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How to Create a Sports Facility Facebook Page

Creating and updating your sports facility's Facebook page is undoubtedly worth it. ... Our Sponsors. Sports Facility Management Software · Leader in Performance Enhancement · Contact Us · Marketing Toolbox ...

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Shannon Moore's curator insight, July 19, 2013 12:30 AM

Tips on social networking for your facility.

Jaclyn Mickelson's curator insight, September 22, 2013 4:05 PM

There is no doubt that starting a Facbook page is a worthwhile investment for even small facility owners.  Social media plays a huge role in the dynamics of marketing, and it guarantees that followers can stay up to date.  If anyone is not familiar with the Social Media opportunies, they could utilize this article to show them how to market their facility. 

Thomas Connors's comment, September 26, 2013 7:46 PM
I learned that creating a facebook account or any kind of page on social media to promote your company can be very beneficial to your business. Everyone is on social media everyday and are constantly just searching around, one like by one person and suddenly all their friends can see it and the chain goes on. i learned that social media is used for many things by a company such as: Allowing your customers to check in and retrieve items,Announce new products, programs, announce special features and deals. Lastly and most importantly it allows people to chat about it and spread the word to other possible costumers. I choice this article because it gave me tips on how to advertise a business and what could be extremely beneficial even if it does not seem like it. Also i wanted to learn about what kind of things to put on the facebook page when you do create it. This imformation will be helpful because i now know more than one way of advertising and getting the name of my business outwards to costumers bringing in more money.
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Auburn University opens new Recreation and Wellness Center ...

Auburn University opens new Recreation and Wellness Center ... | Sports Management |
Recreation and Wellness Center AUBURN UNIVERSITY – Auburn University opened the new 240,000-square-foot Recreation and Wellness Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony today. Students, faculty and staff got their ...

Via Brent Moore, Jaclyn Mickelson
Thomas Connors's comment, September 26, 2013 2:44 PM
From reading this article i learned that Auburn University opened a new recreation and wellness center right on campus. This Center cost a total of seventy million dollars. It was not only the contractors that helped create this amazing place. They took kids advice to understand what they want and what they like. Also they made it for the kids, knowing there would be a constant flow of kids and 72 million dollars would not go to waste. This was very smart because they seem to not have wasted any money and made students enjoy it and want to visit it. Also they placed it right across from a community living area, very convenient. i found it very interesting that they made the inside seem like the outside with tree's, leaves and other door looking things. I think this is important because it is what the kids asked for so they know that i will be beneficial for them. Taking the consumers ideas is one of the best things to do because they are the ones who are paying. i selected this article because it gave me some tips on how to manage a campus and with new improvements you must please the consumer to be successful. This could help me in the future because i will know how to go about making a new building if i own a big company or school.
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Gong golfers now playing under Friday night lights

Gong golfers now playing under Friday night lights | Sports Management |

The man behind a new night golf event for Wollongong says the concept is just what the sport needs to revive dwindling interest.

Thomas Connors's comment, September 11, 2013 10:20 AM
learned that the WollonGong golf course was hurting because no knew members were showing up and everyone was dropping their memberships. This wasn’t because the course was bad, but because no one has “time” or they just don’t like it anymore. So to raise interest in the sport all over again, they came up with the idea of night golfing. Meaning on Friday nights at 6:30 you would come and play golf under huge lights, with glow balls, glow sticks and also you could bring drinks. I found it very interesting that this owner was being a great manager by doing anything he can to make money and keep his company going because its what he loves. Also it was interesting that he thought of something so creative and advertised it so well that the news had a big article about it. On top of that, the rules are relaxed meaning: no dress code, relaxed ball placement, drinks and food, glow sticks, very social. I selected this article because it showed that a manager can change their business around just by a simple idea of making it dark and throwing glow sticks out to make it look cool. It shows that sometimes people need a fun change to cause their interest to spark all over again. This information is very important to up coming managers. I believe this because it shows that with a dwindling business a manager can instantly make moves to turn it around. Such a simple idea can cause people to flak to a business and not care how much it costs.
Thomas Connors's comment, September 11, 2013 12:20 PM
Foster Hires WME for representation
Thomas Connors's comment, September 11, 2013 12:20 PM
1. I learned that WME has been hired to represent Aaron Foster in areas of entertainment including: Film, Television, literature, music, digital media and endorsements. Even if Foster isn’t the best actor, WME still gets their name out because they have been chosen to represent a big name player in the National Football League. Very good advertisement . I found it very interesting that Foster can be a big part of the NFL and at the same time manage to be an actor. Also its very interesting that WME a big name representative took hold of an NFL player with little experience and limited time.I selected this article because it was another good point on how management moves can get the business’s name out so well that its all over the news and in magazines. They chose an NFL player, in my eyes, just because he has money and it will get their name out because they took this chance.This is very important to a future manager because it shows what will happen if the manager decides to represent a huge name even if he’s not the best. Foster is only known for being good at football, now they pick him up for acting, changing the game, making money, and getting their name out.
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Crowd Control - English Soccer Team Tells Fans to "Sit Down and Shut Up"

Crowd Control - English Soccer Team Tells Fans to "Sit Down and Shut Up" | Sports Management |
An English soccer team implores its fans to "sit down and shut up."

