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The Cactus File - cacti and succulent plant publications

The Cactus File - cacti and succulent plant publications | Gardening & Landscaping |
The Cactus File - publications for cacti and succulent plant enthusiasts.

The Cactus File Handbook Series is a growing library of colourful reference books, providing a comprehensive guide to selected genera and groups of succulent plants. Every Handbook is illustrated throughout with high quality colour photographs, with the pictures of each plant appearing alongside the relevant text.
Georgia's insight:
If you are interested in plants, this cactus resource is the consummate reference for cacti and succulent plants. It explores each species in its history, details, and habitat in which it thrives. This exciting series has established itself as the indispensable reference library for growers of succulent plants.
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5 Landscaping Improvements for Your New House

5 Landscaping Improvements for Your New House | Gardening & Landscaping |
Landscaping around a new construction home is likepainting on a blank canvas. You can basically do what you want, where you wantit. Since this can be a bit overwhelming, we have put together a list of5landscaping ideas to help you get started.
Georgia's insight:
Landscaping can seem overwhelming. Knowing the right plants to use, how to, and where to plant them are all questions you may not know. This is a common and obvious problem that this article answers.

It explains varied plant and tree species along with instructions on how to create the ideal yard. Check it out...
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10 Great Alaskan Garden Websites - Idlewild Alaska

10 Great Alaskan Garden Websites - Idlewild Alaska | Gardening & Landscaping |
Whether you're new to gardening in Alaska or a sourdough, here are 10 great Alaskan garden websites providing a goldmine of info!
Georgia's insight:
Gardening in Alaska can be a challenge. Of course there are only a few suitable months where plants will grow. This page tells how they start growing their garden indoors then moves outdoors as soon as the season changes. The page also collected the 10 best gardening websites devoted to planting and caring for a garden in such extreme weather conditions.
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tree removal marietta ga | tree service marietta ga | emergency tree removal marietta | tree cutting services marietta ga | tree trimming in marietta ga

tree removal marietta ga | tree service marietta ga | emergency tree removal marietta | tree cutting services marietta ga | tree trimming in marietta ga | Gardening & Landscaping |
Todd’s Marietta Tree Services
200 Cobb Pkwy N Ste 428 Marietta, Ga 30062
(678) 505-0266

Considerations In Finding The Right Tree Removal in Marietta, GA Quickly

Sooner or later, nearly everyone needs to hire a local tree cutting services for one reason or another. One of the biggest complaints about tree services is that some of them cut corners under time and budget pressure. Use these general rules we've provided to find a good emergency tree cutting services.

Check the job site regularly to make certain the work is progressing smoothly. Get references from prior clients who've worked with the local tree cutting services. If you get good review, go right ahead and make the hire. If there are doubts, look elsewhere for a licensed tree service.

Popular tree cutting services will go above and beyond to effectively ensure that the job is completed to the client's satisfaction. Quality tree services will always deliver on time and keep their word. Be certain you give your emergency tree cutting services in Marietta, GA enough time to have the job done correctly with little interruption. You should always discuss how the tree service plans to manage any liability issues.

Because of the great weather, summer is certainly the most popular time to work with a professional tree cutting services. In order to avoid potential dangers, exercise caution as you go through the employment process. In order to garner the most profit, a lot of tree services will take on more work than recommended and will soon learn that they are unable to devote enough time to each one. Be up front about how much time your project is going to take, and ask your emergency tree cutting services to honestly say if they have enough time for it.

Any grievances that you have with your temporary worker must be taken care of out of the general population eye and in private. It is essential that you discover a spot where both sides can feel great to talk sincerely so you could have a lucrative exchange. Consider putting a hold on your project while you finalize a meeting time and place, but only if your timeline can afford it. In order to protect both yourself and the tree cutting services in Marietta, GA, you should each sign a copy of the contract before starting work on the job.

You should endeavor to communicate well with your tree cutting services to effectively ensure the success of your project; offer steady input and detailed expectations. You need to talk about possible problems that might come about within your contractual obligation. You shouldn't have any problems as long as you and your tree service keep clear lines of communication. To avoid legal disputes at a later date, keep thorough records of interactions and detail any conversations you have with your emergency tree cutting services.
Georgia's insight:

This Marietta Ga tree removal company, is a tree service leader. On their blog they post tons of tree care tips and helpful articles for anyone interested in yard, garden and landscape maintenance. They introduce popular tree species, pruning and planting tips to improve your garden. Marietta Georgia has a dense tree population and urban forest, and Todd has been serving that Cobb County community for 15 years. They handle emergency tree removal and do basic pruning. Check out their social media, or if you just need advice from a tree service, contact these guys.

