Classroom Games and Technology: Creativity and Games - Classroom Presentation | gaming |

by Mike Petty

"Effectively presenting and practicing the exercises before playing the games will greatly enhance the students' enjoyment of the games.  They often don't want to stop playing. Written comments have been positive with many expressing how fun it is to practice creativity.

"Students learn that they can improve creativity by practicing certain skills.

"This has been very encouraging to me and I am continuing to develop this into a unit of study or possibly a 10-week course on the subject.

"The video presentation and tips for modifying it

"I created two videos below that can be played for the students in class.  Normally the outline would be:

  1. Watch the first video.
  2. Play the example games I refer to.
  3. Watch the second video.
  4. Play the creativity games while they practice the skills."