Social Eating Etiquette and Faux Pas in Ecuador | Galapagos |
After the men embrace and the women kiss each other’s cheeks and everyone has been seated, the host will serve his guests first and then invite everyone to dig in with the saying “Bueno provecho.” The translation: “have a good meal” or “enjoy.” Before taking the first sip of your beverage, wait for the toast, which is usually the short phrase, “Salud!” The host is responsible for the first toast. If the toast is for a specific person, look at the ones being toasted. Utensil usage is relatively the same as in America, meaning fork in the left hand, knife in the right, but there is no such thing as “finger foods.” Your fork and knife are used for everything, including fruit. There will usually be an abundance of exotic fruits, so make note of this important rule. Dinner conversation should avoid business, unless your host brings it up. Instead, stay on topics of the whether, the host’s beautiful family, and the marvelous food. Meals can be a lengthy affair in Ecuador, so be prepared with lots of exciting conversation topics.