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The benefits of having palm trees – Fresh Home Improvement Ideas

The benefits of having palm trees – Fresh Home Improvement Ideas | Gardening & Landscaping |
Georgia's insight:

This article explains that aside from its beauty, the palm tree has great health benefits in its fruit. It's fruit is rich in fiber and promotes healthy digestion.These trees do mostly require warm climates, but are able to withstand harsh conditions. Areas that experience drought, actually plant these trees as a salvation of sorts since it will provide fruits through desperate or threatening times. Check out this article

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50 Insane Facts About Plants - Infographic

50 Insane Facts About Plants - Infographic | Gardening & Landscaping |

"Plants are all around us - and as well as being pretty to look at, they can also be useful and deadly. We've put together 50 insane facts."

Via Beth Dichter
Georgia's insight:
This is a pretty awesome infographic about plants and some stunning facts you need to read to believe. Like a bamboo growing 91 cm in a single day! Or the subflower growing to as tall as 7 meters. If you want to nerd out to plant facts read this article.
Beth Dichter's curator insight, July 28, 2014 9:40 PM

Check out this great infographic that provides "50 insane facts about plants." The image above shows some (but by no means all) of the facts related to record breakers. Other categories on the infographic include:

* Food and Drink

* Plants in History

* Plants Around the World

* Carrion Flowers

* Amazing Plants and Useful Plants

There is also a 2nd infographic that shares the sources used in this one which is located at this link.

This would be a fun infographic to share with students. You might have them try to find facts about plants or other subjects that they could use to create a classroom infographic.

Anne-Maree Johnson's curator insight, July 29, 2014 6:39 PM

fun infographic outlining some facts about plants.

Charlie Dare's curator insight, July 30, 2014 6:33 AM

An interesting piece on background of earths unique and useful plants to mankind in the past ~ 68% of worlds plants endangered ! Caffeine an insect repellent, lots of interesting plant facts with one or two possibilities for growers like mushrooms and dye makers for a possible niche market ~

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Best Home and Garden Tips

Best Home and Garden Tips | Gardening & Landscaping |
Discover the Latest Tips, Tricks and Expert Secrets to Your Home and Garden Efforts! DIY and Handy Household and Gardening Ideas to Make Your Life Easier and More Enjoyable.

Via Microgrower
Georgia's insight:
Nice Cheat Sheet to Herb Gardening. If you ever wanted to plant your own herbs, learn the best times, and tricks to ensure the plants thrive, check out this article.
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Goodbye Boulevard Tree

Goodbye Boulevard Tree | Gardening & Landscaping |
One of the trees in the boulevard alongside the house was highly stressed by the dry weather last summer and the harsh winter that followed. It has not leafed out much this spring and now it won’t get the chance. […]
Georgia's insight:
This homeowner recorded how a stressed shade tree in his yard was removed by a city arborist. He explained in amazement that it ooh 3 minutes from when it fell after being cut to it being fed through the chipper and hauled away. Now there's just a stump. Be careful, keep your trees sufficiently watered and cared for to avoid having to cut and remove them.
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First, Do No Harm: Coping with Snow on Trees

First, Do No Harm: Coping with Snow on Trees | Gardening & Landscaping |
An end-of-days snowfall is coming to the Mid-Atlantic this afternoon, if reports are to be believed.  You may be perfectly prepared for the storm itself and have five shovels lined up in the garage…
Georgia's insight:

Excellent article on protecting your trees and landscape from the harsh winter conditions. Snow and cold weather can be very destructive, but trees developed a protective means of dealing with their effects. However this article discusses ways to mitigate potential damage.

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Pure Living for Life - Home

Pure Living for Life - Home | Gardening & Landscaping |
Georgia's insight:

This holistic site discusses healthy living and topics ranging from healthy diet, gardening, wellness therapy and more. The focus is on health and the impact on the environment. There's good info on organic gardening, how to procure healthy soil, and grow vegetables naturally without chemicals.

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