Obama's Coming Gas Price War with the GOP : TreeHugger | Gas Prices | Scoop.it

Gasoline prices are ticking upwards, the GOP is licking its chops, and Obama is bracing for a fight.

1. Gas prices rising.

2. The writer states the republicans love it when gas prices go up but that the democrats hate it. It also states that we blame Obama for the gas prices because he is president.

3.The writer disagrees with the idea that expanding drilling will shrink prices.

4. I don't think they writer staes their opinion directly.

6. I learned that the columnist disagrees with the fact that expanding drilling will shrink gas prices.

7. The article was written for anyone who wonders about the price of gas.

8. Yes the writer offers evidence when the sayall the reasons that expanding won't help and when they state why not.

The author uses tone when he says some things such as, “But those tree-hugging Democrats won't let us, so you suffer.” And also when he says, “Gas prices are going up, and Obama is president. So, as far as the GOP is concerned, it's his fault.” This is tone because he is using his voice and opinions to get to the reader. He disagrees with the ideas of the GOP and he uses his tone to explain to you why he disagrees and to try to get you to take his side. The editor also uses the strategy cause and effect analysis when he states that it’s Obama’s fault. He says that Obama is president while the prices are rising, so therefore it is his fault that they are rising.