerous infections that are resistant to antibiotics are spreading and growing stronger, with dire consequences | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
WHO has called the rise of resistant bacteria one of the world’s most serious health crises, putting us on the verge of a “post-antibiotic era.”
Brian Altonens insight:

It is interesting how long it has taken for these events to explode into what they are now.  During my years in medical school, this was a common topic in the pharmacology and even some of my systems courses during the second year of the MD program.  Over the next decade or two, a few resistant highly resistant strains had evolved, but within the clinical setting, the AIDs related issues were top concern when dealing with infectious diseases.   During the 90s, a few high important drug-resistant strains were impacting routine managed care patients.  This is now evolving out of the realm of treatment involving  immunocompromised patients, to everyday patients.  Now thirty plus years into the futurists' concern about the development of a post-antibiotic era, that period has come to be.

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Treasury’s new $10 bill idea prompts outcry in defense of Alexander Hamilton

Treasury’s new $10 bill idea prompts outcry in defense of Alexander Hamilton | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
The Treasury Department announced last week that they plan to redesign the $10 bill, and that they will put a woman on it. The reaction has not been as positive as you might think.
Brian Altonens insight:

Thought it could done just once!    


. . .   This is the Second Time Alexander Hamilton was assassinated by a politician . . . all due to politics and not listening to the public opinion!  


See also: 


Gerald Hassell 
Chairman and CEO at BNY Mellon
"This is no way to honor Alexander Hamilton" at 

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Asian MERS Outbreak Expands As Thailand Reports First Case 

Asian MERS Outbreak Expands As Thailand Reports First Case  | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
According to the World Health Organization, Thailand is the latest country to report a case of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).
Brian Altonens insight:

I think a spatially related question here is . . .  latitudewise, how does this diffusion process relate to the amount of time its takes MERS to extend beyond its current boundaries?

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North Korea claims it has developed cure for MERS, Ebola, and AIDS

North Korea claims it has developed cure for MERS, Ebola, and AIDS | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
The authoritarian, impoverished nation better known for pursuing a nuclear program despite global criticism announced Friday it has a drug can prevent and cure MERS, Ebola, SARS and AIDS.
Brian Altonens insight:

Yes, and I like many others, took a venture into discovering out version of the philosopher's stone.  


For me, it was the ens veneris of Dr. Cornelius Osborn (1723-1783), who around 1756 penned a recipe first invented by former Bermudan Christian Alchemist Charles Starkey during his schooling in natural philosophy at Harvard, 1649/50.  


Starkey's recipe came to Osborn by way of the oral history passed down through the Dutch culture of New Netherlands/New York.  The Dutch favored Starkey's philosophy because us was very much akin to, and perhaps a product of the famous Dutch chemists Herman Boerhaave and Johannes van Helmont, their 17th to 18th century interpretations of Paracelsianism.  


Starkey's "gift", if we may call it that, was his ability to perform what we today call "Channeling with God", which was done late at night.  According to Starkey's writings, that is where he got his inspirations and chemical ideas from.  


The famous [al-]chemist Robert Boyle was inspired by Starkey's philosophical writings and discussions, which was shared between the two in 1649 and '50 in the form of letters.  So inspired in fact that Boyle invited Starkey over to England.  But with the meeting of these two chemists' faces, also came the dissolution of a potential friendship.  Starkey was too religious, and learned his lessons from God himself, according to his lab notes.


Still, this recipe was fine on its own.  And so, once Starkey left the scientists' guild, chemist Robert Boyle rewrote it and then historians assigned the claim to its discover to Boyle, not Starkey.  Boyle's 'Ens primum veneris' was more perfect--today, we interpret this recipe as little more than just the cure to chronic anemia in women--a strong iron tonic for over-bled, malnourished, physically compromised women.  


When Starkey's lab notes were rediscovered in the Oxford archives about 15 years ago.  Around 2007, my search for the history of this philosopher's stone--ens veneris--documented by the New York was finally over.  Starkey's notes were re-discovered by an ivy league prof and of course, decoded and then translated (it was after all, alchemy),  assigned chemical meaning to, and then published.  All of my Doctor's philosophy and thinking were in those notes.


