Eco-Friendly + Energy Conscious Architecture on the Cliffs of Scotland | Galapagos |

There are no boundaries when it comes to developing extensive architectural projects that focus on alternative energy sources and environmentally friendly materials. Scotland’s climate had a lot to do with completing the project, named The Houl. The team of architects stated that their work is so impressive because it’s based on “an energy conscious design”.

The house was built by taking into account the benefits of Scotland’s windy weather. The roof is sloping at different angles and the main reason for choosing such an unusual shape for it, is the summer sun. The house makes use of natural materials, such as hardwood for the inside floors and bricks for the side façade. The Houl keeps a cozy appearance, the inside walls are painted in a luminous white, making the place more spacious and relaxing. With a stunning panoramic view, this house is simply delightful. Utterly immersed into an isolated spot, The Houl makes its inhabitants feel the sweet scent of freedom. A breezy, ventilated place for those who prefer the solitary landscapes...

Via Lauren Moss