Gestión de conocimiento
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Gestión de conocimiento
Capturar, representar, analizar, organizar, transferir, ...
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Rescooped by Alexandra Lizana from Curation Restart Education Project!

#collectively is beta #socialmedia #startup #curation tool who share your life magazine #edtech20 #pln was created to address the needs of curators and it is a tool that is always at hand when you stumble upon or dream up something interesting. A tool that takes but a moment to collect, a moment to organize, and a moment to share all these discoveries as compelling topic curations that vividly tell the evolving story, as you discover it, a great new way toexpress your interests .

Features :

Clicks from anywhere

Collect anything, from anywhere, at any time.
Collect from any Web page with seamless web clipper extensions to your browser. .From your PC and Cloud stores with an integrated media Importer.

Flexible oganization of topicsOrganize content instantly into topic collections that you create and name as you go.
As easily as organizing files in Windows or Mac folders. And collections can include other collections, to create natural topic hierarchies.

Pretty painless publishing
Arrange your content easily using a variety of beautiful magazine layouts. Collections are always ready for vivid discovery, exploration, and browsing.

Sharing at every levelShare your collection among friends, publish it to the world, or keep it private.
You choose when to invite others to view, to comment, or to contribute to any collection.
Share your life magazine with


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Rescooped by Alexandra Lizana from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

Make Your Business the Go-To Resource by Curating Great Content

Make Your Business the Go-To Resource by Curating Great Content | Gestión de conocimiento |

This piece is from senseiblog. I selected it because it reaffirms the importance of using content curation as a part of your content marketing strategy.


Here are some highlights:


"Content doesn’t always have to be content from your organization, your clients just need to be able to access it through you. Let’s be honest, creating enough content to fulfill demand is a daunting task".


**Quality content is a sustainable competitive advantage


**the ultimate goal of your online presence should be to become a “Go To” source of information that your stakeholders log onto with increasing or sustainable frequency.


**Once achieved, the differentiation this status gives you becomes widespread generating respect, appreciation and business from both new and existing customers.


 **in the grand scheme of things, content curation is an essential part of carving out a position for your brand.


**The best strategy is to curate or create content that best meets the need of your stakeholders.


**What’s missing most of the time is the incentive to be social. What is the best incentive?


It is the ability to contribute in a meaningful way



**Great content starts conversations which leads to engagement and relationships.


**by adding context, some examples are links to other sources who provide more insight on the topic, expressing your viewpoint, asking questions, inviting others to comment and continue the dialogue.  


Content creation, content curation and the ability to give meaningful feedback on it effectiveness is a highly engaging way to involve hundreds, if not thousands of internal staff.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


Read full article here: []

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