The point is, each and every time some miraculous cure is found--by an individual, a "healer", a proto-saint, a team of researchers, a particular program, an organization, a company, a healthcare agency, a tertiary care center, a hospital, a pharmaceutical company, a bioengineering team, a drug patent holder, an inventor of something miraculous, the founder of this new hold water, the creator of some new compound, a company, a country, a program, a culture--all like to claim they found the magic cure, the aqua vitae, the aurum potabile.


Interestingly, it is a way of growing and processing the Korean ginseng involving the aurum potabile that makes this form of the otherwise common Panax species so different from the Chinese and Russian equivalents.  


Which leaves me wondering--how many of us will fall for it?


I am still waiting for that last miracle treatment for Ebola, being promoted last year, to finally makes its way past the experimental period.  


This particular cure is a repeat in history.  In 1990, a Graduate School professor came to my lab with the Chinese medicine radix trichosanthis, a new cure for AIDs and HIV, or so he said; yet this curcubitaceae compound, which the graduate school was spending a lot of time and money on because they hoped to patent its bioengineering, has yet to demonstrate any clinical validity or hint of success.  


This popularization of Korean medicine Kumdang-2 is a sign of how willing we are to repeat past ventures and mistakes.  It's like buying a lottery ticket.  Each time we buy into it, we hope that maybe this time it will come through.  


The purported efficacious chemical in Red Ginseng, a saponin/steroid with few structural differences from the other ginsenoside-rich phytomedicines we have fallen for.  Each and every time there is a new disease out there resembling the plague, capable of causing large scale panic, one or two miracle cures have to make the news.

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Rachel Dolezal Resigns as President of Local NAACP Chapter

Rachel Dolezal Resigns as President of Local NAACP Chapter | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
Watch the video Rachel Dolezal Resigns as President of Local NAACP Chapter on Yahoo News . Rachel Dolezal resigns as president of the Spokane, WA Chapter of the NAACP amid a controversy over her racial identity. ABC News' Scott Goldberg reports.
Brian Altonens insight:

If this is true, it is time for the dust to settle.  


I am glad this ended peacefully, in view of these past few months of unpredictable responses brought on by public outrage.


Other news pages on the web with this story: ;  

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Blind, epileptic painter creates stunning works of art

Blind, epileptic painter creates stunning works of art | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
He may have lost his vision, but he's never lost his artistic sense. John Bramblitt’s epilepsy, which started when he was just 11 years old, forced him to slowly go blind over two decades. By the t...
Brian Altonens insight:
This is an interesting story, because it points out how inadequate regular health care can be sometimes due to misconceptions and inappropriate expectations about epileptic patients that are taught. One of the most ignored things about epilepsy, or something that is stated but as a token gesture but no more, is the potential that the overly active brain or mind can reward an individual with the potential for unique productivity. Proof of this discouragement about being "different", the creative kind, if you have seizures is the total lack of sufficient services out there to assist people who have epilepsy in finding their form of cerebral (cortical) hyperactivity. There is this seemingly subconscious fear of competition that many in health can have about this--the notion that a patient can naturally bear more potentials than they themselves, without the need to struggle for their success. Therefore, for this reason, there is often no respect given to the epileptic who is an outlier and refuses to limit his or her human potential. Healthcare professionals at times seem to only want the right kind of patients to survive, the ones that best support their programs. And this is where western medical teachings fail, and other philosophies, traditions and cultures succeed, when offering an epileptic a more positive and rewarding life experience. I believe the medical status quo has to either cease its prejudice or turn over the responsibility of providing social services to individuals who recognize their potentials of people with seizures, not try to place such stories of success in a non-circulating stack of medical books, until the occasional outlier story hits the news. The only reason we repeat this method of rarely to occasionally commenting on these successful cases, is because we are prejudiced, and don't understand yet the many ways the creative mind works
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Ebola spikes again in Guinea, Sierra Leone: "WHO's on First?"

Ebola spikes again in Guinea, Sierra Leone: "WHO's on First?" | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |

.  The number of Ebola cases has risen in Guinea and Sierra Leone for the second consecutive week, the World Health Organization said Wednesday. In Guinea, 16 new cases were found in the week ending June 7, with 15 more found in neighbouring Sierra Leone. In the previous week, 13 new cases had been found in Guinea, a clear increase on the nine reported a week before that.

