Kraft Peanut Butter bears are creeping out Canada | Furry Animals |

This article describes the not so very smooth roll out of the new Kraft Peanut Butter logo. Kraft’s new logo has been described as “creepy” from most consumers. This demonstrates how missing the art of social listening can be detrimental for a brand.  Author, Marc Weisblott places his finger on the pulse of the new Kraft logo. He delves into the social media dirt that has been stirred up because of the new bears. Tweets from consumers have included describing the new brand logo as “disturbing” and “creepy”.


This rebranding also encompassed four new flavours of peanut butter, but because of the buzz around the new logo this launch has been mostly over looked. Kraft finally outlined some reasoning behind the logo change that relied on their year of market research. Based on their qualitative research the new logo was described as “updated, fresh, and a clean appearance” most importantly that the bears were “inviting you in.” Through monitoring the brand online Kraft has gained an insight that contradicts their initial research, perhaps enough to reevaluate its marketing mix. This demonstrates the requirement for social listening; this is not something they could have afforded to miss! 

Via Joachim Scholz, PhD