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General Health Questions
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Types of Pool Handrails

Pool handrails may be the last thing on your mind when you’re planning on installing your in-ground or above ground pool. However, they may be one of the most important components of your pool. These handrails allow for safe entry and exit from the water, ensuring that nobody trips or falls. Here are a few types of pool handrails and how they can help make it easier to get in and out of your pool.

Hinged Pool Handrails
One problem that can plague pool owners is placing the cover on their pool and having the hassle of working around or moving the ladder, especially pool owners with an automatic pool cover. Inter-fab has solved that problem with their hinged pool ladder. This fixture is hinged at the base where the latter meets the concrete so that the ladder can be moved when the cover is put on.

Therapeutic Ladders
Perhaps you have any family or friends who have difficulty moving, or elderly family that need an easier way to get into the pool. The therapeutic ladder offers pool handrails that are long and easy to grab, and they are bent at less steep of a climbing angle. This ladder also reaches all the way down to the pool floor, meaning a swimmer may not have to be so agile to climb on.

Bent Pool Handrails
Pool steps can be difficult to navigate, particularly for those who don’t have great balance and young or elderly. The more stairs your pool has to get out, the more problems may result. Bent rails are designed to ensure that you won’t fall trying to walk up the pool steps. These rails extend out into the pool where the steps are located so that they can be grabbed before the swimmer has to start walking the steps.

Pretzel Pool Handrails
Pretzel rails provide the safety of other models of handrails without taking up as much space on the pool deck. The pretzel rail’s design takes up less space by using anchor points that are next to one another rather than behind one another. Don’t worry about safety, though. These rails are as strong as any other pool rail design.

Ring Rails
For pool owners whose ladder is built into the pool wall rather than attached, ring rails provide a safe means of stabilization for swimmers exiting the pool. The ring rail is attached to the pool deck just above the in-wall ladder. When the swimmer leaves the pool, he or she grabs the ring rails to help pull them up.

Finding the right pool handrail for your pool depends upon who will be swimming and what type of pool you have. If you expect a lot of elderly or disabled swimmers, less steep rails are a better option. If you have an in-wall ladder, ring rails are up your alley. No matter what, safety is of the utmost concern. Make sure that your pool rails are installed properly and in a suitable position to make sure that nobody gets hurt while swimming in your pool.




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A Comparison Of Lovastatin Vs Lipitor

Many people are taking cholesterol drugs nowadays. Since there is such a great diversity of medications for lowering cholesterol, it is reasonable that many patients should ask their doctors about alternatives. Each drug varies in its effectiveness, its cost and the side effects that a person can expect from taking it. One of the most common comparisons people make is between Lovastatin vs Lipitor.

Price of Lovastatin vs Lipitor

One key factor many patients and doctors consider in this debate is the price of the drugs involved. Depending on your insurance provider and the nature of your policy, you may pay a lot or a little for any drug. However, Lipitor is almost always more expensive than Lovastatin because the latter is available in generic form. Lipitor can easily cost more than a dollar per pill and sometimes much more. Conversely, Lovastatin can cost just $10 -$20 for a three-month prescription.

Effectiveness of Lovastatin vs Lipitor

While both drugs have their good qualities, it must be said that Lipitor is generally more effective at making drastic reductions in the amount of LDL cholesterol in your blood. It does so in amazingly low doses for most patients. As little as 10mg can be very effective in lowering some people’s LDL cholesterol to optimal levels.

Lovastatin, on the other hand, is not so effective. While each individual differs in how he or she reacts to medicine, the typical depiction of the effectiveness of these drugs demonstrates that Lipitor is about four times as effective as Lovastatin. So a patient taking daily doses of 10mg of Lipitor will need about 40mg of Lovastatin at the same rate in order to achieve similar effects.

Ingredients in Lovastatin vs Lipitor

The primary ingredient in a Lipitor pill is Atorvastatin, which inhibits a coenzyme that plays a significant role in the internal process which produces LDL cholesterol. Lovastatin is itself an ingredient rather than a brand name. It is derived from the microorganism known as Aspergillus Terreus.

Side Effects of Lovastatin vs Lipitor

The severity and duration of side effects always depends on the particular patient. The most commonly seen side effects with Lipitor usually include diarrhea, nausea, upset stomach, pain in the joints, a sore throat and a runny nose. These can be barely noticeable or quite disturbing. The most severe reactions include allergic reactions that include hives, a yellowing of the skin and difficulty in urination.

Lovastatin can also cause changes in the urine or an increase in frequency of urination. Other side effects of this drug include bladder pain, chest tightness and fever. Diarrhea is not included among the common side effects of Lovastatin.

Comparing Lovastatin vs Lipitor

All of these issues merit consideration when you are choosing a cholesterol drug for yourself or a loved one. While many people say that you should not spare any expense when it comes to your health, it does not make sense to pay too much or suffer side effects that are not necessary. For many people, there is little choice besides Lipitor. However, many patients can get all the help that they need from Lovastatin.


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