Brian Altonens insight:

Let the games begin! We will start out the season with WHO vs. MERS, and follow it up with games against the Ebola team.  (Then WHAT.)  Counter-Defense Crews (anagram?) will make their way into the games, once they win out in the American BA (BS Artists') series.  ABA and NBA will then go face to face for the greatest game of all—the World Series.  But only customers caught distracted by watching these games will be the real losers here, forgetting their safety and dealing with wild throws and foul-ball hits.  And isn’t that really what this “game” is all about?  Errors in the form of in-field mistakes?  (When is 'I Don't Know' up to bat?)


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One of the least known "alternatives" in early North American medical history - - Harvard's Alchemist George Starkey

One of the least known "alternatives" in early North American medical history - - Harvard's Alchemist George Starkey | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
From a Letter written by Starkey to Robert Boyle, dated 26 January 1652. St. James, 26 January 1651 "I read with great joy your most pleasing letter, which just arrived...
Brian Altonens insight:

In the late 1640s, George Stirk or Starkey removed from Bermuda to Harvard, where he learned the traditional religious philosophy then taught at this very young institution.  At Harvard, Starkey developed his philosophy of 'ens veneris', the essence of life, a substance identical to the philosopher's stone.  


Starkey's work at Harvard, as a chemist, was never published.  But the papers were kept, and ultimately ended up in a historical documents collection in Oxford, until their re-discovery a couple of decades ago.


Back in 1981 I uncovered the recipe book or pocket recipe book penned by 1759-1763 physician Dr. Osborn, of New York.  He mentioned the ens veneris, which I was never able to trace the origins for, until a translation or Starkey's book went into press in the mid-2000s.  


The ens veneris demonstrated the influence of the Dutch on US medicine.  The Dutch were open to Hermann Boerhaave's and Jan Baptiste van Helmont's teachings on the alchemy of life and human emotions, as well as the eccentric teaching of the famous mystic Jakob Boehme, who taught much the same using Boerhaave's and Helmont's teachings.  The teaching of the strange contemporary to New York and lower New England, George Starkey, fit these two scientists' paradigms on life quite nicely.


This is the first signs of mindbody and metaphysical medical teachings in pre-U.S., colonial North American history.


Over the years, we have come to understand colonial medicine mostly at the apothecarian's, physical practitioner's, and religious leader's levels, but not the metaphysician's level.  


Starkey's philosophy, as detailed in Osborn's recipe for a condition akin to PMS today, was practiced by this practitioner, more famous for his revolutionary war medical practice.  Osborn had a Dutch mother and and English father.  His philosophy in this vade mecum he wrote provides insight into the earliest beliefs in mindbodyspirit healing in this country.


I published my ten years of research on Dr. Cornelius Osborn's life and practice at

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Naturopathic Diaries

Naturopathic Diaries | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
Former naturopathic doctor and "alternative health expert." Current Master's of Science student in biomedicine. I share the hard truths about naturopathic education and practice to protect patients. Please don't be fooled by natural and alternative medicine.
Brian Altonens insight:

It is interesting to hear some one else's take on this . . . . and finally from someone who attended an accredited school in Naturopathic Medicine, and who has not been completely "brainwashed" by allopathy or naturopathy (although she admits that for some time, that is how they maintain their following).


Naturopathy, when it is taught in an accredited institutional setting, has some valuable teachings--then are not the only teachings a practitioner should learn however.  And any practitioner who, even an MD, has to be well trained in both allopathy and naturopathy, and homeopathy if you want to argue that form of practice as well, before arguing for or against any of these three medical professions.


And while we're at it, there is the accredited traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is now a possible venue for those who want to be highly trained practitioners.  And of course there are those old fashioned standards--chiropractics, podiatry (formerly chiropody), and even osteopathy.   These are upper level degree-awarding long term education programs in the profession of medicine in general, not allopathy--but medicine.


In the history of allopathy, some of the most successful anti-alternative people have been, ironically, alternative healers first.  John C. Peters, who demonstrated the importance of studying disease and climate, disease and water and disease and sanitation, because there is this mysterious substance out there making people sick.  About that time than he became an equivalent to a top leader in the Surgeon's General Office (not yet invented by the Government), he resigned his homoeopathic leadership role (ca. 1957) and turned to climatology and sanitative medicine.  


Likewise, some of the greatest enemies to allopaths were schooled in allopathy first, and then self-converted to a new form of "Reformed Medicine."  The highly successful field of Eclectics (c. 1820-1935; the precursor to naturopathy for some) was born this way.  Reformed medicine also gave rise to electric healing practices.  


