Get Your Web Writing Noticed!
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Get Your Web Writing Noticed!
"Getting Content Noticed" with the use of many resources can make your writing attractive and informative Informative titles for your work will help grab a reader’s attention, quickly. Just remember to write correctly and use relevant content for the Web.
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How to Unleash the Power of Content “Ideas and inspiration for co...

The social and mobile web landscape has provided the means for everyone to become a publisher. Social networks have allowed us to not only create content but re

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Good Content finds it roots in Persistance & Determination. 

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Sexy Headlines Sell

Sexy Headlines Sell | Get Your Web Writing Noticed! |

If you've written for a print publication, you've had the bittersweet experience of submitting a story and having your headline written for you but as a blog writer, you are solely responsible for your headline. The half a dozen or so words of the headline just happen to be the most important half a dozen words you will write.  

Linda Ross's insight:


Sexy and creative headlines in websites or blogs are guaranteed to grab one's attention!  Attention grabbing headlines and/ or statements will peek the reader's interest, entice them in and get your article read. 


The following is information from Leo Babauta, a Freelance Writer for Freelance Switch, posted on May 30, 2007. 


Headline writing is an art, not a science so the best Leo could offer you are some general guidelines. The 20 guidelines featured will help you write GREAT headlines.  Five are listed below:


1. Catchy - The first job of a headline is to grab the reader’s attention.

2. Be useful - The best headline will tell the reader what he will get out of reading this story.

3. The Mainpoint - The headline should summarize the main point of an article.

4. Curiosity - The best headlines will summarize a story, but leave you curious to find out more.

5. Succinct - Wordy headlines will lose a lot of readers.


See the entire list at:

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Catch Their Attention Every Time!

Catch Their Attention Every Time! | Get Your Web Writing Noticed! |
Linda Ross's insight:


It’s can sometimes be a difficult task just to get your article noticed. However, keywords and short phrases will help improve your content and attain the desired results. Think of your audience as you write.


According to a Wordpress and Marketing 101 article posted on January 30, 2013, there are five (5) golden tips.


They are:


1. Write a catchy headline

2. Keep your work short

3. Use sub-headings

4. Speak to the reader

5. End it all on a question


Read the article "5 Tips Writing Catchy Articles":


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Hot Tips for Great Web Writing

Hot Tips for Great Web Writing | Get Your Web Writing Noticed! |
When you write for the Web you write differently than when you write for printed publications. Knowing some of the basic guidelines will help you to make better, more effective Web pages that people want to read.
Linda Ross's insight:

This is an article that discusses basic guidelines that will help, if you are creating Web pages.  Writing for the web is new me so I think these tips from Jennifer Kyrnin, an writer, are helpful.  The guide says that "people will read your Web page," if you follow this simple guide.  See the content below:



1. Write relevant content

2. Put conclusions at the beginning

3. Write only one idea per paragraph

4. Use action words



5. Use lists instead of paragraphs

6 .Limit list items to 7 words

7. Write short sentences

8. Include internal sub-headings

9. Make your links part of the copy


Always, Always, Always...

10.Proofread your work


Read entire article:

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Check It, Before You Wreck It! - Self-Editing

Check It, Before You Wreck It! -                 Self-Editing | Get Your Web Writing Noticed! |

"If your original creative writing looks bumbling or unpolished, it could benefit from a good edit.  Editing is a multiple-pass project that takes considerable patience".

Linda Ross's insight:

I’ve always had to depend on self-editing in most of my writing. Using my own ear, occasional help from others, the Dictionary and the Thesaurus have helped me to improve.  I think that I’ve gotten better over time and feel that I’ve done a good job of mastering the self-editing skill.  Seeing this list made me want to share it with others. The website tells us that editing is a multiple-pass project that takes considerable patience. I have listed below five (5) reasonable ideas for each edit cycle. See the website for the entire list.


 I. Synonyms - Buy the best thesaurus you can find.


II. Similes and Metaphors - Add them where you can.


III. Dictionary Check  -Go through your document and look up words you aren't 101 percent sure of their meaning.


 IV. Read Aloud - You don't have to do this in front of other people. .


V. Action and Active Voice- Your writing will be clearer if you structure your sentences as subject-verb-object.

See the entire article at:

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