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Rescooped by Dion Taylor from Foodies (Rawism, Vegetarianism, Veganism)!

The Organic View: Can Raw Foods Improve Your Health?

People are consuming raw organic foods in an effort to cure a myriad of ailments ranging from sleep deprivation, skin issues, weight fluctuation, heart disea...

Dion Taylor's insight:

Marie Claire Herman:  a great guest ineterview about self healing and how raw cured her chronic disease and made her healthy again...great stuff!  

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Rescooped by Dion Taylor from Health and Nutrition!

Healthy Whole Foods | Why You Should Eliminate Processed Foods From Your Diet - Lifespan Fitness Blog

Healthy Whole Foods | Why You Should Eliminate Processed Foods From Your Diet - Lifespan Fitness Blog | Genomics |
Whilst we’ve grown up in a society that has progressively been exposed to and eaten more processed foods, we’ve fallen out of touch with the true understanding of what a ‘whole’ food is as opposed to a ‘processed’ or ‘refined’ food.

Via The BioSync Team
The BioSync Team's curator insight, April 26, 2013 3:04 PM

Clean food, clean water, and clean air: I think that those are the biggest keys to health.
- Mollie Katzen

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Sandi Cornez's curator insight, April 27, 2013 12:48 PM

Excellent information. I like that the post explains the difference between eating healthy whole foods and eating processed or refined foods.


Great video.

Rescooped by Dion Taylor from One Of My Collection of Webpages that Gives More Information and Really Amazing designs!

How To Upgrade Your DNA

Imagine if you woke up one morning and realized that you had dormant superhuman abilities that were waiting to be unleashed. That once you activated these abilities, you could manifest anything you desired in your life, live a life without drama, create your ideal physical body, become immune to all disease, and REVERSE the aging process. Imagine if you realized that you could actually change your blueprint of life, your DNA, to enable you to expand your creative potential, provide access to your subconscious mind, and become intuitive, clairvoyant, and know instantly what your purpose is in life.There is now a process which will allow you to do all these things and more, and it is called DNA Activation.

Via Welda Weng
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