But the philosophy of those less physical world practices are what led to many of the social beliefs and perceptions we have about the "advanced" (or outrightly hypercritical) metaphysical faiths used by Hahnemann to start his homeopathy, Mesmer to initiate what was later hypnosis, Daniel D. Palmer, the initiator of chiropractics--which went back and forth between some physical and metaphysical "energy field" claims as to how it worked.


A well balanced interpretation of these fields is needed for someone to be overly critical of naturopathy, and anything else having to do with medical philosophy.  The Lancet was once the reason people died, in the 1840s, an early phlebotomists' mistaken use of skills for all the wrong reasons.  Likewise, it ends up that many of those philosophies out there in allopathy as to how something works--are also wrong.  In 15 or 20 years, how many of them will again be rewritten?  


Remember, before 1965, we didn't know what caused cancer that much, because we barely understood the structure of the gene and the DNA in it.  Yet somehow doctors (allopathic or not) "knew" the best cures for cancer.  None of them are what we have today--they respresent hundreds if not thousands of errors in interpretation allopaths made over the eons of medical science.


Like Quackdoctor, I suspect this venue will be extremist in nature, not middle of the road--she can't be, after all, she went to the best Naturopathic school currently perhaps, but not allopathy, or a school in acupuncture or traditional Chinese medicine.  So she is really talking from just that one perspective she feels upset about--the cost for attending this school is equivalent to attending MD or DC.  


But the ND is not hireable around the United States like the others, even the podiatrist and the osteopath are.  Its license hold water in only 8 states, last I reviewed this politics of the field.  So be it.  


I hope she goes back to college and learn how the other side thinks, in the classroom and in the clinic.  A doctor is a doctor; not matter what you know, patient comes as number 1.  And sometimes that kind that people don't like, don't think is professional, is actually the only ones with the heart and mind needed to treat every patient in a well balanced fashion.  This is of course excluding those money-mongering naturopaths and others I know about as well, serving the rich and the stars down in Hollywood.  


Dr. Catnip had such fame, he's neither MD nor ND, nor even home schooled that much.  Wonder how he's doing?  His bill will probably be half of what I have to pay right now, with the new health plan.  (And that's how and why they get most of their clients.)

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Lawsuit Accuses CVS of Overcharging for Generic Drugs

Lawsuit Accuses CVS of Overcharging for Generic Drugs | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
The lawsuit alleges that hundreds of thousands of people may have been affected since 2008.
Brian Altonens insight:

CVS is not the only culprit here.  I was left with the impression, by my PBM, that I had to pay ten to twenty dollars for a drug that would normally cost between five and ten dollars were I unemployed, "to subsidize those that don't pay for their medicines" I was left to believe by my insurance agent.  So when that PBM 'went under', and me unemployed, I was left paying 4-6 dollars all of a sudden for a month's supply.  I feel ripped off.    This is probably a practice engaged in by all PBMs and is probably due to some informal agreements they made.  It prevents you from signing on with a new health plan when buying your meds, because why pay more when you can skip the insurance card?

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Army Conducted 239 Secret, Open-Air Germ Warfare Tests

Army Conducted 239 Secret, Open-Air Germ Warfare Tests | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |

I guess the Human Subjects Review Committee hadn't yet been established.

Brian Altonens insight:

From the late 40s to early 60s, biological testing was common in government programs.  The controversial testing of STDs was performed in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Out west, in St. Louis, two species of bacteria were released into the air to evaluate the spread pattern for these microorganisms, to mimic a biological warfare event.


The bacteria--Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii--were at the time considered non-pathologic.  This label has since changed, and the ability of bacteria to exchange survival-dependent genes has since demonstrated that seemingly innocuous organisms can rapidly evolve into more pathological forms.


This topic has once again reached the news, today, at ;

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WHO needs urgent change to tackle health crises: experts

WHO needs urgent change to tackle health crises: experts | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
The World Health Organization (WHO) is unprepared to deal with crises like the Ebola outbreak and requires fundamental change, supported by an increase in funding, experts warned Tuesday. More than 11,000 people have died from the highly infectious Ebola virus in the past 18 months, most of them in the west African countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, where it continues to claim lives. In a critical report, a UN-appointed panel of independent experts said the WHO was too slow in declaring a global public health emergency on August 8, 2014, five months after the outbreak had taken hold.
Brian Altonens insight:

So, to how many of us does this seem to be only a reiteration of the summaries made by highly vocal critics, several months ago?   


