Why The Aztecs Called Themselves 'Mexica' | Ancient Pages | Galapagos | Scoop.it
Originally, the tribe we all know today as Aztecs, was once known as the Mexica, from which the modern name of the country of Mexico is derived. When Aztecs found their new homeland, they changed their name to Mexica, ‘people from Mexico’. The legend says the Aztecs came from Aztlan, which is the place of their origin but this legendary homeland still remains identified. In Nahuatl language, the Aztecs -means the people who came from Aztlan and they really believed they once resided in this mythological or semi-mythological place. The term Azteca ('Aztecah') originally meant "people of the Aztlan" and referred only to a small tribe that – after long wandering (as the last of all peoples in Central America) finally settled at Coatepec  (in Nahuatl: ‘The Hill where the Snakes are‘) on the Mexican Plateau near Tula.