Via Lorraine Jackson, Jaclyn Mickelson
Jonathan Griffith's comment, September 22, 2013 6:21 PM
Europe takes its soccer very serious, especially the fans. Although the safety officer wasn't implying a strict policy, doing so would likely affect attendance throughout the season.
Thomas Connors's comment, September 26, 2013 8:08 PM
i learned that crowd attendance is extremely key in any situation. People love a good crowd, even if the team is struggling. People were complaining about the crowd being to loud and obnoxious. Knowing that if she were to actually do something about it the fans would decrease and finally totally kill the program even more. So, Sue Watson (safety officer) replied to this by sending out a letter saying "Sit down, Shut up" Such a bold move by the officer, but it enlightened the fans and could possibly increase the fans instead of just the opposite. I selected this article because i thought it was extremely interesting on to how they responded to the outrageous complaints about a good crowd. This will help me because it shows that not every complaint should be taken seriously, because that would make the majority of the fans un happy and could cause a huge decrease in fans.
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NBA Draft Winners : Wasserman Media Group And Excel Sports Management - Forbes

NBA Draft Winners : Wasserman Media Group And Excel Sports Management - Forbes | Sports Management |
NBA Draft Winners : Wasserman Media Group And Excel Sports Management
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Aidan Shockley's curator insight, September 13, 2013 3:14 AM

This article has taught me that 33% of the players drafted in the 2013 NBA draft have contracts under either Wasserman Media Group or Excel Sports Management. I found it interesting that while Wasserman Media Group is still the number one sports management agency, Excel Sports Managament will negotiate the contracts of 4 of the top 11 draft picks. I selected this article to explore the differance between legal representation in sports management and front office work. This information will help me because I have learned to understand the control of the market and press in an appropriate way. 

Kerri Lyons's comment, September 18, 2013 6:40 PM
I guess one thing that always confuses me is how much effort goes into obtaining these players as clients but most are broke after 4-10years of signing on with these companies
Devin Dessormeau's curator insight, September 26, 2013 11:41 AM

This was very interesting to see the amount of money and the amount of attention that goes on at just the NBA Draft. Athletes with agents are already all over the headlines, with their agency not far behind them. It’s crazy to think how kids who are just a couple years older than I am are making millions of dollars with agencies supporting them and handling there every day problems. That is part of the reason why sports management is exactly what I want to do, I could possible be working with people who are my age or younger than me, which I would love to be able to do. Also, obviously the money is a huge thing too, the sports industry has so much money revolving around it, and this article showed that. Some sports agencies are making profits that are just absolutely huge. The third largest agency in the basketball world is making 684 million dollars by representing Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony and more. This 684 million is after losing LeBron James; you can just imagine how much more it would have been with him still there.


            I chose this article because it really can help me understand that every sport creates huge amounts of revenue, no matter what sport I choose, the big money will always be there. I was having a hard time deciding what sport I wanted to do, but no I know that it doesn’t matter which sport I choose, it matters what exactly I want to be doing, whether it is becoming an agent like this article, or being involved in marketing or statistics or whatever it is that I may choose. But that is the more important question now, after reading this article. 

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NFL Seasoning Opener: Manning's Record-Tying 7 TDs Lead Broncos Past Ravens 49-27

NFL Seasoning Opener: Manning's  Record-Tying 7 TDs Lead Broncos Past Ravens 49-27 | Sports Management |

Peyton Manning completed a record tying seven touchdown passes against the Baltimore Ravens, the defending Superbowl Champs.  


“Connecting with his most prized addition, Wes Welker, former college basketball player Julius Thomas and Demaryius Thomas for two TDs each, Manning directed Denver to a 49-27 victory over the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens on Thursday night in the NFL opener, a much-anticipated rematch against the team that ended the Broncos' playoff run in January.”


“Manning is the sixth QB in NFL history to throw seven TD passes in a game and the first since Joe Kapp did it for Minnesota against Baltimore on Sept. 28, 1969.”


Manning was 27 of 42 for 462 yards with seven TDs and no interceptions.


Full Article:

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Luis Valdes's curator insight, September 6, 2013 9:28 AM

Peyton Manning is in my new book:  "Razor Thin:  The Difference Between Winning and Losing.  See more at:  

Thomas Connors's comment, September 11, 2013 10:19 AM
Even though it isn’t directly said in this article, I learned that big risks are needed to make your team the best. This meaning that the Broncos manager had to make a bold move to pick up Peyton Manning as their quarterback even though he had two neck surgeries and hadn’t played for a whole season. Most people would say that the move is easy, but what if they picked him up and he got hurt again, ending his career. Too manage a team you will need to make risks, but be smart at the same time. These are the stats that they get in the season opener from their quarter back, Peyton Manning: 27-42, 462 yards and 7 touchdown passes. Something that no one has done in 44 years. I found it very interesting that the last time the broncos and Ravens played, the ravens won in a strong game. Through management with Broncos getting traded to the ravens, Manning’s improvement on their offense, tough off-season; the Broncos were ready and showed it on the field.I selected this Article because I wanted to be able to read into all the moving parts of the Broncos heroic win over the Ravens. I thought it was very good management by the Broncos to pick up Peyton Manning and make all the moves they did in the off-season. lastly, I believe this article will help me positively in the sports management industry. I believe this because it has taught me that big smart risks can be the best thing for a team that just needs a change, or that one more thing to cause them to improve greatly.