Such behavior mimics WHO and CDC responses to the first calls for help in June 2014.

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ISIS says it is their 'religious duty' to destroy Egypt's pyramids and the Sphinx

ISIS says it is their 'religious duty' to destroy Egypt's pyramids and the Sphinx | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
The pyramids and Sphinx are a massive part of Egypt’s tourism industry and are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Brian Altonens insight:

There is a very strong lesson coming up.  If ISIS can succeed in this, even in part, then it is demonstrated that the national and international organizations are useless when it comes to defense.  Physical might always prevails over wasteful diplomacy.

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Jim Carrey Is Not Wild About California's New Mandatory Vaccination Law

Jim Carrey Is Not Wild About California's New Mandatory Vaccination Law | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
The anti-vaxxer comedian unleashed a fiery tirade against a new law that requires all California schoolchildren to be vaccinated.
Brian Altonens insight:

Flash!  "Developing a new team to counter the immunization movement.  Only the uneducated and naive need apply."

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Alien-Like Worm Invades US

Alien-Like Worm Invades US | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
A bizarre invasive worm with its mouth in the middle of its belly has been found in the United States for the first time, according to new research. The New Guinea flatworm (Platydemus manokwari) is only a couple of millimeters thick but grows to be up to 2.5 inches (65 millimeters) long. As an invasive species, it's a threat to native snails — so much so that the Invasive Species Specialist Group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists it among the 100 worst invasive species in the world.
Brian Altonens insight:

What insights does this provide to disease ecologists?


The ability of small invertebrates to make it pass the security checks also means that other hitchhikers like then and the hitchhikers residing on these hitchhikers could make it into the U.S.  


We traditionally maintain a high alert for obvious pathogens, like the mycobacterium species responsible for bovine tuberculosis or the ticks that can make their way in with farm animals.  


The New Guinea flatworm is now causing U.S. ecologists to be prepared for yet another disturbance in the food web and cycles.  The flatworm itself is not a health concern.   Since the 1970s, the invasive "jumping worm" from China (Amynthas agrestis; has been a pain to U.S. fishermen; it doesn't stay on the hook that well due to weak musculature and lack of tough skin.  


But these small organisms serve as ecological test species for those mapping the unique pedochemical, hydrologic, and climatically impacted  behaviors of these organisms as they make their way into this country.  Modeling can be done with the pre-vertebrates, to establish baselines for how to map the same environmental features once an pathogen-carrying host makes it past the security checks.  


The impacts of a mistake can be quite devastating.  Not just due to diseases, but also due to the potential these organisms have upon food and livestock security.   So the best of us who read news about a possible foreign agent coming into this country, also have public health in mind.  


Perhaps it's time to review those older studies of diseases we've managed to avoid the past 50 to 75 years.  Re-emerging diseases are not just those that arise as examples produced by human pathogens.   We can get away with ignoring ecology when we study primarily human-based diseases; but when anthropozoonotic diseases become the issue, we have to convert to a more natural ecological means to perform our Medical GIS. 

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The Southern Perspective - Part 2: Pian, Drapetomania and Dysesthesia

The Southern Perspective - Part 2: Pian, Drapetomania and Dysesthesia | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
. Preface Dr. Samuel Cartwright's work on the support of slave trade and commerce as a consequence of what we today refer to as a combined genetic and natural selection process filled the professio...
Brian Altonens insight:

In the 1850s, "drapetomania' was regular medicine's excuse for the racism that had developed in the south.  


A current interpretation of drapetomania, "from δραπέτηξ , a runaway slave, and μαδια, mad or crazy" ccording to Dr. Samuel Cartwright picture above I(the the right), was in turn based on some of the early natural selection perspectives found throughout the science and medical literature.


One such perspective for man was a product of physiognomy and/or phrenology; the physical anthropologic differences between the various races (facial and bone growth form) needed reasons for their existence.  Some highly admired religious leaders favored the philosophy that assign these attributes to God's creation plans.  This was promoted even further bu some of the earliest medical schools and ivy league colleges around this country, some for a century or more.


