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Why Does My Garage Door Leak? - Ponderosa Garage Door & RepairPonderosa Garage Door & Repair

Why Does My Garage Door Leak? - Ponderosa Garage Door & RepairPonderosa Garage Door & Repair | Garage Doors & Home Improvement |
A garage door leak can be caused by a faulty seal, gap in the concrete or clogged gutters. Learn how to fix a leak and keep the floor dry.
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Scooped by Ken Fielding!

3 Garage Door Problems You Should Never Ignore

3 Garage Door Problems You Should Never Ignore | Garage Doors & Home Improvement |
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Garage doors work well most of the time. They work even better and last longer when you take care of them. Inspecting your door once a month or so can alert you to impending problems. Early diagnosis of garage-door malfunctions, before they escalate, can help you avoid costly repairs down the line. Some malfunctions are potentially dangerous. 

Lubrication Takes Care of Small Problems 

Some problems come to light when the door squeaks as it opens or closes. This can be caused by the metal parts, such as the tracks, chains and pulleys. Over time and with repeated use, weathering and rust contribute to excess friction on these parts. Lubricate the bearings, roller and springs regularly to protect your door and minimize wear and friction. 

Recognizing Serious Garage Door Problems
There are times when no amount of lubrication is going to fix what ails your door. Here are three problems you should never ignore:

Noticing it is out of the tracks. 
Don’t use a garage door that is out of its tracks. Lock the door and turn off the automatic opener to ensure it can’t be accidentally activated. The tracks are what hold the garage door in place. If it is out of its tracks, it can fall and cause damage and injury. Always contact a qualified technician to inspect and repair a misaligned door. 

Observing a broken spring. 
Springs usually break when the door is closed because this is the position that places the most tension on the coils. The spring helps the door open and close. If one of the springs snaps, the door will be difficult to lift. Garage door springs store a lot of power. Replacing springs is dangerous and should be done by an experienced repair person. 

Tension-frayed cables. 
Garage door cables bear most of the weight of the door. They fray over time. Frayed cables are dangerous because they may break when the door is in operation. If this happens, the door could fall. Don’t attempt to repair frayed cables on your own. 

Call a Professional 

A garage door has a working life of approximately 15 to 20 years, but some components could wear out more quickly. When your door has a serious flaw, don’t ignore it. While you can learn how to perform minor maintenance, such as cleaning and lubrication, leave the repairs to a professional. A garage door repair may seem straightforward, but it takes the expertise and knowledge of an experienced technician to repair it safely.
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