Basketball: Not Only a Man’s Game | LEWIS R. GORDON | garden |

What is unsaid, however, is that what many people want from women’s basketball is for it to be men’s basketball with women players. The problem with that view is that it affords no room for women to be women, and that may mean playing the game in their own way. Without that, the game would eventually lead simply to women who are, basically, men.




Women (of any racial or ethnic background) playing basketball compels us to think about the game in new ways—just as when the Harlem Globetrotters inaugurated a revolution in the racial visual field of the sport.  Last Sunday, as the television panned out across the stadium, there were pregnant women on the sidelines, tall women, short women, light women, dark women, sexually ambiguous women, feminine women, masculine women, and the male coaches and assistants were there adjusting themselves to a circumstance of a female-focused court.

Via Firoze Manji, Mallory R