Another precursor to the drapetomania phase in medicine was the difference in northern versus southern aces and lifestyles.  Medical geography itself had developed the latitude theory used to define why so many terribly deforming diseases prevailed in the tropics, such as elephantiasis and yaws.  But multi-latitudinal conditions such as the several forms of leprosy that developed, led others to assign these destroyers of race and beauty on the culture itself--its temperament and inheritance, or what we today equate with phenotype and genotype.  


Even though medicine and science can use genetics to partially describe race and even ethnicity, it is mostly human behavior that forms the kinds of people which we assign the "race" trait to.  A self-defined "negro" who claims he or she is a negro may not be one at all; modern gene sequencing technology reveals that truth to us.  


The color "black" is defined by the eyes and mind of the claimant, not the unpublished, unrevealed truths about that victim-to-be, as recent racial interpretations mistakes demonstrate to us:  i.e. the "Muslim" who was not a Muslim killed on a NY subway station last year, and this week's visiting grandparent from "India" who was paralyzed by an Alabama police officer who was unable to take a break for a moment when he realized he couldn't communicate with an elder who spoke little English.  


The "Southern Perspective" we are now seeing in the News is what gave rise to the KKK and the White Supremacy behaviors now repeating in deeply rooted southern culture, Euro-Americans and Mixed Race settings (not Native Americans).  This is  equated by similar actions being taken by other cultures, other religions, located elsewhere in this violent world.  The difference between the first and the second is that the first is American borne, and is what gave rise to United States and Western European Eugenics traditions.  The second, however, has roots of its own derived from Middle Eastern philosophy and tradition, composed by a single leader.  

Charles Darwin (1859), Sir Francis Galton (1869), Alexander Graham Bell (1883), Sir James Crichton-Brown (1908), all gave rise to the official establishment of this discipline, well before the KKK and Adolph Hitler managed to take a hold of it.  

White Supremacy and the KKK are intertwined with each other, and gave rise to the current events now happening in terms of public mental health crises.  But it is important to remember that we "experts" in health often managed to bring these disasters upon ourselves.  The leaders and developers of our expertise produce the scientific belief system required for such social movements to form--not because they're true, only because they are credible for the time being.

It is unfortunately that due to science, and the scientists so certain of their discoveries, make the field of health and medical philosophy an opinionated profession, sometimes before it even becomes factual and proven.  That sometimes makes scientists and doctors capable of doing some of the kindest and cruelest things.  

White Supremacy exists due to the "science" that existed during its earliest years, the first time a book with the term "White Supremacy" was published, the same years when "negro descendence" was considered by physicians to be the reason for the poor health of past and present slaves.  It had nothing to do with how we treated them, at least according to the south.

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Two girls murdered in Texas taxi: Were they honor killings?

Two girls murdered in Texas taxi: Were they honor killings? | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
The last words from Sarah were “Oh my God, I’m dying.” Then the 911 emergency operator heard a barrage of gunshots. The chilling emergency call opens the documentary "The Price of Honor", which recounts the lives of two vivacious American teenagers growing up in the Dallas suburb of Irving, Texas, and their attempts to escape the grip of an Egyptian father who planned Muslim marriages.
Brian Altonens insight:

The fact that a family or professional from a foreign country has the right to exercise his home culture's "privileges" and honors should send a chill up the spines of all primary care providers.


These events are very common. They happen in every state, and in some parts of the country are openly practiced.


The problem with our health care system is we document these events in the medical records, but they fail to lead to much legal investigation.  We are required to report certain diseases and certain ER presentations more than we have to present an obvious cross-cultural linked malfeasance by a patient's family.  


The primary example of this that I have posted time and time again is the infibulation practice that happens to patients under 18, and within the United States more often than we want to think.  


"The Price of Honor" impacts many of the experiences our patients can have, if their family adheres to these practices within the United States.  And in medical care, very little is done to prevent these malpractices against patients.  For some culturally-bound practices, we don't even database them.


The fortunate thing about EMR/EHR is that we have to ability to search through our records and for the first time evaluate where these important moral/social issues are happening.  Still, we punish the status quo more than the rule breakers when it comes to these kinds of public health issues.  We have the ability to properly defuse the political interactions that ensue each time another moral law is broken in this country.  We are inconsistent in how we manage our rules, recommendations, health crises, and health care legislation.  

