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The demographic time bomb that could hit America

The demographic time bomb that could hit America | Geography Education |

"Japan’s demographic crisis provides some lessons for where America might be headed."

Seth Dixon's insight:

This op-ed looks at the demographic trends of Japan's declining population and tries to see what this might mean for the United States. 

Questions to Ponder: What are the cultural and economic forces that lead to a declining population? What are some of the difficulties that confront countries with declining populations? 


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Nancy Watson's curator insight, April 19, 10:40 AM
Population unit 
Scooped by Seth Dixon!

Petition calls for U.S. to give Northwest Angle to Canada

Petition calls for U.S. to give Northwest Angle to Canada | Geography Education |

"There's a petition that calls for the United States government to adjust the border near Manitoba to give Canada the geographic oddity known as the Northwest Angle."

Seth Dixon's insight:

Enclaves and exclaves are often bizarre examples that test the normal rules regarding the political organization of space.  Historical quirks, landform oddities, competing national goals, and irregular demographic patterns mean that the world is filled strange little case studies about places that seem to defy our normal expectations.  However, the most enduring rule seems to be this: never voluntarily give up territory that you can easily control. 


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