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France is developing many new laws, measures etc. related to procureemnt at the moment.

- A guide on Innovation procurement is soon to be published after the consultations of stakeholders ended recently.

- the New EU directives are soon to be adopted at the EU level and will need to be incorporated into French law, witha new public procurement code ready by 2016.

- There are more discussions on e-invoicing and e-procurement and its developments in France

- 2 legal texts are making their way through the system. 1 on equality men-women, allowing procurers to look at the companies and their treatment of men and women and ossibly not engaging with companies not showing equal opportunities schemes.

the other text relates to social and community activities. A sort aof Social value act as in the UK, recently presented (24th july) to the Council of Ministers.

- There will also be new rules related to the reduction in payment time frames and simplification of tender applications for SMEs by the start of 2014

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