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Questions about Rachel Dolezal linger as NAACP members react - The Spokesman-Review

Questions about Rachel Dolezal linger as NAACP members react - The Spokesman-Review | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |
Members of the Spokane NAACP chapter plan to demonstrate today over the controversy enveloping their president, Rachel Dolezal, who said Sunday she’s not ready to face them and explain claims she has lied about her race. “This is a peaceful demonstration statement that is not about us but delivering a unified message that integrity matters,” said Kitara McClure, the former multicultural director at Spokane Community College and a member of the NAACP.
Brian Altonens insight:

The recent encounter with the African American rights movement is a result of ultraliberalism, that political position many people take that is not only anti-government and anti-establishment, but also anti-conservative and anti-liberal--both at the same time.  


Ultraliberalism is the extreme end of whatever outsiders previously initiated.  If there was a movement for black equality, defined as a liberal concept, ultraliberalism is when we take that ideology to its extreme.  


Ultraliberalism is why the pro-gay movement evolved into the GLBT which in turn led to the anti-GLBT movements that are now out here.  


Ultraliberalism has two sides for communism and socialism, although those are now nearly antique items included on any ultraliberal agenda.   Ultraliberalism has replaced whatever extremist Marxist attitudes once prevailed in the States with the even more extremist pro-environmentalist, pro-Amnesty, pro-Pakistan and even pro-Islam movements that seem to have surfaced recently in unsuspecting places.


Ultraliberalism was the primary talk radio topic in the Pacific Northwest during the early to mid-1990s.  Signs of it back then included the shipping of supplies to Afghanistan for Afghan children, by reformed Judaic groups into the atheistic Jewish movement.  Another sign of this social change or difference out west was the large number of anti-allopathy parents, who favored naturopathy or natural health, favored the communal lifestyle (even in urban settings), and kept their children away from prescription and over the counter medicines--they are the reason our immunization program is in such a poor state.


Ultraliberalists are responsible for the changing of U.S. history books, not the most basic changes needed to balance the stories that are being told, but turning to the extremely different retellings of any story that has to be told in history--the notions that the history led by Christians had to be changed to those of indigenous origins only, or that we cannot mention Christmas or even Hannukah at school, but we must teach kids about the Muslim holidays and even teach them the proper way to celebrate it. 


For ultraliberalists, it is damaging the world's ecology whenever we allow for excessive logging and offshore fishing or netting to take place; it is not unethical however to fire upon a vessel and its crew that is whaling, or spike trees in an old growth forest so that lumbermen can experience the consequences of a broken chain flying through the air, their kids the consequence of having to survive on welfare due to a no longer employable father.  


Ultraliberalists like to feed the fires that they ignite.  They often have the financial means to make tragedies happen.  


When they were a small percentage of regional populations, they were little more than a nuisance to the local economic development that they hung out with.  But as their form of social Darwinism grew, they began to produced extremists groups, to recruit new members from other socioeconomic levels.  


Today, ultraliberals are the primary funders of these controversial movements we frequently hear about.  They are why utopian communities exist, and reward any others who wish to be responsible for promulgating their social movements.  The more liberal they are the ultraliberals, the less black and white society becomes, and the more of a "Rainbow" is formed due to such actions.  


Ultimately, that 'Rainbow coalition' movement that become so popular in the 1970s, became a Rainbow movement with no pot of gold at the end.  Most of that money has been spent on violence and promoting the group's gospel, at the risk of converting many people in very short time.  


But as this recent news event shows us, this new version of the "Rainbow" should not earn its trust through just its presentation.  Sometimes, what the eyes perceive can be deceiving.

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The Major Problem With Comparing Rachel Dolezal To Caitlyn Jenner

The Major Problem With Comparing Rachel Dolezal To Caitlyn Jenner | Global∑os® (GlobalEOS) |

When news broke that Rachel Dolezal, the Spokane NAACP chapter president and a professor of African-American Studies at Eastern Washington University, was a white woman who had pretended to be black . . . 

Brian Altonens insight:

Ms. Dolezal is more like a Ms. Cooley than she is a Ms. Jenner.  


Right now, we are comparing the Rachel Dolezal incident with the wrong individual--Caitlyn Jenner.  A much better comparison is made by comparing her with Portland, Oregon's past racist and discrimination hoaxster from 1992, Azalea Cooley. 


Jenner's choice was made as a matter of personal health, need, desire and choice.  Dolezal's decision was made as a matter of personal desire, profit motive, improved occupational prowess, and the ability to take a position that might have otherwise been offered to an individual of another minority status.


