Get extensive List of Orthopedic Surgeons in Singapore | Get extensive List of Orthopedic Surgeons in Singapore |

Singapore has a distinctive place in Asia for value based and ethical standards of the medical profession. Singapore government’s health policy is quite stringent and regulations are tight. Excellent safety record established by Singapore Doctors is second to none. Accreditation of various medical faculties in Singapore by world class medical organizations is another feather to their cap. These are the reasons why most of the patients worldwide prefer Singapore Doctor’s expertise.



General principle of Singapore doctors is that providing best medical care to patients is finding the most suitable doctor for their given conditions. They believe that each patient’s condition is exceptional and it can be diagnosed and treated by different doctors. It is here that patients get confused to decide on suitability of the doctor for their problem. This reason could be due to the fact that patients do not want to share their feelings of good or bad of their medical care experience with others.



It is in this context that Singapore doctors methodology of helping patients choose the right doctor for their problem is simply unique. They take references of feedback from their clients and collect input of fellow doctors from healthcare network and basing on this information that they are able to help choose the right doctor. To make this concept work they are maintaining the following two services for a small fee.

Free Medical Referral Service.Medical concierge Service.



a. Free Medical Referral Service:

All patients need to do is to email a brief description of their medical problem and present condition or type of doctor they are looking for, to the Medical Referral Service. With this information, the referral service connects the patient with suitable expert doctor for the related problem. This concept of matching patients with the right doctor saves wasteful consultation fee etc. for the patients and above all they get timely and appropriate medical care. 


b. Medical Concierge Service:

In order to help avoid inconvenience and stress to foreign patients visiting Singapore to seek medical help, this facility extends service in picking them at the arrival point, arrange translator if needed and help select hotel.




Among all the disciplines in the medical profession, orthopedic specialists, perhaps accounts for more wide range of ramifications in the expertise. Most of the major problems like, back pain, neck pain, slipped discs, knee pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder and osteoarthritis are addressed by renowned Singapore doctors. When it comes to surgeries in orthopedics, major procedures like knee replacement surgery, spine surgery, hip replacement surgery, neck surgery and bankart shoulder surgery are performed by eminent Singapore surgeons with great expertise and ease. We maintain extensive list of expert orthopedic surgeons. in Singapore with us.


We welcome Singapore nationals and foreigners and request them to utilize our customized services in helping you find the right doctor for your problem for effective quick recovery and we extend our best wishes to you to get back to normal soon.