True, the African American definition of whether you are minority or not does not bear the biological "quantum" requirements noted for American Indian heritage.  Dolezal considered herself African American.  She did not have the cultural-language barrier experience and the lesser choice of life requirements noted for Asian groups and certain Hispanic and Caribbean subcultures.


As a caucasian during her social upbringing and her early experiences with her genotype, she did not suffer from the same Darwinian, neo-Darwinian selection processes African Americans go through regarding the probability of surviving into adulthood.  Once she was old enough to fend for herself, she selected the other root--a dream come true for her, not a way of life that the African Americans suffer, a social behavior you often have no power over if you're African American.  


Dolezal's inclusion of herself into the African American "experience" involved mostly a change in appearance, a far cry from the experiences which members from other cultures have to face.  No wonder she could be so good as a public spokesperson.  She hadn't the background and memories of prejudice that impact every decision you make, and every move that you make regarding work and career.


Different religious upbringings, different family, and different social histories, that is the African American life experience she failed to experience.  How could she be an expert in this field.  She didn't experience a childhood spent completely in poverty, or the lack of choice as to whether or not you and your spouse will unknowingly bear certain genetic or blood-borne diseases in your children.  


These too are the experiences of African American culture that Dolezal cannot ever be a complete expert in.  


Then there's the Western Medical take on this matter of health . . .  the possible diagnosis of a unique conduction defect because of your African heritage, versus lack thereof, or the possibility of experiencing African cardiomyopathy.  And due to the African upbringing, a child may be taught certain culturally-bound diseases that can be common--such as BFS, kori, abiku, or being a kid with an epilepsy like condition which the family refers to as "ogun oru" (ref:


Caitlyn Jenner is the wrong comparison to make here.  Nothing about Caitlyn required special accommodations to be made for college, or being awarded a scholarship or grant, or engaging in Ward Churchill like choices on how to behave and build your reputation in academia as a "professional", a professor.  History has also demonstrated there are other people like Dolezal in the Pacific Northwest, individuals who like to take on new philosophies, new lifestyles, highly controversial movements.   


Like I said in the beginning--the best comparison to be made here is that of the famed Oregon hoaxster, Azalea Cooley, a lesbian who was wheelchair-bound, going to die from cancer, victimized supposedly by her pro-Nazi, KKK, skinhead neighbors.  


In 1992, Cooley claimed she was battling cancer; we never learned otherwise.  Then she also claimed that she was suffering greatly just like other GLBTs do, due to how non-GLBTs were treating her.  She also had the opportunity to claim and demonstrate herself as a victim of sexism.  But when she experienced the consequences of racism in its most primitive form--nothing seemed true anymore--it all was too good to be true.  


Her hysteric hoax began with the complaint that one evening, n the middle of the night but before sunrise, she woke up to see a cross burning on her front lawn (  

Some of us were immediately doubtful of this, especially since it was a repeated event.  Would such a perpetrator really repeat their act, without fear of being discovered?


So immediately, some nighttime surveillance was undertaken by Portland police, which immediately revealed that the wheelchair problem she claimed to have was a hoax.  It ended up, that she alone could rise from her chair, walk into the front yard, and then plant the cross in her hand in the front yard, which she would then set fire to before running back inside, minus the chair.  (For the original Oregonian newspaper story see :,793898&hl=en)  


Up until this time, I am sure the city was split.  There were a number of us in the neighborhood in the SE section, a very post-modern social setting to say the least, and found it hard to belief this many activities were perpetrated by skinheads, what few we had in this part of Southeast Portland, between Hawthorne Blvd and Laurelhurst Park, her neck of the woods (they were very often downtowners).


Except for the color of her skin, Cooley's claims were a hoax.  The months before this discovery, she represented the GLBT movement.  That month, I took a walk through Greenwich Village, NY, and even saw the large posted mounted on the sidewalks there--an attempt to get donations for Cooley's cause and the same for her two housemates.  She was also the center of attention for the small, local "Rainbow parade" that made its way down Hawthorne Blvd, earlier that year. . . her wheelchair up front, with Cooley holding up the banner.


Overacting like Cooley did, in fact lying, is never good for a legitimate cause.  It only gives the political enemies of the GLBT cause more ammunition to fight back with, more critics trying to make themselves known.


So, if I may say it again:  Ms. Dolezal is more like Ms. Cooley than she is Ms. Jenner.  



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